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Start meeting new people in Vancouver with POF! Start browsing and messaging more singles by registering to POF, the largest dating site in the world. Read more
Manage all your social media in one place. From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media. Read more
Pixieset is the best way for pro photographers to show off, deliver, and sell their work to clients. Read more
Sokanu is a place to discover your passion in life. We help connect people with the career they are meant to be in. Currently, guidance is typically given from parents, friends and career counselors about what path to take in life. Those sources contain bias, and currently there is no single, unbiased brand that represents "careers" online. We at Sokanu believe that every single person put on this planet is able to do something amazing. We help you find that something amazing, online. Read more
The Unbounce Landing Page Platform provides marketers the easiest way to create, publish and A/B test targeted landing pages for online advertising without relying on IT or web developers. Companies using unique landing pages for each campaign & traffic source are able to produce more focused post-click messaging, translating directly into better conversion rates and higher ROI for marketers doing paid search, display, email or social media marketing.  Read more
Bench is a financial statement factory. We're lean manufacturing meets bookkeeping. We take on the mess of receipts, bank statements, and invoices, and run them through our bookkeeping assembly line to produce a clean, monthly P&L and balance sheet for small businesses. The time and cost of every step in our factory is carefully measured and controlled, whether it's a human process or an automated one. The result is a highly scalable business that replaces traditional bookkeepers. Read more
We are the leading online news source for e-reader and digital publishing news. Our store is the largest pure e-reader store on the internet with annunal sales of $200,000. Our website has received 11,859,650 visits since Jan 1st 2012 vs this time last year where we received 2,009,359. We are looking for a single investor to kick in 200k for more staff, gear and travel. In order to facilitate further growth we need access to more events and equipment to cover them properly. Read more
LoginRadius is a SaaS-based CIAM platform that manages consumer identity and privacy, allowing businesses to customize a secure and delightful digital experience their consumers will love. Read more
We help Canadian employers attract the best foreign talent to help their business. Canada is experience an aging population and subsequent labour shortage. Read more
Dropshipping marketplace serving 40,000 merchants Read more
We believe taxes should be easy and transparent enough to do them yourself. We believe the cost to prepare your return should be fair. Read more
Read by QxMD is a personalized medical/scientific journal for iPad, iPhone and web. Physicians and scientists use it to keep up with new research, read outstanding topic reviews and search PubMed. It's like Flipboard for healthcare. Hospitals, governments, insurers, and industry partners pay to use the platform to disseminate knowledge and change practice at the point of care. Read more
Orangedox shows you how people engage with your Dropbox attachments. When you send a file with Orangedox, you get real time insights into how much of your content a customer has viewed, and even how much time they spent on each page. This helps marketers measure how engaging their content is, and helps sales professionals know when customers are ready to close a deal, and forecast future revenue. Read more
InputHealth offers a secure, mobile platform for patient data collection in clinic, hospital and remote-based settings. Ranging from patient satisfaction surveys to history taking tools, we offer an all-inclusive modality for efficient data capture and analysis. Our target customers span across the healthcare spectrum, sharing a common desire to conquer the quagmire of medical data collection through patient engagement. We are currently working within hospital clinics, outpatient clinics and remote monitoring contexts. By empowering patients with the ability to intelligently self-generate their own data, we increase patient engagement, reduce redundancy, promote patient retention, and allow providers to communicate more information in less time. Through our inclusive, first-of-its-kind content store, providers can now access a rich library and onload relevant content into their iPad with little effort. Providers and patients are simultaneously empowered. Read more
BroadbandTV realized the need to connect content owners, content creators, audiences and advertisers for a mutually sustainable rights and revenue model where everyone could benefit. Read more
Instant is an Employee Financial Wellness platform that provides employees timely and free access to their earned income. Read more
SpaceList is a marketplace for office, retail and industrial space. We host over 200,000,000 square feet of available space, generate nearly ½ million pageviews and generate thousands of leads each month. We believe in designing & building products as a team. Everything at SpaceList starts with an idea about how we can make life easier for our customers. From that kernel we bring together design, engineering, and business people in one room to flesh out a solution. We deploy large code changes to production every week, measure our results, and take that feedback to refill the funnel with more ideas. We are building a highly skilled team of thoughtful, fun, and hard working people who are obsessed with making great products. Read more
CryptoKitties is a game that enables users to collect and breed virtual cats on the blockchain. Read more
Push Operations is a full workforce management software specializing in time attendance, scheduling and payroll Enterprise level sales and labour analytics for multi-unit retailers Get real-time bird’s eye view analysis on your entire enterprise. We’ll sort out the data and highlight what’s important to you. Detailed information is just one click away! Read more
Procurify is an online spend management solution that gives you control and visibility into your company spending. It helps streamline the entire purchasing process to drive higher compliance with contracts, maintain control, assign accountability, and increase visibility into your organization.  Read more
Fresh Prep Foods is a weeknight dinner solution providing meal kit delivery service for busy people. Read more
Routific is a practical and scalable solution to the Vehicle Routing Problem. Logistics companies struggle with this challenge every day; most of them are still manually scheduling their fleet with a team of dispatchers. Routific can automate this process, and optimize it. The savings are tremendous: less fuel, and fewer vehicles, drivers and dispatchers. In the U.S., 1/8th of all fuel is consumed by trucks - that's 50 billion gallons a year. Our optimization algorithms will reduce that number by 20%! Read more
iGMS is a vacation rental software that helps hosts to effectively handle day-to-day short-term rental management tasks. The software enables users to operate all Airbnb, HomeAway & Vrbo accounts via a single interface, with access to the same advanced functionality through the mobile app. There’s automated messaging for easier guest communication and reviews, templates, tools for team management and pricing management, and much more besides. iGMS is free for up to 4 property listings and a free 14-day trial is available (no credit card required) for hosts with 5+ properties. Read more
