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it is a Pakistani healthcare startup. Read more
Empowering patients by making healthcare accessible, transparent & affordable Read more
Before explaining what bookme does, let me narrate the problem and why bookme is direly needed. Right now in Pakistan if you have to buy a ticket for transport/cinema/or and event etc. you have to visit their office, pay them in cash and come back home with a ticket. And for the boarding time or show time you have to go to the terminal again. That wastes time and fuel. Plus you don’t know about departure or show times. You can’t even select the seat you desire. On the technology end, Pakistani banks are still not allowing other companies to use payment API’s. Though they have the API’s but getting your hands on them is near to impossible. With bookme we are going to solve all these problems. You can simply go to web or use our mobile phone app and get tickets on the go. Video explaining the problem is here:  Read more is Pakistan’s number 1 travel platform. Read more
Healthwire is a health-tech startup. Read more is Pakistan's leading personal finance marketplace and a financial products aggregator platform. Read more is a MOOC platform that offers A.I integrated online video courses that are institution specific. Read more
Airlift Technologies is a Private bus service. Read more
Grocery e-commerce start up based out of Lahore, Pakistan. Read more
Dawai At Door is a digital pharmacy platform, that offers free delivery around 30 minutes at the destination given by customers. Read more GICOTAXI (clone of EasyTaxi) -- Services -- Enterprise Mobility User Experience Design Web Applications & Ecommerce Mobile Apps (Native and Cross Platform) Games Development Read more
Beauty Hooked allows customers to search, review, and book for beauty appointments online. Read more
Modern design handcrafted men shoes and Apple accessories, under $200. Fast free global shipping. Read more
We provide complete iOS and Android apps and games development services. We're also starting to offer backend development services. Our customers are usually mobile startups. Read more
PageCDN makes the web faster through not only a globally distributed network of servers but also by reducing the content through better compression, minification & optimization, immutable browser caching and HTTP/2 Server Push. Read more
Charcoal + Gravel is a web application that showcases handpicked content from the world of food, travel, and activities. Read more
Omni-channel products, Managed E-commerce Services and a Marketplace in Pakistan Read more
Proqura is a SaaS e-procurement solution that enables companies to streamline their business procurement and gain visibility on spend. Read more
Droidor helps you to grow your business through digital campaign, website SEO, CRM solution and video animation. Read more
Journal Post is an online smart tabloid, which provides internet viewers access to world/paparazzi news and real life stories.  Read more
Mobile phone App which allows users to book an order to sanitize their Vehicles, Restaurant Kitchen, Industrial equipment with steam wash. Read more
Screen-IT is a new & revolutionary Dynamic Digital Out of Home Advertising platform. Read more
A marketplace to connect Brands & Influencers with a data-driven approach. Read more
Tajir is a B2B marketplace for mom and pop stores. Read more
Mad Number is a mobile app aims to overcome poverty. Read more
Local Discovery which connects right consumers from ready to buy audience with great local businesses Read more
Fotisto is a SaaS and a digital platform whose purpose is to provide opportunities and tools for content creators. Read more
A clinical healthcare exchange network focused on emerging markets - which connects patients, providers, payers and corporates. Read more
Fashion inspired from our traditions and heritage. Read more
devContact is a specialized customer support system for mobile platforms. Read more
A community of makers, early adopters and bloggers showcasing their startups, blog posts and exchanging feedback. Read more
Fizz is a full-stack hosted (AWS) platform for in-game chat and instant message system. Fizz is provided as a cross-platform (native) solution for different app and game platforms (including commercial and custom development engines). This includes both a (headless) client SDK and a (native) UI SDK for the supported platforms. Read more
Founded in 2011, Appscinated has acted as a role player in accelerating various startups from Europe, Asia and US. Read more
Your mobile application and web solution developers, we are a one-stop shop for design and development of unique solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, websites, and web dashboards. Your vision becomes reality through our planning and execution using the latest technologies and most up-to-date interfaces. Read more
Shoes: Handmade shoes with leather and non-leather high fashion. Bags: Matching bags with in leather and non-leather or new designs Jewelery: Fashion jewellery high class Fashion Accesories: like belts, ornoments, etc Read more
Blue collar job market is highly inefficient where at one end employers are struggling to find good candidates whereas at the other hand jobseekers are not getting enough good opportunities. Kamata Pakistan with its web, mobile and SMS based solution remove inefficiencies of blue collar job market. With the use of technology it connects millions of blue collar jobseekers with employers.  Read more
