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Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas. Read more
A site where language teachers share their home-made teaching materials. You can download any doc or powerpoint file free of charge. You can play or create interactive web-based quizzes for Youtube and Vimeo videos: Read more
Compare, choose, trade! Brokerchooser helps independent investors and traders to find an online broker fitting to their needs. We compare online brokers be it a local one or a large international platform. Browse our tests and compare brokers along more than 50 dimensions. Our tutorial videos show you the trading platforms and guide you through the account opening steps. Tell us, what is important to you in an online broker and we show you the top 3 best fitting your needs. Our articles about online trading provide direction in an industry where finding your way among jargons and lingos is a challenging even for professionals. Read more
We provide electronic payment services at unbelievably low cost, but ask for payment transaction details in exchange. From this data, we are building the best consumer database in the world. Read more
We truly believe that app development should be all about the process of creating something extraordinary. Having more time to be creative is the key to great inventions. Our mission directive is to provide a platform that lets you concentrate on the process of innovation, instead of the byproducts of it. Read more
Stockfresh is an up and coming stock photo agency aiming to be a leading provider of royalty free stock photos, graphics and vector illustrations by providing an affordable and hassle-free experience. Currently we have over 2 million high quality images in our collection by over 2000 contributing artists. Our registered user base is in the high tens of thousands, and our customers range from freelancers to large corporations from all over the world. Read more
Codecool finds, trains and matches IT talents to your company's needs. Read more help you to really see the company you are applying for and to find a job that you will love! Read more
RisingStack enables amazing companies to succeed with Node.js and related technologies to stay ahead of the competition. RisingStack's distributed team provides professional Node.js development and consulting services from the early days of Node, and helps companies like Lufthansa or Cisco to thrive with this technology. Read more
National Mobile Payment provide easy, safe and cost effective mobile payment for central and local government services. Read more
The world’s leading 3D design app for iPad combines intuitive direct modeling with industry-leading quality and power. Read more
Webshippy is an order fulfillment company, it is like one stop store for all logistics. Read more
We believe you should sell more with your ecommerce store Read more
Talentuno has created a list of companies in Hungary that are actively hiring even during the crisis. It is 100% user-generated and gets refreshed live. It helps jobseekers keep updated on where they can still apply for a new job. Read more
EDMdesigner is a tool for email marketers with which they may create mobile friendly marketing emails in minutes. The key differentiator of our product is that with the easy to use drag and drop editor you can create totally custom designs, which will be automatically optimized for mobile devices.  Read more
RealMonitor is a web application supporting real estate agencies. Read more
"gyerekkel" is a web-based platform and mobile application which is opening new dimensions in family programming! By using the wide variety of filters, parents can quickly and easily find child- friendly places or programs worth to visit with their kids Read more
Omnicoach is designed to be the most practical AI Coach for esport games. Read more
Crypto collateral based fiat lending platform Read more
Online music teaching on the students’ mobile devices. Explore the future of music education, create interactive musical lessons and make engaging exercises. Read more
Indivizo offers data-driven recruitment solutions to help hiring top talent faster Our cloud-based platform includes flexible workflow management, automated video interview, serious games, referral system and more to find the right people for every position. Read more
Sweet City collects the finest patisseries products in one platform, where you can easily buy it and we also deliver the cakes in Budapest. We save time for our customers and also for the patisseries with our new delivery and back end system. Read more
Store Pickup + Delivery app for Shopify stores. Read more
PenTech is an invoice financing start-up enabling SMEs to increase their liquidity at the ease of clicking a button. Read more
Secure digital contracting for companies with integrated financial solutions. Read more
Design-driven mobile banking apps for banks with a special focus on younger customers including boxed solutions & E2E product development. Read more online drug discovery platform for pharma and biotech companies. provides an easy-to-use web interface integrating all the necessary steps in drug discovery. Molecular modeling and compound delivery components for hit identification and lead optimization are already implemented. Bioassay database is currently being set up. Vision: Speed up the drug discovery process tremendously by providing the ultimate drug discovery platform supporting the whole drug discovery process. Read more
ViddL is a delivery startup using crowed-shipping to solve the last mile ecommerce challenge, in BUdapest. Our agile service and platform connect online stores and logistics companies with independent, non-professional couriers for the purpose of package delivery within cities. Read more
Turbine is building a platform to understand the inner mechanisms of cancer. Read more
Ordit Food Delivery & Catering provides an innovative platform for companies and their employees to access a wide range of restaurants. Read more
Parkl is a digital platform, which integrates parking and e-mobility services. Parkl application offers convenient service for outdoor parking, helps to find indoor parking spaces and also provides e-charge opportunities for electric car owners. Read more
Drungli is an addictive flight search engine for spontaneous travelers. An adventure generator for spontaneous people. We build new tools that make travel search more entertaining and ultimately more efficient for travelers and suppliers alike. We are building new travel technology to enable flight search scenarios much more flexible and with more open variables that it has been possible before. With a great attention to user experience, we design the user interfaces in order to serve a young, frequent and avid traveler generation, who are open to spontaneous travel planning, wants results in a heartbeat but don't want to bother with too many forms and questions. We transmit wanderlust in a second. Read more
AI Aimotive is an automated driving technology based on AI. Read more
Avatao is an online training platform made to build secure software. We offer an extensive library of hands-on IT security exercises made for software engineers, where we teach secure programming from design to deployment, in a fun and intuitive way. Read more
Asura Technologies creates analytic, data collection and management systems based on License Plate Recognition for Smart Cities. Read more
Asura Technologies develops LPR- and video analytics-based vehicle recognition technology used for parking- and traffic management applications as well as AI-powered object detection software for general security and surveillance. Read more
The application which is integrated with the user’s calendar is running on smartphones (iOS, Android) provides a charging plan. Read more
Community site for sharing and downloading stock imagery. Read more
Plukkido is a home based games company. Read more
Talk-a-bot is an enterprise chatbot provider. Their aim is to automate and monetize business to human communication.  Read more
Balabit, a One Identity business, is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Log Management solutions. Founded in 2000, Balabit has a proven track record of helping businesses reduce the risk of data breaches associated with privileged accounts. Read more
We developed a secure video-chat tool which allows to identify and contract online eliminating the need to physically visit. We are developing a new generation payment service which provides safe and cheap online payments. For companies we prove E2E technology consulting. Read more
Thinwood frames are high-tech development product, which have a solution for the rigid wood issue with our own invented material. We exploit the durable of the wood so that results a special wood-compsit material that became and environmentally friendly, technical solution. Read more
Thinwood specializes in innovative designer eyewear using only quality light-weight wood with harmonious colour combinations. Read more
Synetiq helps brands & media producers create high performing video ads using machine learning and biometric emotional insights from their target audience. Read more
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