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WP Engine powers tens of thousands of WordPress sites, delivering the fastest, most reliable, and most secure web experience possible. Businesses large and small rely on WP Engine’s exceptional customer service team that specializes in quickly solving technical problems, and creating a world-class customer experience. The service includes top-notch support (the most WordPress experts on staff per 1000 customers), one-click backup/restore, optimization for speed and scalability, and security features that include automatic software upgrades. WP Engine allows customers to use WordPress plugins or themes, including custom code. The platform is ideal for pro bloggers, for the enterprise, and also for small dev shops and consultants whose reputation is tied to the performance of the hosting company they select for their clients.  Read more
Jobs2Careers is the fastest growing job search engine. Launched in 2010, over 11 million monthly job seekers already trust us in their job search – and we’ve only just begun! Read more
Osano transforms millions of unstructured legal disclosures about data management practices into structured and actionable insights for compliance teams. Protect your company and gain instant visibility into your vendors' data compliance practices. Read more
The Daily Dot is an online newspaper that covers internet topics. Read more
Dosh is a free cash back app that finds users money for shopping, dining out, and pumping gas at thousands of merchants & brands nationwide. Read more
Mobile Tech RX is transforming the auto reconditioning industry by delivering software built by technicians, specifically for technicians. Read more
Rokfin is a platform for creators and content owners to bundle their offerings in a subscription. Read more
Cratejoy is a platform for merchants to launch their own subscription commerce business. Merchants create their own store front and we host it. We collect their recurring payments, print their postage, and e-mail their customers tracking numbers. We’re targeting mid market and long tail merchants. Examples include niche experts such as house rabbit enthusiasts and art supply experts. We've also seen strong interest from crafters and from musicians. You can see some of the merchants that have launched at We founded & sold MarketZero to Zynga in 2011 and have been working together since 2008. We're Y Combinator and SV Angel backed.  Read more
SamCart is an e-Commerce platform designed to enable direct-to-consumer brands' growth. Read more
Aunt Bertha is a company that connects social care for organizations, helping them better assist people and communities. Read more
Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off. We make it easy to find and apply for food, health, housing and employment programs for free. We make money by selling online application processing software through a SaaS model. Governments and charities pay us because our software reduces the cost of dealing with a paper application by 98%, from $50 to less than $1. Try it! We’re live in Texas, so you want to use the 78704 zip code for best results. Read more
Anaconda is a data science platform and the foundation of modern machine learning. Read more
Anaconda Server tames open source by solving a common but oft-ignored enterprise need: coherent packaging and deployment of open source. It provides easy configuration of Python, R, and other packages via a central, internal binary repository. Test and deploy applications across your company in seconds, using its widely acclaimed package manager, conda. Wakari Enterprise is a powerful web platform for flexible, powerful analysis and scientific computing. It facilitates collaboration across teams and helps move code and analysis to data, whether on the cloud or an internal cluster. Numba, Blaze, and Bokeh are our open-source, DARPA-funded projects for distributed array processing, powerful compilation, and innovative interactive data viz. We are a world-class team of veterans who contribute to the growing ecosystem of Python for Data Analytics. Our products, support, training, and consulting can help you solve the most challenging data processing, web app, and analytics tasks. Read more
Kendra Scott offers jewelry, home decor, gifts and beauty. From decorative trays to nail polish, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, shop Read more
Nadine West is a fashion subscription box without commitment. Customers receive an outfit each month and are allowed a short time-frame during which they can send unwanted items back. After the time-frame runs out, they are automatically charged for any items kept. Data of price/items is fed into an analytics algorithm to predict their (as well as future signups) style month-to-month. The core of the business model is analytical measurement as opposed to "trends" and the Free-signup, which plays into having a low customer-acquisition cost. The future involves gamification of the product allowing friends to connect and style each other's surprise outfits.  Read more
MedScout is a revenue accleration platform focused on enabling the sales teams at life science companies. Read more
An Academy where self-learners can earn badges and certificates online and build a strong portfolio of qualifications and experts teach online and monetize their knowledge.  Read more
Key Ingredient is the best place to find, create, share and collect all of your recipes. The Demy is our kitchen-safe, touchscreen Recipe Reader that is the perfect compliment to bring a host recipe collection into the kitchen. Read more
Equipboard is a product catalog anchored on celebrities (famous musicians, athletes, actors, etc) and the products they endorse both explicitly and implicitly. Just as IMDb graphs the relationships between the folks who work on films and the films themselves, Equipboard will become the data broker for all relationships between celebs and the products that they endorse. We will first tackle the music gear industry ($10B in the US alone), then scale by replicating the model in other verticals. The music space is compelling from a revenue & user engagement standpoint (we tested), the opportunity to partner with brands & artists (90% of music brands market by endorsements), and musicians are generally gear sluts. Equipboard will be a crowd-sourced destination site with a self sustaining community. While user submissions are increasing by the day as we open it up more, we currently use a combo of social media scraping, cheap labor, and brand partnerships to get the content ball rolling. Read more
TrustRadius is a community for professionals to share candid opinions about business software to guide selection, implementation and usage decisions. Our members share real world insights through in-depth, structured reviews, discussions and networking. All reviews are vetted by our researchers and every contribution rated by our community. Think of us as a high quality, curated version of Yelp for business software. Read more
uShip is online transport marketplace primarily serving the freight, household goods, and vehicle shipping markets. Read more provides online project management software that helps users plan, track and report on projects online. Read more
FloSports is a media and events company that provides live streaming of premier events, original video programming, and weekly studio shows. Read more
