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The Startup Ecosystem of Portland is ranked at number 54 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -1 spots since 2021. Portland also ranks at number 20 in United States, and 23 in North America.

Portland is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Education and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in Portland, there is a sample of 114 Social & Leisure startups in Portland, 61 Education startups in Portland, and 47 Marketing & Sales startups in Portland, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 4 startups in Portland, 1 accelerators in Portland, 6 coworking spaces in Portland, 1 organizations in Portland and 1 leaders in Portland.

Startups in Portland

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Discogs is a user-built database containing information on artists, labels, and their recordings. Read more
MobileRQ is a precision marketing platform for mobile, serving the global travel sector. Driving revenue & increasing loyalty for global travel brands. MobileRQ's cloud based Traveler Platform supercharges the relationship between traveler and travel provider. We combine big data and mobile to identify a traveler’s real-time context. We allow travel brands to segment their customer audiences and run targeted mobile campaigns to them throughout the "trip funnel." This is important because it helps our customers (hotels, airlines, online travel agencies) increase revenue and customer loyalty Read more
Revelation creates a web and mobile platform that embeds a disruptive approach to qualitative market research - enabling companies to better understand their customers at a fraction of the time and cost of focus groups. This activity-based approach, called Immersive Research, is currently in use by companies like P&G, General Mills and many of the world’s leading global market research agencies - and is poised to enable a disruptive, scalable business model for the $6B qual research market.  Read more
Lumen Learning provides high quality open courseware and support for educational institutions. Read more
trakt is like for TV. It keeps track of everything you watch on your HTPC. Tracking is automatic, so no need to manually check-in. We call that scrobbling. Users can view their visualized TV analytics on our website and interact with trakt in different ways using one of the many third-party applications developed by the community.  Read more
Comikey Media Inc. is a digital licensing and publishing company based in Portland (Oregon). Current Markets: Manga, Webtoons and Manhua Read more
Built the ecosystem for leveraging portable identities via OpenID and served as a founding member of the OpenID Foundation. Deployed on more than 365,000 websites, including media, retail, entertainment, technology and many other industries. Supporting more than 25 identity providers, including leading brands in Europe and Asia. Read more
Lumière helps video creators gather rich feedback from their audiences to help identify what's working, what's not, and how to optimize their productions for maximum impact. Through online, interactive screenings – which can flexibly gather real-time quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral feedback – and dynamic data visualizations, Lumière connects video creators with their audiences to create better, more engaging, and more successful content. So who are these video creators? Currently, we're working with major TV networks, indie film studios, brand marketers, and a few companies outside the media space. Head on over to for more information. Read more
Vets First Choice provides veterinary practices with an online pharmacy and home delivery services. Read more
MusthaveMenus enables restaurants, beauty salons, health clubs and other local businesses to manage all menu needs together: design, online publishing, and professional printing. We're different because we don't cut corners on any of these steps. Businesses get a top quality product with each. Updates to beautifully printed in-store menus stay in-sync with menus published on web, social or mobile destinations. The result of this streamlined system is a dramatic reduction in expense and hassle for the business and an improved menu experience for the consumer. Ultimately, MustHaveMenus will ensure the freshness of the world's menu data. Read more
Sketch.IO is a web company that builds visual problem-solving and experimental tools for clients in a number of different industries, including government administration, research, health care and education. The founders are passionate about solving real-world problems and contributing to the reinvention of processes within many industries, as well as contributing to the open-source software movement. Read more
The Dyrt is consumer subscription software and top ranked camping app, with over 1.5M user-submitted reviews and tips across the U.S. Read more
Crowd Supply lets you raise money from the crowd to manufacture your next big idea. Once funded, continue taking pre-orders until it's manufactured. Once manufactured, continue selling it from our warehouses. Shipping and logistics are taken care of and we'll point you in the right direction if you need help along the way. Read more
Flash Sales and Crowd buying are OUT! The Intention Economy is IN! ShopAddikt is an online shopping tool targeted towards optimizing Customer Relations with Brands & Retailers. Have you ever wondered about all the lost consumers that go online to shop and then leave because of price? Think SaaS for Retailers & Priceline for Fashion for consumers. We have the solution for lost sales on a retailers website. The Facts: - E-commerce is expected to hit $122B in 2013 - 49% of people that go online to shop want a deal - retailers only net 10-12% on items that go on sale to a second party - We help retailers save $$ and help consumers take "control" of their deals Our process is now Patent Pending. Read more enables users to send newsletters to selected segments of customers using their website data. Read more
A smart friend for your calendar that automatically makes time for the things you want to get done. Read more
