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Algain Energy devoted all her energies and efforts in designing photobioreactors and in developing and tuning her own growth techniques for microalgae such as Spirulina, Haematococcus Pluvialis and Chlorella. The philosophy of the company is to conjugate the design low-cost plants, easy to build, maintain and dismantle with a high-quality all-natural production. Our growing techniques have been tested on field as they are aimed at industrial productions. The aforementioned microalgae are suitable for nutraceutics for both human and animal food/feed integration, respectively. We have an exclusive agreement with another company for production/sale of animal and human nutrition products. Algain Energy is also working on using microalgae for producing hydrogen and for degrading manure- and sewage-like wastes. In these context we have an open collaboration with the University of Verona for developing growing techniques for Nannochloropsis, Clamydomonas and other microalgae strains.
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