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Sharecare is a digital health company, it helps people to manage all their health query at one place. Read more
Motion Array helps you make amazing videos. Creating a high quality video can be expensive. When you add up the costs for design, animation, and even music, budgets can quickly get out control. Motion Array is a membership website that is focused on delivering the highest quality stock media. With our tools, we help you make amazing videos that will fit any budget. Our high quality, 100% royalty-free After Effects templates, stock music, and stock videos can be downloaded instantly at an incredible price. Read more
Resy is a curated market for indie brand musical instruments and accessories. Focusing on the hundreds of musical product brands that don't have large distribution deals, we think we can shift the market away from the larger brands over to the smaller players who build beautiful products and new technologies. Modern, tech-savvy musicians and hobbyists are looking for new experiences. They same way they are turning to artisan foods and hand crafted clothing, we believe they are turning to unique indie instruments and gear. Resy focuses on the customer experience by replacing the typical canned product shots and clinical write ups for high quality custom photography, charming write ups, and unique videos of actual bands playing the instruments and gear for sale on the site. Read more
Obsidian Portal makes it easy to manage your tabletop RPG campaign. You'll spend less time wrangling your group and trying to find information and more time planning and playing. Read more
CallRail helps companies of all sizes understand which marketing sources are driving phone calls -- online and offline. Read more develops a front-end automated testing application for running unit and integration tests in a browser. Read more
BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in ecommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. Virtual currencies are designed for the internet, and are a much safer and more efficient form of payment than credit cards, which were designed in the 1950s. Credit cards were never designed for the internet. The waste, fraud, risks, and costs associated with using the technology in a way it was never intended are becoming excessive for both businesses and consumers. Read more
Orthopedia allows patients of impending Orthopedic procedures to understand their options avaliable when choosing implants, procedures, costs, and surgeons. Orthopedia will be the one stop to keep patients educated and help them make the best decisions while potentially lowering (already inflated) implant costs by creating competition between providers. Don't worry about navigating complex databases or charts while having to understand complex medical terminology and brands. Instead, a first-class highly ergonomic user interface will guide the patient to the information they are looking for. It's as easy as clicking your mouse. Read more
Vidgo is a prepaid over-the-top television streaming service with sports, movies, and family entertainment at an affordable price. Read more
Roadie puts unused space in passenger vehicles to work by connecting people with items to send with drivers heading in the right direction. Read more
SherpaDesk is cloud hosted customer support solution that assists IT organizations and personal service firms in managing client requests and invoicing their time for professional services. SherpaDesk is the ideal customer engagement solution in tracking multiple rate types across a customer base. Mobile device support, advanced email integration and a customer facing web portal make it a complete solution for any small business looking to improve their support and billing processes. Key Features *Ticket tracking and routing *Accounting integration into leading 3rd party solutions (i.e. Freshbooks) *Client invoicing and staff payments *Customized customer portal with knowledgebase articles *Email integration *Remote desktop assistance *Project management *Advanced Reporting  Read more
Double the Donation provides online fundraising tools to help nonprofit organizations and schools increase corporate matching gift donations. By creating the first set of automated online matching gift tools, Double the Donation has become one of the leading providers of matching gift services to nonprofits. Double the Donation was founded in 2010 to help nonprofits raise more money from corporate employee matching gift programs. In May 2012, Double the Donation launched its Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Resource Center, which has quickly become one of the largest compilations of corporate employee giving data and trends. In June 2012, Double the Donation rolled out its marketing toolkit for nonprofits to use. In June 2013, the company overhauled its software systems to streamline the matching donation submission process. Double the Donation’s matching gift database is utilized by thousands of fundraising and development specialists. Read more
Haste is a network service that improves network performance and user experience for eSports enthusiasts. Read more
Storyful solves the biggest problem facing the news industry: how to turn social media content into trusted news. Storyful offers a fully-integrated operating system for news producers and consumers who want to discover and use the most valuable news content on the social web. It’s unique combination of professional journalism and cutting-edge social technology make it a global and disruptive media brand.  Read more
Knock is an online home trading platform, it make easy to buy and sell homes. Read more
SteadyApp is a Provider of an income-building platform. Read more
SingleOps is an all-in-one business platform for outdoor service industries, including tree care, lawn care, and full-service landscaping. Read more
Neighborly Software improves the administrative efficiency and regulatory compliance of housing, economic and community development programs Read more
Provider of specialized payment solutions to select markets Read more
Springbot’s SaaS ecommerce marketing platform integrates with online shopping carts and delivers “big data” analytics and an integrated marketing dashboard to simplify, prioritize and automate online marketing actions. Springbot is a Gold Industry Partner of Magento, an eBay company.  Read more
Flock makes communities safer. We offer security systems for neighborhoods that help police solve crime. Read more
A financial primitive enabling shorting, borrowing, and lending. Read more
