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The Taiwan Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 26 globally, and shows a positive momentum 4 spots since 2020. Taiwan also ranks at number 4 for startups in East Asia.

There are 6 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Taiwan and the top ranked city in Taiwan is Taipei City at 41 globally. Taipei City is followed by Hsinchu at 285 and Taoyuan City at 510.

Taiwan is an ideal place to locate for Hardware & IoT, Health and Marketing & Sales startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 275 Hardware & IoT startups in Taiwan, 202 Health startups in Taiwan and 189 Marketing & Sales startups in Taiwan, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 1027 startups in Taiwan, 38 accelerators in Taiwan, 61 coworking spaces in Taiwan, 3 organizations in Taiwan and 1 leaders in Taiwan.

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1,021 startups in representative sample
BigGo is a product search engine capable of finding and retrieving products from existing shopping websites. Read more
Plurk is a social network with a heavy focus on game mechanics, short messaging and emoticons. It's real time, interactive and addictive (average time spend/day is 2 hours per active users). Read more
E-learning platform that empowers anyone to teach and learn any knowledge online. Read more
KKBOX is Asia’s top music streaming service provider. Read more
Founded in 2013, 4Gamers is currently the largest integrated marketing company for online games in Taiwan. Read more
inline is a booking management system designed exclusively for helping restaurant owners to improve efficiency and reduce errors. Read more
Proudly Different Angles - Because we believe that diverse perspectives lead to a more progressive society. Read more
Pinkoi is Asia's largest online marketplace for unique and original design goods. Read more
Perfect offers AI-Powered Virtual Makeup and Powerful 3D AR face technology gives users a true-to-life virtual makeover experience in real time Read more
CHOCOLABS, a leading app publisher brand in Taiwan. We have built almost 60 apps which are mostly lifestyle and entertainment-related within period of 4 years, and of which majority have gotten top ranking in AppStore and Google PlayStore. To-date CHOCOLABS has acquired 8 million downloads, 1.3 million monthly active users Read more
KKday is an e-commerce travel platform that connects travelers with local experiences around the world. Read more
Health2Sync develops systems that transform smartphones into legacy medical devices and smart health monitoring machines. Read more
Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers. Read more
Jingletek is a sports technology company dedicated in developing the world’s first smart baseball – STRIKE. The Strike is successful funded from different crowd funding platforms including Kickstarter(US) and Japan, and we have fulfilled all the orders to these platforms. Read more
vocus is a platform where good stories happen and matter. With our subscription feature—readers get access to the stories they love by the writers, and allows them to help those writers financially. Read more
17LIVE Empower Artists, Entertain the World Read more
Kdan Mobile is a Taiwanese startup that makes cloud-based software focusing on workplace mobility solutions. Read more
VoiceTube is an English learning platform, which transcends traditional English education with innovative technology. Read more
citiesocial helps emerging brands successfully grow their sales and market presence in Asia Read more
Launched in 2019, Firstory is a podcast hosting service designed to allow podcasters around the world to go live anywhere and start building their own listeners! Read more
SoundOn is Taiwan's top Podcast company, providing 360゚ full range of Podcast services From original programs, Podcast players, to hosting platforms and business services, we have established a complete Podcast ecosystem. Read more
Aotter is an innovative research and development company dedicated to "shortening the imagination to the completion of the creation". Read more
Accupass provides users the ability to sell tickets online for various activities, conferences, events, and more. Read more
Lixel Inc. is a groundbreaking technology startup that provides the world natural vision and intuitive interaction experience. Read more
Lixel Inc. is a groundbreaking technology startup that provides the world natural vision and intuitive interaction experience. Read more
DOTDOT helps restaurants to quickly embrace digital transformation and effortlessly join online food ordering platform. Read more
Aquatic one of the few technical core teams in Taiwan that insists on "completely drug-free farming".Specializes in the hardware planning of aquaculture systems. The company's system has competitive advantages such as energy saving, low loss and high efficiency. Read more
KKTV is a video and knowledge technology service provider that builds and operates online video entertainment and knowledge platforms using state of the art internet streaming technology. Read more
AsiaYo is a vacation rental platform that offers reservation services to cities in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Read more
Hahow is an educational marketplace that allows experts to share their knowledge and earn money through crowdfunded video course. Read more
Hahow is an educational marketplace that allows experts to share their knowledge and earn money through crowdfunded video course. Read more
Zero One Zero Technology is a technology company dedicated to enabling lawyers to provide legal services more efficiently and the public to use the law more easily through technology. Read more
91APP is a leading omnichannel commerce solution provider in Taiwan providing brand-own shopping app and website for retailers. Read more
Glossika helps language learners speak a language. With solid linguistics background, Glossika analyzes and sorts natural languages by structure and difficulty, evaluates learners' level, and provides tailor-made learning plans and content. Read more
EZTABLE is a Taiwan-based restaurant reservation service. Read more
Payment developers tool, enables apps with face-to-face payment feature through a simple, elegant, hassle-free SDK in 30 minutes Read more
Biostar is a brand dedicated to the production of gaming motherboards, graphic cards, crypto-mining motherboards, smart home solutions, and healthcare solutions. Read more
iCHEF provide an end to end technology platform for Restaurants that leverages data to simplify and manage their everyday business. Read more
Regain Biosurgery team designed a novel hemostatic product based on "nanomedical" materials, namely, polyurethane nanoparticles (PU NPs). PU NP has been proved to exhibit anti-inflammatory effect in vitro, and product prototype has been demonstrated to induce almost no foreign body reactions and probably exhibit neuroprotective effects in vivo. Read more
Translation productivity software for professional translators. This software is also called computer-assisted translation (CAT). Users need to translate the original text by themselves, so they need to have translation capabilities. The software will not automatically translate. Read more
Giladiskon helps Indonesian restaurants and lifestyle retailers by introducing them to its 1.5 million members for free. In the past 9 months, Giladiskon has partnered with over 350 restaurants from family-owned shops to KFC, and driven US$400,000 in revenue for its partners. Read more
Committed to helping investors make insightful analysis and profitable decisions by providing accurate information in the shortest time. Read more
As the Asia office and manufacturing center of OAS Sweden AB,Eurasian Co., Ltd.was established in Kaohsiung,Taiwan in 2010.Eurasia's new geographical location is very close to Taiwan's largest port-Kaohsiung Port and Taiwan's second largest international airport - Kaohsiung Airport,to improve efficient logistics support for international customers. Read more
FIDUCIAEDGE provide "Confidential Edge Computing Nodes" to produce real-time AI inference results without disclosing the raw data which not only protect the computing process from malicious hackings but also keep data and algorithm owners’ know how privacy from the second party. Read more
Zuvio is the largest interactive classroom solution provider for Taiwan's college market & the largest Taiwan college students. Read more
Asia’s Leading Big Data Ad Technology Company offering data-centric advertising solutions to the brands across APAC. Read more
Since its establishment in 2015, the "Love Long-term Care" platform has become the most used long-term care platform among Chinese people. It is committed to integrating a variety of long-term care information, services and products to help long-term care families solve their care problems. Read more
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