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Hyperhuman is building an AI-powered platform that redefines how fitness content is produced, personalised and monetised. Read more
Endtest is the leading test automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently build automated end-to-end tests for Web and Mobile Applications. Read more
Sether acts as a superdata omnichannel and digital marketing assistant. Our platform allows the client and the agency to work together based on goals that affect the agency fee. Read more
Ringhel is the leading Romanian niche software provider for power and gas industry in Romania. Read more
Aggranda creates time in companies and in people's lives. We are doing this by training software robots using Intelligent Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, Machine Learning. Read more
At Qualibrate we believe in simple yet robust solutions to enable agile teams on streamlining the road of software delivery to production. Read more
Plin Tech has a wide range of smart solutions with which you can increase the performance of your business . Read more
DentIntel is a software developed, tested and used by dentists. Read more
GloriaFood is an online ordering and food delivery platform that helps restaurant owners manage orders and streamline point-of-sale operations. Read more
Learning Pro is helping organizations realize the potential of the modern workforce through engaging learning solutions. Read more
Visit Bucharest Today! app is a mobile app to be used both by the locals and (mostly) by the travel addicts coming to this beautiful Capital city of Romania. Read more
MILKYWAY is a private marketplace, a one-stop-shop for business, brand, and agency seeking video professionals, directors, cinematographers, animators, CG artists, editors and more, to produce industry-standard short-form video content. Read more
Innoship is the advanced multi-carrier shipping software your retail business needs Read more
Dimely provides big data analytics as a service to small businesses while paying Data Royalties to users that provide data. Read more
We help people remember what they read and share those ideas with the world. Read more
SanoPass is a medical service providers to sell preventive medical packages to firms Read more
Jobful is a recruitment platform through gamification where candidates create profiles based on skills tested and developed through playing. Read more
Instant Factoring is a finTech startup. Read more
Fishpointer develops the World most interactive map for fishing. Read more
Social platform dedicated to pet lovers Read more is a estate website people can find advertisements published by both owners and agents. Read more
Vandercamp is a fashion brand and a manufacturing/e-commerce company specialized in custom shirts. Read more
Tailent(ex-MissionCritical) the opportunity to “recruit” a digital workforce of reusable software robots, alongside their human resources. Read more
Pago Plateste mobile app in for managing and paying all utility bills in one place. Read more
JustNow is a service provider and smart advertising platform that aims to reduce fresh food waste. Read more
Guest Crew is a Social Platform for Guest Bloggers. Read more
Green Horse Games is a company dedicated in building online games. Read more is a platform where people can find their roommate. In addition to the details of the apartment, users can add information about their lifestyle. The platform also includes the option of reviews and an ice-cream configurator that helps roommates match their taste. Read more
Soleadify is a search engine for business data. The perfect tool for Lead Prospecting. Find all your Ideal Customers within minutes from a database of 40M businesses. Describe your Ideal Customer Profile & Get Thousands of Prospects Matching your Description. Read more
Prokuria is a cloud-based platform for automating sourcing and supplier management, that helps procurement teams around the world to deliver significant cost and time savings. Read more
MorphL AI uses machine learning to increase engagement & conversion rates by predicting user behavior in digital products & services Read more
Get high-quality content that drives organic traffic to your blog, by boosting your DA & your Google ranking through the roof. Read more
SmartDramers is a recruitment marketing automation software that acts as a center point solution for canadiates sourcing. Read more
Druid helps organizations plan, develop, and distribute chatbots. Their AI Druid chatbot enables employees, customers, and partners to digitally communicate with a business system. Read more
Questo allows users discover new places around the world, discovering hidden stories by following clues and solving puzzles created by local storytellers. Read more
All Health in a single places, Medical File, Smart search engine Integrated medical history,Real-time doctor appointments, Biometrics, Prevention system, Medication & treatment reminder system, Regional Notification Alerts. Patient Community – Chat, support groups Read more
Open Banking at work. FINQ is a middleware financial API aggregation platform to interconnect businesses and fintechs with banks. Read more
Confidas helps SMEs get paid on time by providing credit risk data Read more
ExigeApp is a web app which helps entrepreneurs and students understand financial modeling and use it to their start-up’s advantage. Read more
ECSIF is helping innovative SMEs to develop through European and alternative funding. Read more
Explore life-changing ideas and skills. Get smarter and upgrade yourself, reading just 5 minutes every day. Join 200k+ others and get our app, on iOS or Android. Read more
Ultra-fast Wiki that powers your team's knowledge, documentation, playbooks, onboarding, meeting minutes and product docs. Read more
Real-time project & task management: Every action you make, from creating a project, a task to writing a comment or updating a status will be visible instalty to your team. Built-in bug tracking app: Cut down on the back-and-forth emails, avoid unproductive meetings and feedback sessions. Simply click on a selected area and add an annotation. Feedback will be instantly received by the team. Time tracking & reporting: See your tasks and record time using the same interface. Have your time reports automatically saved by tasks and reports. Updates will be always shared with your project manager. Live chat & comments: Stay always connected with our live chat and comments feature. Send instant messages and communicate easily with other team members. Project & task file storage: Every action you make, from creating a project, a task to writing a comment or updating a status will be visible instalty to your team Read more
Because video has become the top of the virtual food chain, especially on social media where a video is 6x more likely to liked, shared, retweeted than a photo - We designed the first Animation Editor in Cloud the world was missing that allows you to create stunning animated designs, short videos and GIFs even if you have no design knowledge or the budget to hire someone else. - Design & Animation Editor easy-to-use for anyone - no design skills or technical knowledge required. - Cloud-based, indexable designs & animations that can be viewed & edited on any browser. - Make Images, GIFs & Videos from scratch or by customizing any pre-made templates. Read more
Sleek Bill Online is a fast and easy to use cloud billing software that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s a great tool for collaboration with your team, with real-time updates across multiple devices, while creating invoices, proformas, quotes, purchase orders, bills or delivery notes. You can track your sales, expenses, check your stock levels and save lots of time with email and printing features straight from your browser. Read more
We build production-ready hardware models for your product ideas or ready to use products for specific purposes. We solder fresh ideas into great prototypes by fusing robotics, artificial intelligence and digital technology. We are a tight knit team of hardware engineers and software developers that wants to bring about change through innovative product development. As product cycles are pushed to become shorter and shorter, rapid hardware prototyping is quickly becoming an essential part of today’s businesses. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs or well established companies with the support, knowledge and experience of creating a production-ready prototype from a napkin sketch. Our expertise in the open source community and IOT industry combined with in-house manufacturing and lean methodology allows us to offer a fast and flexible service that will help innovators create and grow a happy product. Read more
Omniconvert integrates three major aspects of conversion – web personalization, surveys, and A/B testing – into one compact and complete conversion optimization solution. The software is designed to help businesses understand their consumers while significantly enhancing their conversion rate simultaneously. Omniconvert provides businesses and consumers the bridge they need to improve conversion. Surveys enable clients to voice out and send feedback which gives business high-value quality insights that they use to implement data-driven optimization processes. With interaction with the right types of audiences and delivering messages that matter, Omniconvert is now the conversion optimization tool of choice for many international brands, including Avon, T-Mobile, and Meli Melo to name a few. Read more
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