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​Twamplify is clutter‐free Twitter feed to provide you better Twitter experience and engagement. Twamplify shows you tweets which are relevant to you based on your interest topics and probability of you getting engaged with that content. Twamplify is kind of like taking Tweetdeck and making it smarter and automated to decide what to show you, making it dynamic based on how your interest graph changes and making it smarter to make sure that even if you follow ten thousand people, you see content not based on who you follow, but based on why you follow them. Features: ‐ Real‐time interest topic based recommendations ‐ Showing you the probability of other person getting engaged with you over some interest topic, to create engagement anytime you want, with people you may not know, even if you have 10 followers [Possibility is 3 out of 10 are either hot Twitter babes, bots or inactive, Twamplify can detect them].
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