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ManoMano is an online marketplace for DIY, home improvement, and gardening products. Read more
Ledger provides the secure and easy to use Bitcoin wallet inside a mini chip card customers can connect via USB. It prevents hackers or malware to access customer's sensitive data and steal customer's bitcoins. Read more
Most of businesses communication channels were built for one-to-one interactions: email, twitter, linkedin etc. They are so powerful that they have been used for support, hiring, sales, projects etc. involving lot of people in the company. We designed a multi-channel client that makes possible to work faster and more efficiently as a team. Read more
Ornikar is an online driving school that offers radically cheaper, uncomplicated and faster offer to obtain a driving license. Read more
Qare is a unique on-demand, online-to-offline, virtual medical practice, offering all the benefits of the French medical system abroad Read more
Mailjet is an all-in-one solution to send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails. Its Cloud-Based infrastructure is unique and highly scalable. A proprietary technology optimizes the sending and the deliverability of the emails. Read more
eTerritoire is the first website dedicated to all french cities in order to let them communicate on their economic and cultural needs. eTerritoire is a true discovery tool for users to find cities, territories, business opportunities and local events. Read more
Slite is where modern teams write and organize their content. Read more
Welcome to the Jungle is a recruiting platform for young talents as well as an employer branding media for corporates. Read more
Aircall is an easy and smart way to handle business calls. Buy a number instantly in 40 countries Invite your team mates Start making and receiving calls immediately on your existing devices Handle calls as a team Aircall provides collaborative tools to manage calls as a team : shared activity feed and contacts, forward/store/comment functions, anywhere access Aircall integrates call information into companies' data and tools (CRM, website etc) Read more
Tiller Systems provides an iPad-based cutting edge point-of-sale solution designed for bars and restaurants that takes full advantage of the latest innovations in terms of technology and user experience. With synchronized devices, online back-office with real time reports and inventory tracking, wireless printing, kitchen display, online ordering and mobile payment facilities, Tiller is more than just an app. It is a smart, intuitive, complete and turnkey solution to fulfil point of sale needs for small, medium and large restaurants worldwide. Tiller Systems helps restaurant and bar owners improve their internal communications process and to offer a better experience to their own clients, leading to increased revenues, lower costs, higher speed and more effectiveness for their business. With both freemium and premium access, Tiller provides a value-driven tool for the next generation of bar and restaurant managers.  Read more
Sorare is the global fantasy football game where you can buy, trade and play with official digital player cards. Read more
Pearltrees is a place to organize all your interests. This free service lets you organize, explore and share everything you like. Save web pages, files, photos or notes and organize them naturally. Explore amazing collections that relate to your interests and subscribe to their updates. Access your account anytime and share anything from your computer, mobile and tablet Read more
Planity is an online booking platform for hair and beauty salons. Read more
Livestorm is a browser-based video communication platform that easily connects teams to promote, host, and analyze online events. Read more
SportEasy is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, web and mobile app to manage amateur sports teams. SportEasy has something for everyone in a team: - it helps coaches organize their team's games and practices; communicate easily with their players; capture and analyze statistics - it offers players fun, social features to share their passion with their teammates (vote for player of the game, private forum, photo sharing...). SportEasy is available on the web, and as iPhone and Android apps. It is free, although premium paid plans will be available for teams and clubs starting Q4 2014. Launched in France in 2011, SportEasy is now available in French, English and - very soon - other languages. Read more
On Ulule you can discover and help make wonderful projects happen. These projects are successfully financed only if they reach (or exceed!) their crowdfunding goal. Wether you are a project creator or a supporter, this page will give you complete details on how Ulule works. Since its launch in October 2010, 11,412 creative, innovative or community-minded projects have been financed thanks to users from 174 countries. Read more
LegalPlace offers legal documents to individuals and professionals as well as a connection service with experienced lawyers.  Read more
Wethenew is a online platform for buying and reselling new, authentic and limited sneakers. Read more
Vroomly is the platform that reconciles you with garage owners! Read more
Shipup creates a unique post-purchase experience for online retailers. Read more
Click&Boat is a professional and private yacht charter company. Read more
Swapcard is a free mobile app where you can create your digital business card and easily share it. Swapcard helps you finding new relations and automatically keeps up-to-date your address book! Swapcard is the smartest way for exchanging your contact details and developing your professional network! Swapcard mission is to enhance networking among professional and help individuals and company to manage and keep up-to-date their address books. We're currently developing a suite of cloud-based contact management solutions, with innovative features, for teams, events and networks. Feel free to contact us at Read more : social travel guides in french and targeted redirect to travel agencies. : Q&A for travellers and travel deals. : weekends in France. In progress : international site (6 languages), Facebook Social Travel Application and other confidential projects.  Read more
