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Barranquilla, Colombia Startup Map has 6 startups, and the most popular startups in Barranquilla, Colombia are Tripple, ASH Capital and Ozone Group.

Barranquilla, Colombia ranks 4 in Colombia and 623 globally, based on the strength of its startup ecosystem. See complete city rankings in table below. The most popular industries in Barranquilla, Colombia are Software and Data, Education and Fintech.

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6 startups
A vibrant place where innovation ecosystems can share their challenges, co-create together and reach amazing solutions.

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We build quantitative trading systems, with extraordinary returns in different financial markets.

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We're building the first multiscreen education platform for today's teachers and students that actually sticks. This is Facebook meets school life and multimedia meets grades management. We're aiming for fun, yet robust, learning management. We're aiming for game‐changing digital glue finally hitting K‐12 education. Tutor Multiplex takes school communications to the next level, combining desktop, mobile & digital signage apps to save money & time.

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We help startups build their Clouds and Mobile Applications.

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MOBOLAPPS is a mobile software startup based in Barranquilla, Colombia. We have 2 projects that are coming to become in startup by themselves and we want to talk you for investment in one or both: MOBVENTO ( It is a mobile a web application for event organizers to manage PRE, DURING and POST events such us conferences and similars. PRE: Inscipcion and registration (checkin) DURING: Agenda, general event information, speakers, sponsors, rooms, ect. POST: Statistics for survey for feedback. Nowadys we are negociating with a company in central america. DOCTORAPP ( It's a mobile and web application for medical appointments management. In latin-america there are a lot doctor with so much paper work and patients forget to show to appointments. Nowadays we have client that paid for the service and we are in acelerator program in Colombia with We have had pitch in Virginia Tech university and a week for networking in NY.

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