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CrossFit is a rapidly growing worldwide grassroots fitness movement. Combining gymnastics (calisthenics) with multijoint weightlifting, interval training, and aerobic training, it approaches fitness as a contest against oneself. Workouts are measured by objective criteria like wattage, time, weight lifted, repetitions, or force, instead of repetitive "bodypart splits." Highly addictive, CrossFit focuses on perfection of form, a high frequency of variance in movement, a high intensity level over a short time period, and fun. CROSSFIT INLINE will be at the cusp of Bangkok’s fast growing fitness movement with high-level functional training. Our philosophy is to teach people to move better through practice; to use novelty and intensity to create a fun environment of constant progress; to maintain education as our primary goal for both coaches and clients. Read more
Wongnai is a lifestyle platform where users can order and get food delivered, purchase beauty products, book travel services, and more. Read more
The most integrated and functional CRM/ERP and project management suite available on earth! Have a look here: Read more Thailand’s No.1 Shopping Search Engine and Price Comparison Shopping Site that collects products information from the most comprehensive online shopping stores and then attracts millions of consumers to Search for Products, Compare Prices, and then drives Real Buyers back to the stores of merchants. Our Mission is to provide the most useful information about shopping to consumers anywhere in the world. Read more
Since 1998, Food by Phone has been working with the best restaurants in Bangkok, offering food and beverages delivery to condominiums, hotels and businesses. Food by Phone has created a diverse selection of restaurants, including popular brand names and neighborhood favorites. Providing the best in both variety and convenience, Food by Phone includes as well a supermarket. Choose your food from available restaurants, select your time of delivery and place your order online. Deliveries can be arrange within 1 hour or in advance. Read more
• Payment card processing with best-in-class payment routing, fraud management and business intelligence • Alternative payment options (off-line, over-the-counter, or through online direct debit) to empower consumers beyond payment cards • Integration with existing payment alternatives  Read more
Thailand's Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Read more
Fastwork is Southeast Asia's largest professional freelancing platform. Read more
OpenDurian provides free online test-prep materials, together with online courses. Read more
Mercular operates as an online shopping platform. Read more
HipFlat is an easy to use real estate search engine that helps people find a dream home and make an informed decision. Inspired by Trulia and Zillow, we are targeting very promising and still hugely untapped Southeast Asian market with its 600 million population. We are starting in Thailand, where solving the problem of highly fragmented market. There is no any single source of syndicated real estate listings in the country, no MLSes, no market data. At the same time, Thailand's real estate market is very active, seeing $20 billion in transactions every year. HipFlat is the first property listings syndicator with the largest condo listings database in the country. We are also the first to provide our users with access to market data, including historical prices and rental yields for over 1,500 buildings in Bangkok. After starting in Thailand, we will expand to neighbouring countries, to solve very similar problems there. Read more
Eko, with close collaboration of leading Asia-Pacific business executives, has designed and built a mobile oriented, real-time work communications tool. It provides workforces with a secure, simple, productive, and powerful communications tool. In short, corporate messaging for the smart phone era. Eko makes inter-company communications simple and secure: • Users can easily find and message anyone in the company network just like corporate mail. • Eko comes with significantly enhanced team collaboration tools such as task management, group photos, threading, team leader controls & features, work focused stickers, etc… • Eko threads allow teams to keep track of all issues and stay organized. • On the enterprise end, it will provides HR and IT departments with control. • In 2014, Eko will add built in enterprise cloud storage and services.  Read more
We connect empty stomachs with empty tables. Time based discounts up to 50% for every restaurant, every day! Merchants move customers from peak to off peak and attract new customers increasing profitability. Unlike Groupon merchant profitability is part of the DNA of eatigo. Users make online reservations and never pay full price again, enjoying discounts from 10% to 50% "depending on the time slot for each restaurant every single day. We are preparing to launch in Thailand and Singapore partnering with top telcos, banks and online directories in each market for access to massive customer base off the bat and speed scaling. This product will motivate a quick adoption of online bookings due to the disruptive motivator of continuous and significant discounts for all major restaurants in the area. You can watch our TVC at  Read more
Globish is the fastest growing online English learning platform in Thailand Read more
Pomelo aims to revolutionize fast fashion ecommerce in Southeast Asia by building a fashion brand and marketplace providing international trends with an incredible customer experience, from product videos to same day delivery. We keep the collection fresh with new arrivals every week, sourced with attention to detail and quality from the fashion capitals of Asia: Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Read more
