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CrowdTangle is an easy way to see what's trending on Facebook. We're currently in private beta but already working with over 100 organizations, including some of the leading social teams in the world like USA Today/Gannett, Upworthy, Wieden + Kennedy, the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Droga5, NowThis News and even the White House. Read more
Home and business painting, both interior, and exterior depending on customer needs. Utilizes a larger crew, to get the job done in one day, compared to traditional painting where smaller crews are typically used and the job may require a substantially longer period of time. A great concept for consumers who want shorter lived intrusions, are trying to meet a dead line, and/or just want to get the job done as fast as possible. Also good for landlords, property investors, and management companies, who need quick turn overs, on properties being readied for rent or sale. Quality of the job is not compromised. WOW1DAY Painting and 1-800-Got Junk are sister companies. Read more
Parking Panda is the industry leading online marketplace and optimization platform for parking. It enables parking owners and mangers (private and commercial) to capitalize on their parking inventory by driving extra traffic when yield is low and improving pricing when the lot is full. People in need of parking can save money and time by finding a place to park and paying right from their mobile phone or reserving a space in advance on the web. Read more
Mailstrom is an amazingly powerful, deceptively simple email tool that helps you clean out your inbox and keep it clean. It analyzes any IMAP inbox (such as Gmail) and organizes it for quick bulk actions that help you reach Inbox Zero and stay there. On the web at  Read more
Traitify provides a platform upon which personality can be applied in a visual, mobile and embedded format. Read more
SocialToaster makes it easy for organizations to engage existing supporters and enable those supporters to syndicate content from the organization through to their personal social networks. Read more
Subscribe Pro is SaaS subscription management software for eCommerce merchants. Subscribe Pro plugs in to existing eCommerce platforms and websites to manage subscriptions for merchants and customers. Read more
Facet Wealth is a provider of financial and wealth management services used to simplify the financial planning process. Read more
Localist is cloud software that powers the website events calendar for organizations. We help marketing managers who are looking to increase event attendance, but are frustrated because they don’t have enough time to manage and promote their events content. Read more
Snag-A-Slip is a cloud-based technology platform that connects boaters with marina owners and allows boaters to book slips with ease. Read more
ZeroFOX stands uniquely at the intersection of social media and cyber security, enabling organizations of all sizes to identify and prevent risk across the connected enterprise. Leveraging a patented enterprise security technology platform, ZeroFOX identifies malicious actors, threats and targeted attacks against your organization, providing proactive, actionable social threat analytics and intelligence in advance of any network compromise.  Read more
MF Fire is a fire technology company that uses combustion science to engineer superior fire products. Read more
emocha empowers every patient to take every dose with video technology and scalable human engagement. Read more
Blippr™ has reinvented the way that younger consumers save money online by providing dozens of unique features including buyers guides, coupon code listings, influencer network, price comparison engine, and detailed product reviews all available across a website, mobile apps and chatbot. Introducing Shopping Assistant™, our proprietary web technology Blippr Shopping Assistant™ is creating a new way to shop -- powered by artificial intelligence, our website, mobile apps and chatbot crawls the internet searching for exactly what you need. Get immediate help finding the best deal on your next purchase by talking to our intelligent chat bot. Answer a few questions and we’ll return the best offer available to you from across millions of website URLs. Our proprietary technology, Shopping Assistant™ is available through live chat on our website, mobile apps and on Facebook. Read more
b.well Connected Health provides an integrated solution for consumer engagement, holistic health management, and cost containment. Read more
Protenus brings artificial intelligence and automation to healthcare compliance. Read more
SimpleVisit enables healthcare providers to connect with their patients through applications such as FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Read more
CADD implements design services and software solutions ranging from Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Computer Aided Design (CAD) to Facilities Management (FM). Read more
Tradeswell is the operating system for real-time commerce. We’re on a mission to empower growth by making ecommerce actions more informed, more coordinated, faster, and more profitable — for everyone. Read more
Allovue streamlines school financial management processes into one application that helps school leaders navigate the budget process, manage multiple funding streams, track expenses, allocate spending money to teachers, identify trends over time, and plan for future capital investments. Recent trends in education policy and management decentralize budgetary and spending decisions to the school level, making principals de facto CFOs in addition to their roles as instructional leaders. Principals are accountable for ensuring that school spending drives student achievement in addition to satisfying complex restrictions. Funds are misallocated on purchases that don’t impact learning, misspent according to funding compliance, or expire because the balances are unknown. Allovue’s tools enable school leaders to proactively determine where dollars are best spent through the aid of algorithmic analysis and peer-based insight. Read more
