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ADVANO features an innovative manufacturing process that consolidates several essential steps of functionalized nanoparticle manufacturing into a simple, rapid, and extremely scale step. Building off of the industrial gold-standard process of grinding, ADVANO combines simple chemistry with grinding to produce a single step process, showing efficiencies that rival processes used by industrial powerhouses. Initial Market: Energy-Storage (Lithium-ion Batteries) Initial Product: Silicon Nanoparticles Process attributes: 4-in-1 step, can make nanoparticles of many materials, very simple, cost-effective Core competency: silicon expertise, chemical tailoring, engineering scale-up Why Li-Batteries: replacing carbon in lithium-ion batteries with silicon produces a 10X improvement in energy capacity and charge rate. A large-scale, cost-effective, and simple solution to production of tailored silicon nanoparticles at scale will be needed to meet the growing need of the battery industry.
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