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abcMob is an innovator in the application business. We create applications that can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile. Our approach is to create native applications plus allowing for HTML5 access to the service. We write one code that can later be translated to native code on different platforms (native Objective-C, native Java on Android, C on Windows/Linux..etc) and then compiled to get full working application. Our technology allow us to maintain the same look/feel of application between different devices and make sure that updates are happening on all versions at the same time. abcMob now has more than 18 different products available on main platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry plus html5 version that can be accessed from any phone. The products we have already are: abcBanking, abcAirlines, abc HRIS, abc Insurance, abc Restaurant, abc Hotel, abc Gym, abc TV, abc Survey, abc Realestate, abc University, abc celebrity, abc Sport, abc tourism and many more!
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