Outdoorsy is the world's first, true Peer-to-Peer marketplace for RVs. Read more
Bluedot is a location technology company helping businesses deliver high impact experiences and contactless solutions in moible apps. Read more
Check us out on Kickstarter now: Currently on Fundable: Scan it. Control it. Share it. Physical devices / sensors ...and script it with Javascript. Our first products include a simple but powerful universal sensor module and light controller which you can setup to do automatic things via your smartphone. For instance: When "motion" then "text" "someone in backyard"... or another: When "temperature < 30" and "no light" then "turn lights blue". The possibilities are endless: you can combine multiple sensors and we can control stuff across ZigBee, Z-Wave, RS-232, and WiFi / IP. Our first product can control Belkin WeMo outlets and Phillips Hue light bulbs amongst other things. Read more
Building the world's most innovative company designed to modernize and protect your healthcare data. Read more
OnlineMedEd is a digital health care learning platform designed for medical students and health professionals. Read more
Tiger Pistol is the social advertising platform that delivers local activation at global scale. Read more
We leverage unique intelligence to transform customer delivery into a competitive advantage for the world’s largest retailers. Read more
Boxer helps people get work done. Driven by the belief that mobile technology will fundamentally change the way we work and communicate, Boxer is building the next generation mobile inbox. With an emphasis on design, speed, and frictionless execution, Boxer is enabling the modern workforce to get things done even when they are away from their desks. Whether you let your inbox burst at the seams or diligently file things away, you'll love how Boxer helps you stay on top of email and all of your communication streams while you’re on the go.  Read more
Zello is for live conversation. Voice is the original social media reinvented with mobile. The service has over 6 million monthly active unique users on iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps. Zello@Work is a freemium up-sell for business to replace 2-way radio. Read more
Smarter Sorting is a startup that uses machine learning to automate the decision-making for unsaleable items. Read more
Instantly boost website conversions by displaying real time social proof. Proof™ adds notifications to the bottom of your page showing off recent customer activity. When visitors see that others are buying they are statistically more likely to convert as well. Read more
MoneySavingPro is a comparison engine that allows consumers to cut their monthly cell phone, TV & Internet service bills. Read more
Wide Open Spaces is the premier online destination for all things hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoors, providing content, commerce and community to an audience of sportsmen and women who share a passion for the great outdoors. Based in Austin, Texas, Wide Open Spaces is devoted to providing the most up-to-date, need-to-know information for hunters, fishermen and outdoors enthusiasts in an entertaining way. Based around a loyal community following, Wide Open Spaces encourages community engagement through a user contributions, both written and visual, to make the content shareable, reliable and relatable. Founded in 2011, Wide Open Spaces is is optimized for social and mobile experiences, complete with the Internet’s first and only shopping comparison site for all your hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoor needs. Wide Open Spaces was created not just to improve the online sportsman experience, but to revolutionize it. Read more
OwnLocal is the automatic digital ad agency for newspapers. We take print ads and automatically convert them into search-engine optimized web ads, SEO websites, Google SEM, social banner ads, and social-media marketing. The conversion and sales are all done automatically instantly producing more revenue for the newspaper and for us. OwnLocal succeeds where others have failed because community newspapers are still trusted local brands in the small-businesses world. Read more
Aceable is changing the required education game through our platform that easily adds game mechanics, entertainment, and mobility to required education courses. The first application of our platform begins with the $500MM Driver Training market. Using in-game points and rewards, animation, story, and video we make Driver’s Education and Driver’s Safety engaging and memorable. Beginning in March 2014, teen drivers in Texas will have the chance to team up with Ace, an Automotive Computerized Educator robot, to fulfill their Driver Education state requirement. Ace has made it his mission to help the student get their license, working with them and challenging them the whole way through, while cracking the occasional joke. True to Aceable’s mission, the student emerges from the learning experience feeling smart and powerful.  Read more
Lifesize combines best-in-class, cloud-based video conferencing services with integrated equipment that sets a new standard for workplace communication and productivity on a global scale Read more
Adscend Media is a leader in the online advertising space, focused on developing innovative, turnkey digital content monetization solutions. Founded in 2009, we are a privately held and debt-free company headquartered in Austin, TX with staff located throughout the United States. For publishers, our turnkey solutions allow them to maximize revenue from their premium content. For advertisers, our vast global reach and high engagement solutions enable them to acquire new customers, perform market research, and ultimately grow sales. Between 2010 and 2012, we served over 1 billion relevant ads, producing hundreds of millions of clicks and tens of millions of actionable leads. With a commitment to a high quality user experience, Adscend Media has established itself as a leader in the digital content monetization industry. A technology company at heart, we continue to develop our content monetization platform to accommodate the needs of both premium content publishers and advertisers.  Read more
HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solutions to help your pharmacy attract new customers, increase efficiencies, and grow your business. Read more
Helpjuice is a service that helps your customers find their own answers so they don’t email support. We also watch the answers that your internal support team sends to customers and keep your FAQ up to date. Our customers save a lot of money, and their customers are happier.  Read more
We have a SaaS-based platform enabling a producer or marketer to aggregate, filter, moderate, and ouput real-time social content to API or visual modules. The modules are HTML/responsive products that can integrate into any experience, such as Facebook page, web site, TV, jumbotron, etc. These social experiences drive time on site, ad views, conversion, follows, and other engagement metrics. The platform has Twitter Firehose (+ curation partnership with Twitter), Facebook API access, and more. Read more
Loveseat is the returned goods marketplace. New in-box furniture & appliances + more for the home. Read more
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