GiFTgive (GG) is a for-profit SaaS company selling to 1.5M nonprofits (US), $300B is donated/yr. GG is "The Most Powerful Wish LIst on Planet Earth!" Nonprofits have a problem: they are losing contact with their younger (under 40) donors. Direct mail, phone calls & email are no longer working. Millennials/Gen Y (1980-00) & Gen Z (2000-on) are using new ways to support nonprofits. They prefer social media, mobile, emotional engagement (video/audio), accountability & build community. Today nonprofits seek unrestricted cash, assume trust, tax receipt & then repeat. GG allows donors a CHOICE in how they give. In addition to cash, the nonprofit can also post specific needs (i.e. iPads for classroom, utensils for homeless shelter, etc.), on their GG donation page via our interface w 100M products on Amazon. By posting specific needs & adding a story, nonprofits are creating valuable content for search engines, social networks, etc. - increasing awareness & leading to more donations/donors. Read more
Flashissue is the quickest way to design and send a newsletter from Gmail. It has a great little editor and clever drag and drop functionality to ensure your email correspondence stand out in cluttered inboxes. There's tons of cool bells and whistles including a nifty newsletter curating feature that helps you with content if you're stuck with what to write. Enter the address of your blog site or give a keyword to search and it will fetch you all the fresh content you need for your email. It creates a neat summary of each blog article or webpage that includes a short intro paragraph, an image and a link that takes the reader back to the original full article. Cherry-pick the ones you want in your email and drag & drop them on to the editor. Gmail puts limits on the number of emails you can send but Flashissue's back end technology gets you over this hump and ensures delivery of your messages to your audience no matter how large. Read more
PadSplit is an affordable housing tech startup that provides a house-sharing service for the workforce. Read more
Radix Health transforms patient access. Read more
HIT Consultant is an award winning healthcare technology editorial news site that provides deep insights and analysis of healthcare technology trends and innovation. We utilize a combination of content from our talented editorial team, quality content curation and thought leading contributors serving as the leading digital media news outlet to connect and engage healthcare technology professionals. HIT Consultant Media also assists healthcare technology companies in content strategy and development services.  Read more
Real-time market data APIs for stocks, currencies and crypto Read more
Evident offers a secure solution for businesses and individuals to share verified personal information. Read more
Fold builds apps for spending bitcoin in the real world. Read more
Bakkt is building an open, seamless global network to enable you to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets simply, safely and efficiently. Backed by Intercontinental Exchange’s proven financial market infrastructure and technology, Bakkt’s secure global platform will connect investors, merchants and consumers, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective to access, trade and use digital assets. Bakkt’s open-source, neutral platform will be designed to meet applicable regulatory requirements, and to support innovation around digital assets and blockchain applications. Read more
Agency Spotter is reinventing how brands and agencies connect by organizing agency search across areas such as digital, design, advertising, mobile, PR, and research. Businesses can take their agency search from months to minutes, while making more confident, informed decisions enabled by their network, peers, and Agency Spotter's data. Agencies have a better opportunity to be found and compete for new business by being in the right place, at the right time. They have the opportunity to engage the targeted leads interacting with them and close more deals. Agency Spotter is streamlining a $760 billion marketplace, saving everyone time and money. Agency Spotter is fast, free to search, and provides tools so brands can make more confident decisions. Read more
The Gathering Spot is an invite-only private membership club established to connect a network of creators, disruptors, entrepreneurs. Read more
ProCARE Portal is a cloud platform built around a fluid, configurable, rules based engine to automate physician compensation management. Read more
AutoCruitment has developed an automated platform to target, recruit, screen and refer patients for clinical trials.  Read more
Kobiton is a mobile testing platform that accelerates the delivery and testing of mobile apps. Read more
Pressgram is an iOS app that combines: - Filtered image sharing craze (Instagram) - WordPress, the most powerful and ubiquitous blogging platform - A unique social network. Most simply, a user can capture an image, add a filter, and then publish / share that photo on their WordPress blog directly and via their social networks (Facebook and Twitter to start in the MVP, v1.0). Why is this important, why does this matter? Because it gives the user ultimate control and ownership of the photo, being able to retain full rights to commercialize their own work w/o "sharing" it or "licensing" it to a corporate entity or enterprise. Pressgram is a powerful mobile publishing system for the independent web. The customer is anyone who loves image capture/sharing and online publishing which could be the mommyblogger to corporate blogger to small indy business owner taking shots of his brick and mortar to social media gurus and professional journalists in progressive news agencies. Everyone. Read more
The new way to tour and buy a home. Book property showings on-demand, get expert guidance and keep half of the agent commission. Read more
Sock Fancy delivers awesomely random socks to your doorstep every month for both men and women. Enjoy all the comfort that a fresh pair of socks can bring without the hassle of shopping. Our hand-picked collection of socks maintains the cutting edge of sock designs from all over the world. Signing up is quick and easy, and whether you're giving a subscription as a gift or treating yourself, let Sock Fancy pleasantly surprise every month, Read more
W9manager automates and simplifies the entire W-9/1099 process from vendor on-boarding through 1099 reporting. Read more
Fraudmarc provides email security & authentication services for businesses. Read more
OncoLens replaces the current labor intensive process of patient case collaboration and subsequent CoC accreditation in cancer care. Read more
ChartRequest is a secure online service that streamlines medical record request processes. Read more
Physician 360 is offering screening teleconsults and deploying the rapid CoronaChek™ serology test to aid in the diagnosis of novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19). Read more
Hypepotamus is fueling the next great wave of Atlanta companies. We showcase startup talent (business leads, storytellers, designers, and coders) and connect them to companies and media outlets. Density is destiny. Change your density, change your destiny. We are creating physical density, program density, and media density. Density leads to serendipity. Serendipity leads to opportunities to collaborate. Collaboration creates trust. Trust feeds the ecosystem. We create Connected Awesomeness Read more
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