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Mdundo allows users to download african music to their phones. The music can be downloaded to any internet enable phone (local reach), The music can be paid for with local mobile money payment methods (local payment). Local artists can sign up and upload their music to the platform (local music). East Africa’s first free legal music download platform. With more than 5000 Kenyan songs from Kenya’s top artists. A big catalogue of Free Kenyan music with a share of Premium music - which requires a monthly subscription fee. Fighting piracy and paying content creators fair and transparent royalties. Read more
FAO has developed a biometrics-based, fisherman’s specific, registration system (Biometric Information Technology System or BITS) for the Puntland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MoFMR). Read more
Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies in South Africa. Read more
I-Pay is an instant EFT payment service in South Africa that allows your customer to make secure online payments directly into your bank. Read more
PrimeXBT Trading Services Ltd Read more
mPharma is making healthcare affordable to all segments of populations by helping pharmaceutical and insurance companies with solutions to make medicines more accessible. Read more
Paystack helps accept online and offline payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. Read more
Maliyo Games developed casual online and mobile games based on localised narratives, characters, environment and sound. Our concepts originate by translating simple experiences of everyday Africans into a short narrative which can be illustrated into a visual storyboard. After this, we identify the most suitable technology to progamme these concepts to a finished products that are downloadable on mobile app stores or playable on a web browser We currently have 10 titles on Read more
SnapBill is a web based billing software for freelancers and small businesses. Read more
BuyPower is a utility payment platform in Nigeria. Read more
MYDAWA mission is to deliver quality, affordable, products and experiences that enable our customers live positive, healthy, lifestyles. Read more
Afrikrea is a platform to discover, buy, and sell African fashion, arts, and crafts. Read more
PiggyVest is a platform that helps individuals and businesses manage their finances effectively. Read more
CreditClan provides technology, data and operations for lenders and borrowers across Africa. Read more
Fintech company based in Cape Town Read more
Carbon ignites personal growth through financial innovation Read more
Pet Heaven is an online only pet supplies ecommerce company, specialising in scheduled pet food deliveries. Read more
These products are mainly embodied in the following types - Supplements - the Beverages - the personal care - the skin care each one of these products act in a particular mechanism to maintain naturalization of human body and re compensate essential element that the organic system need to maintain proper bio functions As Ganozi we intended to extensively market our successful products for the magnitude of helping people in destitute and desperate situations and that is mainly embodied in success to get people treated and restored body sound condition using our products that are comprehensively confined to natural types of nutrient and concurrently therapeutic type of mushroom that called Ganoderma, as most of the nations in continent of Africa are desperately in need of affordability to meet treatment cost when they get sick as soaring prices of medicines is dramatically affecting most of the poor countries of Africa because of importation cost of medicines( go to video Read more
iKhokha,a Durban based fintech startup, offers a device that is a low-cost mobile payments solution, helping merchants accept card payments. Read more
Yoco is a point-of-sale payments provider for small businesses in Africa. Read more is an automated cryptocurrencies trading platform in Nigeria. Read more
Cowrywise is a FinTech company that democratizes access to premium financial services by making these services available to the mass market. Read more
Shop star is a provider of software for the operation of online retail shopping sites. Read more
Pesapal is an app to make easy accept of payments. Read more
We believe access to education should be at the tip of the finger. We designed a platform to help parents find information about school admission dates, application forms, entry requirements, facilities, subjects, fees, contact information, reviews and physical locations. Read more
Jimbu is an online platform for displaying, ordering and distributing uniforms, merchandising and other apparel products Read more
Boomplay Music is a leading music streaming and download service in Africa. Read more
Drivn is the mobile operating system for elite sports teams Read more
OVEX is a cryptocurrency exchange company. Read more
Connecting commuters to private shuttles on their commute to work - freeing up time and saving money Read more
Yoco helps 100,000 small businesses in South Africa get paid in-store, online, and on the go. Read more
Reliance HMO is a technology driven health insurance company. Read more
One only API to accept payments anywhere in the world from all african mobile money wallets (80%of people) and credit/debit cards Read more
MathsGee Answers is a global, STEM-focused Q&A platform where you can ask people from all over the world educational questions for improved outcomes. Read more
Peach Payments makes it easy for online and mobile business to accept payments from consumers in the emerging markets. We are Live! in South Africa. We offer all the relevant payment methods including mobile wallets, electronic wallets, bank transfers and credit/debit card payments. Products offered: 1. PCI Compliant integration for your website 2. SDK for iOS and Android for in-app payments 3. Single Click and Subscrition/Recurring billing supported 4. Real-time fraud prevention solution Merchants can integrate in a number of ways: 1. JSON based simple "copy and paste" integration 2. Embed a payment form on your website in an iframe and customize with CSS and JS 3. Flexible XML and POST API 4. HTML5 compliant form for mobile sites and in-app SDKs for iOS and Android apps  Read more
Online marketplace for unskilled jobs Read more
HostAfrica provides high-performance servers and hosting services competitive and affordable rates. Read more
is a start-up company that is designed to offer online gifting solutions to not only the Kenyan populace but also to East Africa as a whole. Purpink Gifts allows customers to shop for bespoke gifts they need for a given occasion under one roof, with the convenience of wrapping and delivery at their offices or homes. Purpink Gifts allows individuals to keep in touch with their loved ones and get them gifts even when working and living in different locations.It seeks to replace the conventional gift shopping where one hops from one shop to the next without finding that perfect gift. With Purpink Gifts, one does not have to leave their office at all in order to get themselves or their loved ones a gift, but allows them to have 24-hour shopping experience. Purpink Gifts relies on the use of social sites such as Facebook and twitter to reach its clients. The company already has the first ever fully functional Facebook shop in East Africa.  Read more
SOKO is a social enterprise which connects micro-manufacturers and entrepreneurs to access global markets through our proprietary mobile technology. The technology allows vendors to sell their goods directly to global consumers through their personal mobile phones, despite access to a computer, the internet, & a bank account. Our proprietary technology leverages existing telecommunications technology and infrastructure to pioneer a completely new marketplace. This new marketplace revolutionizes the way money and goods are exchanged during international trade into a peer-to-peer exchange, creating economic opportunity and increased profits for vendors and savings for consumers. Read more
Unlock company culture with ongoing recognition & feedback. Hi5 is a fun, cloud-based app that enables co-workers to recognise & rate each other in real time, and provide continuous feedback. Management & HR teams are able to track and monitor goals, as well as measure culture. Read more
Printivo provides efficient printing expertise, wide range of design templates and the reach of the internet. Read more is Nairobi's premier online food ordering service. We enable customers to browse through the menus of a wide range of Nairobi restaurants, place an order and pay - directly online. For restaurants that don't do their own delivery, our dedicated Yum delivery team ensures that the food is delivered to our customers promptly. Read more
WorkPay is a payroll processing company for small and medium sized businesses in Africa. Read more
My Brother campaign was created by a group of young Somalis in the diaspora and back home. It aimed help millions of Somali families suffering from the drought and the famine. Read more
Kopo Kopo offers a software-as-a-service that enables the 30 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets to accept, process, and manage mobile money payments (e.g. Safaricom M-Pesa, Airtel Money). Kopo Kopo is the first company to offer this service on a subscription basis and is positioning itself to be a leader in providing merchant services in emerging markets. Read more
ExchangeRate-API has been used by thousands of developers and programmers since it's launch in 2010. Our currency API is as simple to use as making an HTTP request. Only one line of code in many programming languages! Read more
Edusko connects African parents and students with good and affordable schools in Africa, Europe and America. Read more
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