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WriterDuet is real-time collaborative screenwriting software that lets any number of writers outline, chat, and write together simultaneously. Many writers for film and TV work with collaborators, but other screenwriting technology is unreliable or ineffective for collaboration. Even professional screenwriters still e-mail scripts back and forth. ReadThrough is for collaborative audio production, where voice actors perform scripts and full-cast audiobooks. It's expensive and/or inconvenient to create multi-actor audiobooks, but having a single narrator read every role can be dull or annoying to listeners. Furthermore, even screenplays that win major competitions frequently do not become movies. This creates a new outlet to publish such scripts as audiobooks. The programs are separate but integrate seamlessly. WriterDuet brings content into the ecosystem, ReadThrough converts it into audio entertainment. We're targeting writers to create content, and audiobook listeners to consume it.
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