I finished my business school in England and came back in 2007/8 to Pakistan. i started work with Pepsico then Kraft foods and then marketing for private equity products in Pakistan. Rahat Haleem, my mother, inherited a small school in the heart of Lahore (Pakistan) from her parents, The Haleem Campus. She has been working for the past 30 years or more in providing affordable quality education to the mid-tier society in Lahore. They moved from a three room school to a fourteen to now a thirty room school in the heart of Lahore, still providing the same good quality as well as training teacher and counseling graduating students. Now I want to franchise out this great inheritance and provide quality primary and secondary education at affordable prices. Their current revenue is 24000 $ and net profit is 8000$, education in Pakistan is one of the most highly profitable business and I have inherited a great brand locally accepted, time to roll out.currently revenue: $ 25k , net profit $ 8k Read more
We help startups build their products and take them to profitability. From idea phase to profitability, Softoven works with startups on all stages of product development including planing/strategy, design, development and customer acquisition. Read more
For further details 1. Linez Cart 2. Linez Inventory Management System 3. Linez Warehouse Management System Read more
Brands spend a lot of time, effort and money creating fabulous content for users to consume on social media. They get a lot of engagement as well, but are unsure of how this effects their brands bottom line, i.e. what is their social ROI. To make more context, they can compare against competitors and also go back in time and compare their activities via accessing historical data. Using intention and sentiment analysis we help brands measure trends and forecast ROI, so they can make better decisions in the future through deep analysis of consumer generated data on social media.  Read more
Low skilled workers struggle to obtain enough income to fill their day. The market is characterized with huge inefficiencies and lack of training opportunities. Also the employers don't have a sophisticated and standardized mechanism for interacting and engaging with the micro-workers. With the rise of the mobile phone usage even in the low income segment, Odd Jobber plays the role of creating a convenient and sophisticated market place for micro-workers much like how oDesk works for high-skilled, while leveraging the mobile phone network. It informs qualified workers about opportunities over SMS & Mobile phone and match-makes on the basis of bids, skill, customer rating and proximity to service request point etc. It works like an Uber for Taxi and Rickshaw (3-wheeler taxi) while it also handles segments like hawkers, domestic workers etc with ease. It gathers ratings from employers after completion of work and provides training & tips to workers over the phone. Read more
PANTERA, start up company at PLAN9 has launched La Carté, a tablet/smartphone based application which sets your restaurant apart from the crowd. Features like smart ordering and data analytics ensure increase in sales for the restaurants and provides them with a meduim to get to know their clientele better. Read more
Technolsys Labs is a tech startup supported by Plan9 (Pakistan’s Largest Tech Incubator), an initiative by Punjab Information Technology Board of Pakistan. Technolsys Labs started with belief to build quality software products & services that will help people to ease their lives and businesses to grow. AllSecure Mobile Security is all-in-one mobile & web application for Android smartphones & tablets. The objective of AllSecure Mobile Security is to prevent the loss of your device or to protect your phone data from the online threats. AllSecure lets you manage your device remotely from a web interface that includes ringing a siren, locate, lock & wipe, backup & cross-platform restore, community broadcast the loss of your device and analyze or block malicious activities on an Android device. Also, AllSecure Mobile Security is a solution for the firms who support the concept of BYOD (Bring your own device). To find out more about AllSecure Mobile Security: Read more
People often share their phone with their friends/colleagues and suddenly realize that there is some "Personal Content" they have forgot to hide and don't want the other person to see. LocPro is an app that ensures gallery and app privacy ,manages settings and contacts automatically on the basis of location. 1) Gallery Hide It automatically manages your gallery according to your location to ensure privacy . Be it your office, college or even your home. 2) Manage Contacts. User can hide/block calls/SMS from specific contacts on the basis of location. And auto respond to blocked calls and messages. (Work in progress) 3) Phone Settings It automatically adjusts phone settings (volume, ringtone, brightness etc) on the basis of location. (Work in progress) 4) App Lock Ensure your app privacy on the basis of location. User can lock certain apps at certain locations. (Work in progress)  Read more
We are a services oriented firm and providing services in best possible way. Read more
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