PEAK ( is one of the leading online accounting solution provider in Thailand. Read more accounting software is easy to use online businesses in Thailand. Read more is a professional social network connecting construction professionals through their business activities e.g. budgeting, job costing, purchasing, invoicing and site collaboration. Construction companies work for FREE and connect to their suppliers, designers and customers easier. Read more
Jitta is a cutting-edge investing solution that helps you achieve better returns through these powerful features. Read more
WorkVenture uses big-data and machine-learning to match young professionals with relevant jobs. Read more
Omise is a payments platform which provides businesses with a modern end-to-end infrastructure to accept, process and disburse payments online. Working with Omise, merchants have access to powerful payment tools, comprehensive risk management solutions, as well as connection to card networks and consumers' preferred payment methods.  Read more
Clean, simple, beautiful wikis for teams. Very low barrier to create and share. Features include: Markdown based content editing, Github/Facebook/Twitter or Google authentication, Beautiful clean design and typography, Full text searching, Attachments, Support for public or private wikis, Full page versioning and history Read more
Hungry Hub is a restaurant reservation system which comes in a form of website and mobile application. This purpose of this system is to help diners reserve their tables at any restaurant within seconds and for restaurants to manage their reservations more effectively. This restaurant booking system will be split into two sets of user interface, one for the diners and one for the restaurants, and it will be connected real-time or near real-time. The diners will be booking their tables through a mobile app or website, while the restaurants will have a reservation management system app installed in a tablet. Read more
FoodStory is integrated restaurant management platform from farm to fork Read more
Sunday is an InsurTech group adopting data models and technology to offer insurance products and services to the entire customer journey. Read more
Insurtech - Sunday Insurance Company Limited. Smart Insurance. Born Simple. Better value through intelligence Read more
One stop hub for purchasing insurance online Read more
Medical Departures is a medical service marketplace that helps patients find, compare & book medical appointments around the globe Read more
Find hidden gems in stock market Read more
Tourkrub is an online travel agent that offers lifestyle tours, leisure, and corporate travel. Read more
SKOOTAR Beyond develops websites and mobile applications that connect you with hundreds of professional mobiles across the city.  Read more
We build very high quality Ruby on Rails web apps with great UX and beautiful UI. We help many startups start up! Read more is the market-leading technology and online publications. Read more
VenueE is an online marketplace for event and wedding. Read more
Beam, a frictionless one-click checkout experience platform built for social commerce and websites in Southeast Asia. Read more
Telemental health platform solution for B2C, B2B and B2G. Read more
aCommerce provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions to bring brands and retailers into online retail. They offer e-Commerce consulting, digital marketing, IT development, store ops, customer care, and fulfillment and delivery. Read more allows traders to backtest and automate their strategies via a flexible built-in scripting language based on Coffeescript. Trading strategies can be fully automated by using trading robots running on our scalable VPS cloud. The project offers paid subscription service and has rapidly growing customer base. Basically, I'm looking for an investor who would help me to establish company in some developed country (such as USA,Singapore,Australia,NZ,etc) and also take care on marketing and business growth.  Read more
Asia is the largest engine of global growth today and will remain so in the foreseeable future. InvestAsian’s goal is to inform investors throughout the world on how to invest in and profit from the immense potential of this dynamic region, whether they live in or outside of it. There are many news outlets and financial consultancies. However, what makes InvestAsian unique are our experts, analysts and translators who have diverse backgrounds, are located in multiple countries throughout Asia, and who together possess knowledge of a wide variety of languages, cultures, and experiences. Read more
FreshKet is a workflow-integrated marketplace for fresh food suppliers and restaurants. Read more
Disrupting the mattress industry in Southeast Asia Read more
Thailand's first online marketplace for buying and selling authentic sneakers, and other collectibles. Read more
MyCloudFulfillment is a supply chain management solution for e-commerce and omnichannel businesses. Read more
Infinit Closet is a social fashion platform that allows girls to borrow, join, update and trade clothes plus more with commercialized premium front store and premium Ads. The platform is developed from the girls and ladies biggest hidden pain regarding Clothing and fashion on their bodies that can’t be dressed repeatedly until someone recognize. However, if they keep buying, it will be a waste of money. If they borrow, there is no single platform that helps they borrow faster and a better closet management for them. However, if the needs insist, there is also an option to trade their own or their clothes to earn money. Read more
Lazudi is a cloud-based property agency that helps customers buying, renting and selling a home. Read more
StockRadars is all in one stock analytic and trading platform. Read more
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