Hohne Pools is a swimming pool company in Baltimore, Maryland. For nearly 60 years, Hohne has been the pool installer and pool repair company Maryland trusts. Our projects have included swimming pools at Camp David, embassies around the world, and pools for the Secret Service and the U.S. Naval Academy. We build and install residential pools, commercial pools and institutional pools (e.g., schools, government agencies, etc.) Read more
Terbium Labs offers Matchlight, a product that alerts their clients the instant their stolen data appears on the web. Read more
Insightin Health's AI driven decision platform helps health insurance companies with preventative actions for their members Read more is a digital engagement security platform that helps businesses control the third party code that executes on their websites. Read more
Ujoin is a first-of-its-kind app that gives you the same tools used by policy pros. Read more
See what's going around with Sickweather, the Doppler radar for sickness. Our patent-pending process distills posts from social media (Facebook & Twitter) to generate real-time weather maps of illnesses. With our mobile app, users can be alerted in real-time when they have entered a sick zone, an area where others have recently reported being sick. The iPhone app (Android coming soon) is available as a free download here: Read more
Point3 Security Inc. is a premier information security organization providing the industry with training and analytic tools to enhance their workforce. Read more
Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Read more
Glyscend develops a revolutionary approach to treating type 2 diabetes. Read more
MouthLab™ is a non-invasive, hand-held ‘Rapid Health Assessment’ device, designed for the home. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and capable of measuring vital health parameters rapidly. Aidar Analytics™ identifies, analyzes and predicts health status and disease progression. Read more
Easy WebContent is a web content creation and management platform that simplifies the way users develop and maintain their web presence. Since 2008, the platform has inspired thousands of users to create, edit and enhance their web presence through easy yet powerful interactive tools. Tools include the Easy WebContent Site Builder, HTML Editor, Add-ons, and Presenter. Read more
Coopers Pick offers consulting advice and sports services for those looking to profit from hedges and disciplined sports betting advice from top handicapper and adviser Mike Cooper.  Read more
Beans-N-Frank are the modern-day, hip hop version of School House Rock. Their audio CDs, DVDs, books, and videos make learning fun in the classroom, yet the music sounds like something you would hear on urban or pop radio.  Read more
Chronic wounds cost the US healthcare system $30 billion annually. The staggering cost of chronic wound care and management is due, in part, to frequent visits to highly specialized clinics. We have developed a mobile medical app and adjunct system of medical devices that reduces unnecessary clinic visits while increasing the frequency of wound evaluation. We have the potential to reduce total wound-related expenditures by 25% for our initial market segment. Given the changes in US healthcare delivery in the coming years, we expect this technology to change the way we treat chronic wounds.  Read more
There is a 100 million unit deficit of donor blood globally. The Hemafuse is a handheld, mechanical device for intraoperative autotransfusion of blood collected from an internal hemorrhage, meant to replace or augment donor blood in emergency situations. Read more
ReGelTec is a medical device company. Read more
Classical music artist Jordan Randall Smith is a conductor and composer.  Read more
Intelehealth is a technology non-profit that's improving access to primary health care in underserved regions of the world through its innovative telemedicine platform. Read more
The problem with existing guidance systems is that 1) learning to use ultrasound is time-consuming and difficult; 2) guidance devices are costly and require dedicated hospital rooms; 3) guidance devices take a long time to calibrate, increasing the time the doctor spends on the procedure; 4) guidance devices require big changes to workflow and customary instruments; and 5) guidance devices cannot be used remotely by specialists. The Clear Guide ONE was developed as a solution to these problems: • A compact and complete ultrasound guidance system, combining a probe attachment and a portable touchscreen module (no sensors or additional components), compatible with any kind of needle, and undisturbed by surrounding ferromagnetic materials; • A convenient and easy-to-use tool, calibration-free at the point of care • A cost-effective device, affordable by clinics,outpatient centers and private practices.  Read more
Vixiar Medical develops non-invasive devices and systems for monitoring cardiopulmonary diseases, particularly those with significant clinical and economic burden. Vixiar Indicor is a hand-held device for detecting changes in intrathoracic fluid volume. Read more
Novel Dx is a proprietary and best-in-class Point-of-Care rapid molecular diagnostics system that is ultra-portable and can be produced for a range of high-volume diagnostic assay applications. Tests in development for multiple respiratory and sexually transmitted infections. Read more
Dracen Pharmaceuticals is a developer of novel glutamine antagonists created to deliver improved outcomes for cancer patients. Read more
Fixt using their APIs and live repair tracking, offers on-demand and on-location device protection, spanning from setups to repairs. Read more
Developing innovative assays for ultra-rare analytes in infectious disease and beyond, our team brings expertise in virology, immunology, and assay commercialization. We are currently advancing new assays for persistent HIV-1 and other clinically important viral infections. Read more
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) solutions for utility inspections, critical medical and commercial cargo, and market-leading training for operators. Pioneering drone delivery of transplant organs. Read more
Alleviating the global burden of corneal blindness through innovative solutions in eye banking and corneal transplantation. Ophthalmic medical device company, founded by ophthalmologists, engineers and social entrepreneurs, spun out of the Wilmer Eye Institute and Johns Hopkins. Read more
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