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SaaS, Apps, Software, Real Estate, Ecosystem Read more
PénTech is an invoice financing start-up enabling SMEs to increase their liquidity at the ease of clicking a button. Read more
Omnicoach is designed to be the most practical AI Coach for esport games. Read more
Data and document certification on blockchain Read more
BIX Index increases accountability and transparency, reducing risk and increasing efficiency. Read more
Campsule ptovides a weatherproof, compact and easily installable accommodation. Read more
Filipper Kft provides a product, to increase efficiency and eliminate the negative effects of the widely used timered shower faucets Read more
Fitpuli makes workplace prevention more effective by opening a new dimension in digital healthcare. Read more
From pizza order to first bite in 15 minutes - otherwise it's free! Read more
RealMonitor is a web application supporting real estate agencies. Read more
GamerHours is an esports coaching platform that connects top gamers with amateurs. Read more
HeatVentors developed a thermal energy storage tank based on phase change material technology called HeatTANK. Read more
Gulyásbomba offers roasted bun is made from organic, Hungarian, preservative-free and allergen-free ingredients. Read more
The application which is integrated with the user’s calendar is running on smartphones (iOS, Android) provides a charging plan. Read more
AiVenture is providing state of the art solutions to increase productivity. Read more
DentistRobot Kft develops a robotized system for tooth reshaping by using custom CAD software and robotic arm for dentists. Read more
Design-driven mobile banking apps for banks with a special focus on younger customers including boxed solutions & E2E product development. Read more
Asura Technologies creates analytic, data collection and management systems based on License Plate Recognition for Smart Cities. Read more
EDISON Light Up! competition winner. Innovative heating.  Read more
Kontra Chess is a unique chess experience, on web and mobile, which brings extra dynamism and edge to the immortal "game of kings". Read more
Mártogatós is a business catering solutions provider that offers alternative to the usual cold dishes. Read more
Fairfood combine online food ordering and charity. Read more help you to really see the company you are applying for and to find a job that you will love! Read more
sensors and deep neural network based software Read more
Anon Kft. is a Q&A-based social network app that provides a question and answers application for users. Read more
ThingBlox is an out of the box module, meaning it can be integrated by any device manufacturer without the need for deep security. Read more offers custom-made, OSM-based worldwide map API for public websites, internal systems, or mobile apps. Read more
Servo Movement creates beautiful electric scooters and we charge any light electric vehicles on the streets. Read more
AerinX is an innovative aircraft inspection system, a smart technology that helps in reducing inspection time. Read more
Sixide Digital Advertising Solutions Read more
Study in Budapest is a mobile application that enables students to apply for university admissions on their own. Read more
We believe you should sell more with your ecommerce store Read more
SHOKA offers a mobile application (Shoka App) and a smart bicycle gadget. Read more
Thinwood specializes in innovative designer eyewear using only quality light-weight wood with harmonious colour combinations. Read more
Platio is an unconventional, primarily outdoor energy producing paving system, optionally equipped with information technological functions. Read more
ulockme is the Most Secure Smartlock Read more
Innovative polarized light emitting medical devices that make affordable the benefits of polarized light for all. Read more
Analogy Co. provides a tool for corporations and communities to access aggregated knowledge of thousands of cases as if it was a consultant. Read more
Ordit Food Delivery & Catering provides an innovative platform for companies and their employees to access a wide range of restaurants. Read more
Codecool finds, trains and matches IT talents to your company's needs. Read more
Codie is dedicated to inspire the next generation through teaching creative coding. Read more
HelpyNet’s solution is a free application linked with real time working Central Control System (CCS). Read more
Plukkido is a home based games company. Read more
Cubilog is an end to end home automation platform to give total control to the user over any smart or even wired home device. Read more
Assister provides online solutions for commercial retail networks to manage shops and motivate its sales force with built-in sales tools. Read more
Platform to connect kid program providers with parents. We empower providers to grow their business through Kider App. In the meantime we support parents to find the best activities fitting to their kids age, interest and location. Read more
Avatao is an online training platform made to build secure software. We offer an extensive library of hands-on IT security exercises made for software engineers, where we teach secure programming from design to deployment, in a fun and intuitive way. Read more
Maven7 integrates the latest results and innovations in network science into business applications, and supports decision making by transforming large amounts of hard-to-interpret data into actionable business intelligence. Read more
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