Selency is a community platform specialising in pre-owned furniture and decor items. Read more
Tacotax is a tax services software that helps individuals optimize their personal finances. Read more
Application that scans and analyzes your diet Read more
Payfit allows small and medium enterprises to easily and quickly pay their employees. Read more
Artsper est une place de marché spécialisée dans l’art contemporain qui permet à des galeries d’art de mettre en vente leurs oeuvres sur une plateforme commune accessible à tous. Chaque galerie est sélectionnée et ce afin d’assurer la qualité des oeuvres proposées. Ainsi l’entreprise remplie ses 3 promesses: qualité des oeuvres, large catalogue, accessibilité (aussi bien au niveau du prix que de l’oeuvre en elle-même). Notre mission est de démocratiser l’art contemporain en vendant au plus grand nombre des oeuvres d’art uniques et à des prix accessibles, tout en proposant un large éventail d’oeuvres, du contenu pédagogique de qualité et un service client exceptionnel. Notre vision est de devenir le leader européen de la vente d’oeuvres d’art contemporain sur le web. Read more
Strapi is an open-source software platform that helps developers to easily build, deploy, and manage APIs. Read more
AutoVisual is evaluates all current used cars online by comparing the price of the car to its valuation. Read more
Concilio is a digital health platform. Read more
RunMyProcess is a cloud curator for entreprise: it dramatically accelerates apps integration, being in the cloud or on premise, and allows to build customized, situational and integrated business apps. Its web IDE and 2,000+ connectors for SaaS and on premise apps are used by entreprises in 43+ countries. 100% in the cloud, 100% pay as you go. Gartner Inc. "Cool vendors" in 2009. In 2010 Red Herring Top 100 Global list in 2010 Eurocloud Best European Cloud Product in 2011. Became a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited in April 2013. Read more
Quicktext™ is a channel manager of instant communications that combines SMS. Read more
Soundcharts is the market-intelligence platform of the music industry. Read more
Captain Contrat est un service qui permet aux chefs d’entreprises existantes ou aux créateurs d’entreprises d’obtenir des documents juridiques sur mesure, personnalisés par des avocats, adaptés à leurs besoins légaux et à un coût 3 à 4 fois inférieur à celui d’un avocat mandaté en direct. Captain Contrat optimise le travail de l'avocat et lui permet de gagner du temps, ce qui se traduit par des économies en frais juridiques pour l’entrepreneur. Read more
Prime Minister Francois Fillon has created the Interministerial Mission Etalab in February 2011 and set goals for him to coordinate the actions of government departments to enable the widest possible line of their public information and public data (aka "Open data"). The Open Data responds primarily to a desire for transparency in government. The open data can account for the action of the state and public institutions, it helps to enable citizens to evaluate public policies: it is a Democratic issue. Etalab also aims to facilitate and encourage the widest possible reuse to participate in supporting innovation and the creation of innovative online services. Etalab manage to make freely and easily accessible French public open data. To support the creation of new projects built with open data, Etalab federate a community of innovative startups and more than 30 major partners like Google, Microsoft, Orange, La Poste, Dassault System, SNCF Read more
Cleanfox is the smartest way to clean your inbox and the easiest way to improve your carbon footprint. Read more
CarJager provides advanced digital tool on the market to help you in your searches and sales of classic cars. Read more
AB Tasty is an easy to use SAAS application that enables e-marketers to optimize their website and conversion rate without technical knowledges by running A/B tests and personalising their customer experience. Thanks to a WYSIWYG editor, they can easily create several versions of their pages and test them in real-life to identify which one has the biggest impact on their business goals (user engagement metrics, average order value, conversion rate...). Our solution helps to meet the need for a high degree of autonomy and agility in an increasingly technical and dynamic sector, where decisions must be backed up by data. It also helps in achieving profitability objectives: traffic generation is not enough, conversion is what really matters. AB Tasty is intended for e-commerce, services and media websites. Created 3 years ago by Liwio, a French web analytics consulting agency, AB Tasty has already convinced many companies such as Photobox, Bouygues Telecom, Axa, Microsoft... Read more
Pretto is making mortgages simple thanks to artificial intelligence and product design. Read more
Studapart is a white label plateform SaaS editor for high schools and universities. Read more
We transform private parking into public shared parking. We design and operate an end-to-end solution that allows drivers to park their cars in access-controlled private parking lots. At the same time, we offer parking owners a new source of revenue and we accompany cities in their mobility policies. Read more
Hello We Are Buuyers and com visit us Read more
Doctrine builds legal research and analytics software for legal professionals. Read more
Le Wagon is an intensive 9-week coding bootcamp that teaches students to develop web applications from scratch. Read more
Jellynote is the new social platform about music creation and performance: create and share sheet music, tabs and covers! Jellynote is built by musicians who face that problem and want to share solution to the community. We will also bring a new experience to play and learn music. As you are playing a song, Jellynote will listen to you and will give you a direct feedback in real time. This will make music learning easier. We have been working on display the sheet music directly in the browser, thanks to the HTML5 rendering engine. We will also get a set of videos. These videos are very useful to see how other musicians perform the song. This is also very encouraging and inspiring. Jellynote will also integrate learning tools and we are currently developing an iPad application.  Read more
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