Finally, a smarter way to hire for the food and drink industry. Poached is a deep dive into a passionate and unique industry offering valuable tools to help busy restauranteurs better staff their businesses. And not without cause: 600+k restaurants struggled with an 60% turnover rate in 2012, translating to 8 million open positions to fill. Poached streamlines the hiring process, connects high quality job seekers with the best jobs available, and creates an easy hiring experience for a busy industry. Here is what makes us unique: 1. Industry-focused hiring resource with easy tools that clean up the hiring process for restaurants 2 Proprietary BackOffice tools that are designed around industry hiring practices, allowing time to make better, long lasting hires (vs. slogging thru an email inbox) 3. Helps Job seekers stand out from the Craigslist masses 4. Job seekers apply in just one touch from their smart phones 5. Competitive pricing @ $25.00 per post  Read more
Mundo Pato, develops markets and sells web products and services to bridge physical, time, and communication gaps that exist today for a special needs child’s support network including parents, therapists, family, and teachers. Mundo Pato’s products offer: • Parents receive real-time monitoring of their child’s progress, reports, and treatment information. Additionally, parents can execute therapies at home or receive training at home from the child’s therapists. • Therapists receive concrete information regarding the child’s condition based on nutrition, medication, health or emotional conditions. All online access is securely controlled with different levels of access depending on the security protocols for the child. • Community: Appropriate information sharing is more effective based on the easy collection and analysis of the valuable data aggregated over time. Data analytics provide insights to quantitatively measure a child’s progress, quickly highlighting any needed actions. Read more
We want to be the ultimate neighborhood grocery store. That means creating the best shopping experience possible. Read more
VetSource is a pharmaceuticals company providing pet care medication and vaccination services. Read more
Vooks is a subscription based streaming service exclusively dedicated to animated storybooks. Read more will provide all the laws, always up to date, and always free. It lowers the cost of legal research for attorneys and their clients. It increases access to the law for the public. It has begun doing this by disrupting the legal information market through innovative software engineering techniques and by following best practices. has several established revenue streams such as advertising and paid subscriptions. It is in the process of expanding its breadth of services to include all US plus foreign jurisdictions. It is also planning to enter and disrupt legal service fields such as international trademark and domain name protection. Read more
PayRange is the world’s simplest mobile payment solution for vending, parking, transit ticketing, laundry, amusement, and more. In under a minute, anyone, even a route driver, can install the PayRange BluKey without any tools. The hardware cost is under $20, there are no monthly fees, and mobile payment discount is just 3.95% (compared to 5.5% to 7.0% currently for machines). Simple setup. Simple pricing. Simple to use. The PayRange system includes three elements: low-cost hardware, free app, and back-end service. Credit cards are processed directly by a PCI compliant provider and we never store or see credit card numbers in our system.  Read more
Genesis Financial Solutions provides consumer financing options for merchants and service providers in the United States. Read more
Puppet is an information technology automation software company designed for system administrators. Read more
Puppet provides system administrators with a simplified platform that allows for consistent, transparent, and flexible systems management. Read more
The $20 billion private commercial real estate financing market is ripe for disruption. CrowdStreet is an equity crowdfunding platform connecting accredited investors with exclusive real estate investment opportunities and providing ongoing investor relationship management. Investors get direct access to high-quality, income-producing and professionally-managed investments. Property owners (Sponsors) have a new source of capital to help them acquire, refinance and/or refurbish their properties. CrowdStreet is like AngelList for investment real estate. Read more
ClearlyRated is a computer software company that specializes in providing an online-based business directory. Read more
Indow Windows provides people with comfort and quiet while helping them achieve financial and environmental harmony. Read more
Airship creates deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, orchestrated messages on any channel. Read more
CloudEngage offers advanced geospacial targeting, analytics, and store discovery solutions for brands, retailers, and traditional media. With the installation of just two lines of JavaScript, our partners are able to instantly create deeper levels of engagement with new and prospective customers.  Read more
CartHook is a powerful sales platform for leading ecommerce brands. Read more
Ryonet is a platform for screen printing equipment, supplies, kits, and education. Read more
Ciclano is a mobile application development and streaming platform. Read more
OpenSesame is the world’s marketplace for buying and selling elearning courses. We make buying and selling corporate eLearning as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. The OpenSesame marketplace and technology disrupts the leaders in the highly fragmented $4.5B elearning content market. With more than 21,000 courses from 260 sellers, buyers purchase courses with no expensive subscriptions or long-term commitments and use them instantly online, by email or in any learning management system. Read more
Get stock when you spend with your favorite brands. Brokerage services provided by Bumped Financial, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Read more
Rumpl applies technical materials to everyday blankets for indoor and outdoor use. Read more
The leading customer data platform and personalization engine for the cosmetics and beauty industries. Read more
RADAR is a SaaS to Simplify Compliance with State and Federal Data Breach Regulations. Read more
Sseko Designs uses fashion to provide employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams and overcoming poverty. Read more
Managed hosting for your development team. Subversion, Bugzilla, Testopia, MantisBt & Trac. Read more
Modern furniture for creative and inspiring workspaces, Made (Well) in the USA. Read more
Act-On Software is a cloud-based integrated marketing platform designed for midsize businesses. Read more
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