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Founded in 2019, Supertrends uses big data analytics, crowdsourcing, text-mining, advanced data visualization and digital gamification to spot, track and interpret innovations and technology-driven market trends.  Read more
Ethio Locate is a travel guide platform, that helps users find locations and information for free with just simple clicks. We helps business owners and organizations to have a digital profile to advertise their companies’ & products. Read more
AIRO is a Maltese company that offers bespoke IT services with a special focus on cybersecurity to medium-sized businesses. It develops tailor-made software ranging from mobile apps with cloud integration, AI software, and Automation software to enable businesses to scale up. Read more
Solution Breeze significantly shortens and improves the quality of Digital Transformation development cycle. It guides users through capturing requirements in a visual and methodical way. Auto-generates a solution architecture. Auto-deploy to a cloud or a micro-services platform. Read more
Archipeg is a cloud-based Enterprise Architecture Software (SaaS). We make EA practical and accessible by combining EA with Solution Architecture and other disciplines that govern planning, implementation, and delivery of business, application, and technology solutions. Read more
SonoCare Healthcare is an emerging provider of real-time care, transforming the access, cost, and quality dynamics of health care delivery. Read more
Messenger Bot is an automation platform that enables businesses to create automated flows and engage with their customers directly. The company's goal is to make it easier for companies of all sizes to sell, market, and provide customer service.  Read more
PHARMASEAL want to give customers increased control of their clinical trials and product development. Having developed Engility® a B2B SaaS unified clinical trial management platform combining a CTMS and eTMF the company is expanding sales and partnerships. Read more
DQLabs is an AI-augmented data quality platform that has built-in processes and technologies to catalog, profile, curate, and govern your data with self-service capabilities.  Read more
SSD is a platform that presents online healthcare solutions, promoting greater proximity between doctors and patients. We believe that when it comes to health we should promote greater attention and simplified communication, as this will prevent future complications Read more
We are an Angolan company that offers technological solutions, aiming to streamline the functioning of companies Read more
ONE SHOP is a marketplace of shops and markets. Its allow seller to create and manage his own shops inside the plataform and meet buyers whom can use online payments tools to buy goods, clothes, services, property (houses and flats), etc. Read more
Kubinga is a taxi and delivery service platform. Read more
YZ-ME's flagship brand OopsFree!is the leading provider of menstrual hygiene products exactly WHERE and WHEN you need them through our state of the art equipment, and Mobile interface. Read more
Zyla Computing with it's public cloud offering Zyla Cloud helps customers to make their transition to the cloud by offering a complete cloud hosting offering hosted in Malta. Read more
A digital platform that allows screening, tele-advising and video-consultation with health professionals for guidance, care and management of COVID-19 infection data in real time. Read more
INOKRI is a software house focused on efficient App development with high quality for any industry. INOKRI holds SOCIA an ecommerce and retail platform with high potential and accumulate experience in dev App for Banking and Government. Read more
One Computers Tech offers a collection of Professional Technology, Marketing & Design services to businesses (B2B). One Computers Tech is the Aircharge Official Authorized Distributor in Malta & Gozo. Providing phone wireless charging solutions to businesses (B2B).  Read more
One Glide Ltd. is a Maltese owned company and global brand owner of the One Glide registered marque operating through a custom privately developed global ecommerce website. Read more
SPOT is a platform - website and app - that works as a table reservation system and guide for all food and beverage establishments. We are an innovative start-up with a young spirit ready to learn, teach and overcome obstacles Read more
The first startup to digitize logistical operations, bringing carriers and their customers into direct relationship using our technology that allow, at same time, an increase in the financial results of carriers and the reduction of transport costs. Read more
In-Play Wagering Service for eSports Read more
MintDice is a fully-featured online cryptocurrency casino. Read more
Brainster is an EdTech company on a mission to help young people future-proof their careers by learning Data Science, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Coding, Digital Marketing & Software Testing. Read more
An on-demand delivery specialist. Read more
Snap lets you share stories of activities you performed with your friends, for free. Each activity that can be "performed" is represented by a QR Code. Anyone can create an activity. Activities may include "Snap to Like", "Snap to Follow", "Snap to Tweet", "Snap to Buy", "Snap to Pay", and more. Performing an activity is as easy as taking a picture. We are currently working on web and mobile products (including SMS-targeted products) that would enable users perform these activities with great ease. Also, we are creating APIs that would allow developers all over the world to design templates for various activities that can be performed on their platforms. We strongly believe in the fact that every object in the world can have a web presence for activities. These ideas are applicable to the world over. Read more
Attack Surface Management for SME's See the invisible, Dominate the uncontrollable! Read more
MyMama is an online platform that provides support to parents and expectant couples. A team of hand-picked experts provide online consultations and online courses related to pregnancy and parenting, with the focus being on giving personalised advice and education. Read more
Slashtag has reimagined word of mouth marketing and provides customers amazing cashbacks for talking about their favourite brands on social Media and brands get impactful marketing at Zero Capex. Read more
A growing collection of free, hand-drawn illustrations brought to you by a global community of aspiring creatives. You can use our free illustrations for any purpose, without attribution. Enjoy! Read more
Peculium has strived to bring advanced wealth management services to the world of digital assets. We are building a savings platform that integrates the power of Automated Machine Learning and AI, Blockchain Technology, the economics of traditional savings and crypto markets Read more
Enterprise digital tipping system. QR code and link-based remote payments for hospitality and more. Read more
Grow your audience organically with real and targeted Twitter followers for your business, effortlessly Read more
AgriShare Uganda is a tech start-up hiring and renting agricultural resources to farmers in a shared economy model. Farmers can rent or hire: irrigation equipment, land, labor, truck, processing equipment, and tractor. Read more
Whether you’re building one or one hundred chatbots, for your business or others, ubisend gives you the tools to create the experiences you seek. When businesses need to increase efficiencies or do more with less, ubisend's powerful and scalable nature makes it an easy reality. Read more
Smart Engines provides software (SDK) that allows building cutting-edge, GDPR and CCPA-compliant recognition solutions. Read more
We're taking the highly manual and outdated 2 week long Canadian mortgage process and automating it. Houski's mortgage process takes 20 minutes. Read more connects tech companies with the best software developer students at colleges across North America like Waterloo, Harvard, Berkeley and more. Read more
Foxyapps is a curated collection of best-designed real-world Android and iOS mobile apps. Whether you're looking for great design inspiration, learning the best UX and UI practices, or just like discovering new hot apps. Read more
Platform designed for health and sport professionals and providers to connect and interact with their patients, users and clients. Read more
Yawatt makes electric vehicles charging a win-win situation for drivers and businesses. Read more
World’s smartest Mortgage CRM with rich, personalized, and intuitive user experience will keep customers coming back, expand your referral network, and build trusted relationships. Read more
AR/VR :: spatial computing :: computer vision :: media :: urban interaction Transdisciplinary media and interaction lab. We are currently developing an essential building block of the future hybrid reality. STRUQT is a part of Autodesk Technology Impact Program. Read more
Cloudyo is an AI SaaS management platform that helps companies grow a SaaS ecosystem by optimizing and automating every step of their journey. Cloudyo uses technology to empower full SaaS control from planning, selecting, managing and scaling according to your unique demands. Read more
InsightJet is the ideal site to connect with if you want to boost your business’s Google ratings and offer loyalties to your customers. Read more
ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool to collect and manage design feedback on live websites! Read more
Vinvo monetizes clothes donations with 2nd hand fashion marketplace where people can sell clothes they do not wear anymore and give proceeds to a charity of their choice Read more
Create professional Email templates easily - drag & drop Email Builder. Read more
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