Automated website change alerts for consumers and enterprise with more than 1 million personal and business users in all verticals. Read more
“Like eHarmony for finding a Realtor and Mortgage Broker.” Answer 10 simple questions and get introduced to professionals who are predisposed to work well with you. We believe aligned values lead to better working relationships and a more successful home buying experience. Read more
Slumberkins is a line of cuddly creatures, designed to promote positive attachments.  Read more
Vitruvi is a Vancouver-based company that primarily engages in developing essential oil products. Read more
Rezgo makes it easy and affordable for tour, activity, event, and attraction companies to sell online like the big boys and manage their business better. Read more provides a Saas solution for website & social media archiving to meet regulatory requirements, litigation preparedness and competitive intelligence. PageFreezer provides recurring subscription plans based on the size of the website or social media account and the snapshot frequency. Web archives can be accurately replayed and full text searched. PageFreezer has over 250 customers in regulation and litigation intensive markets like Financial Services, Healthcare, Government and Fortune 500.  Read more
Payfirma builds and sells point of sale solutions for businesses. Payfirma lets you turn your smartphone, tablet, or internet browser into a payment system. Sign up for Payfirma to start accepting credit cards and manage your transactions and employees from a simple, real-time web platform. Read more
Lighthouse Labs is an immersive coding bootcamp where students learn to become junior developers through an intense 8 week course. We focus on creating developers that can add value from day one, which is why we are the only bootcamp to make a minimum 4 week co-op a core part of our curriculum.  Read more
RentMoola is a mobile and online payment network in partnership with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover that allows renters and condo owners to pay rent, condo and other payments with their credit cards. Online and mobile, recurring and one time paperless payments. Use your favourite rewards credit card to earn points and miles faster for trips and stuff you want! It's fast, easy, safe and secure! Read more
Develop new traffic and engagement on your website and Facebook Page with viral apps that power 1,000,000+ pages in over 130 countries every day. Influence your online community by combining your entire social network into one simple, manageable Stream of relevant content about your brand. Earn intelligence about your fans each time they interact on the Tradable Bits Platform by accessing their interests, locations and friends with Fan CRM as they participate. Read more
Kiind allows users to send gift codes by email as gift offers. Givers are not charged until recipients confirm they want to use the gift. Kiind automatically purchases the gift code on behalf of the giver and delivers it to the recipient. Using Kiind for promotion, reward, or incentive campaigns reduces marketing costs. In 2013, $120 billion dollars was spent on gift cards. Anywhere from 10%-20% of pre-paid cards are never used. That is at least $10 billion dollars wasted last year. Current inventory includes top brands across the USA and Canada, including Amazon, iTunes, and GAP. Additionally, Kiind powers gift codes for merchants, avoiding the headache of a traditional prepaid gift card program. Prepaid gift cards sit as long term liability, and when converted to revenue, they are taxed or surrendered as unclaimed property. Read more - Visually oriented Real Estate Startup for BC, Canada with listing database bigger than and visualised information about crime, demographics, schools with service areas, daycares, climate, transit information as a map layers. The main difference between EstateBlock and other real estate search engines is use of object-based spatial databases and geographic information systems. We understand that tonnes of information that you need to comprehend choosing your new home is impossible without Geovisualization. Developers created hundreds of map layers based on Statistics Canada, Police, Ministry of Education data, etc) and mixed this map layers with biggest database of homes for sale in BC. Check our webiste - Read more
Quietly is a network for sharing personal recommendations and discovering great experiences from people and brands you trust. Everything is contained within a list format which provides context and the ability to share content in clusters, or to separate and share items individually. Quietly will rapidly grow as users flee large generic sources of information that do not contain any personal relevance or trusted sources. Content producers can use Quietly to amplify distribution by allowing single pieces of content (articles, show episodes, etc.) to be transformed into multiple components of a list. These individual components are independently consumable and shareable yet maintain attribution to their creator. This increases reach, traffic, and influence. Read more
This site helps people to post free classified ads in almost 1000 cities and the posted ads can be browsed by any visitor. Plus, one can create an online store or viristors simply can join the forum on the site to share their thoughts. Read more
Riipen is an online community that revolutionizes the way employers and community leaders connect with students and recent graduates. Riipen facilitates networking and collaboration by connecting short-term applied research and work opportunities with appropriate students. As a result, we build reliable student profiles with relevant experience and credible referrals that future employers can trust when looking to hire that perfect candidate.  Read more
A multi-channel advocacy platform to activate supporters, reach decision-makers and win cause campaigns. Read more
An easy and reliable app for finding nearby food trucks in Boston, Calgary, Columbus, Toronto and Vancouver. On iOS, Android & web. Read more
7Geese eliminates the performance review with a new, social approach to performance management. Track Objectives and key results (OKRs), recognize colleagues, conduct reflections, track 1-on-1s, and gather valuable feedback all in a continuous, real-time environment. The way we work has changed and 7Geese aims to be the most innovative, empowering, and forward-thinking talent management platform in the market.  Read more
Trulioo provides advanced analytics based on aggregated global Internet identity information and user behaviour from sources including social login providers, ad networks, mobile applications, e-commerce websites, social networks and our customers. Trulioo specializes in scoring social profiles as authentic, machine generated or fraudulent. Try our fake social profile detector demo: Or watch it in use: Read more
Raise more money. Do more good. Read more
Covalent is a technology company that is solving the huge infrastructure problems inhibiting blockchain adoption. Read more
We help young people find online courses and tools to learn in-demand digital skills like design thinking, coding, creative thinking, mobile app development and more. Read more
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