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The Ecosystem of Brisbane Startups

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#67 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#74 worldwide
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#84 worldwide

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startup iconClipChamp
startup iconCitrusAd
startup iconStarts at 60

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Brisbane is ranked at number 101 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 11 spots since 2021. Brisbane also ranks at number 3 in Australia, and 3 in Australia and Oceania.

Brisbane is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Social & Leisure and Foodtech startups. As the most popular industries in Brisbane, there is a sample of 52 Transportation startups in Brisbane, 28 Social & Leisure startups in Brisbane, and 15 Foodtech startups in Brisbane, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 2 startups in Brisbane, 2 accelerators in Brisbane, no coworking spaces in Brisbane, no organizations in Brisbane and no leaders in Brisbane.

Startups in Brisbane

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Clipchamp's area of expertise is digital video processing, making it easier for anyone to edit, convert, compress, record, share and upload video. Our unique, in-browser applications overcome limitations of both desktop and Cloud-based alternatives. The company is headquartered in Brisbane and was started in 2013. It has since published 3 products that are all gaining traction internationally with a growing customer base worldwide. Read more
CitrusAd is a retail media platform focussed on providing native sponsored product ads, display ads and email adverts in a self serve system Read more
We started Starts at 60 to bring together online the growing number of people who were turning 60, and tasting freedom from work and family commitments, and starting to live their own dreams. We are the largest digital community of over-60s in the world, anchored by our awesome media output, which ranges from fun ‘trending’ stories to helpful information and serious discussion points, and the conversation our community has about this media, and everything else under the sun! We pride ourselves on giving a loudspeaker to the voice and listening to the heartbeat of the Baby Boomer generation, and seeking out ways to make our readers’ lives better, more fun and more exciting. The news, inspiration, stories, offers and travel deals you see on the outside are just the skin of something far more special, which is a real community of millions of people who’ve all got one big thing in common. They want to talk about it, experience it, share it and find better ways to live it. Read more
Coviu is a highly secure, affordable, and scalable video consultation solution for healthcare businesses. International B2B SaaS platform. Read more
A simple, secure way to pay your everyday Australian bills (electricity, rego, phone etc) with bitcoin. Read more
B2B SaaS startup helping professionals make a great first impression. Read more
Octopus Deploy is an easy to use release management, deployment automation and operations runbook platform for software teams. It solves the hardest part of CI/CD - getting software into production, reliably and with less downtime - and keeping it running. Octopus integrates with your build server - whether it's Jenkins, Azure DevOps, TFS, TeamCity or Bamboo - and turbocharges them with powerful deployment and DevOps capability. Octopus has over 300+ built-in deployment and operations-related steps, and can deploy just about any server-side web application or service. Octopus is designed for mid to large teams, and makes deployments consistent between teams and between environments. Read more
BikeRoar is a comprehensive one-stop site that helps cyclists find the right products and get the best price. • Browse over 40,000 products & 4,000 retailers/private sellers • Compare specs & price • Read User/Editor reviews • With GeoIP capabilities, connect to the closest vendor with just one click Combine Amazon, Craigslist, Trip Advisor + Retail Stores and target the cycling market, and you’ll begin to see the potential of BikeRoar. Based in the USA & Australia.  Read more
Vald Performance is the company behind the NordBord Hamstring Testing System, GroinBar Hip Strength Testing System, HumanTrak Movement Analysis System and ForceDecks Dual Force Plate System. These innovative systems provide unparalleled insights human movement, performance and injury risk. Tried and tested by many of the world's leading researchers, clinicians, coaches and athletes, the NordBord has changed how we look at and improve hamstring strength, and the GroinBar and HumanTrak are poised to do the same for both hip strength testing and movement screening respectively. As of 2018, ForceDecks has also joined the Vald Performance team and brings with it its reputation as the world's fastest, easiest and most powerful dual force plate system for assessing neuromuscular performance. Read more
WealthyLife is pre-packaged, adaptive financial literacy courseware that offers online games to teach people how to make better decisions. Read more uses a combination of a website and smartphone application to provide consumers and enterprise users with the ability to access any site on the internet without ever remembering or typing a username and password while also providing them with more security Keyless holds the following advantages over the competitors: No plugin installation needed • Works on every device and operating system (smart TV, tablet, pc, laptop) • Works with every website out of the box • Higher security and convenience • Easy to access • Easy to use Keyless provides the following services and benefits: • Secure access to website without the need of typing passwords • Secure access to identities/credentials on unsecure devices/networks • Enhanced security and privacy • User delegation and secure access sharing • Access control and notification via mobile • Fast browsing experience • Parental control • Secure password management • Reducing data usage Keyless is more than a password manager! Read more
Workforce Management, Resource Scheduling & Mobility. Skedulo addresses the workforce management, scheduling and mobility needs of organisations of all sizes. By leveraging existing enterprise technologies such as, Skedulo connects the needs of customers with the team members best suited to meet those needs. Skedulo gives schedulers & dispatchers, managers, field workers and employees everything they need to connect with customers and focus on what's important —getting the job done efficiently and effectively while minimising administration and overhead. - Workforce availability, shifts and time sheets - Job creation, scheduling and dispatch - Workforce and Customer publishing console - providing information they need via multiple channels - Workforce socialisation & collaboration - Workforce mobility - Integration with Enterprise systems such as Read more
Parkable is a sharing economy platform for car parking that allows companies and individuals to rent out their empty parking bays. Read more
Replica Studios creates naturally expressive voice-overs and performances through an AI that can replicate the human voice. Read more
Tritium offers energy freedom through flexible, scalable technology solutions. Read more
PetCloud is an Australian owned and run company guided by experts and industry leaders from the Animal Welfare, Pet & Vet, and IT industries. Founded in August of 2014 and headquartered in Brisbane, PetCloud is a trusted community for Pet Owners to Search, Connect, and easily Book verified & insured Pet Care Services across Australia — from any internet connected device. It's a safe, convenient and affordable way to make sure your best friend is in a loving home while you're away. PetCloud is partnered with the 2 largest Vet & Pet Organisations in Asia Pacific - Greencross Ltd and RSPCA across most States in Australia. Read more
Kester Black is an e-commerce consumer beauty brand. Read more
Codebots is the world's 1st collaborative technology platform where humans and bots work together to #GSD (Get Sh!t Done). We are a team of innovative web engineers, tools engineers and UX designers. We are redefining the software development game alongside our code-writing bots. While the bots take care of the monotonous heavy lifting, we get to focus on exploring, experimenting, and realising truly unique and creative software solutions. Read more
Scrunch is a data-driven Influencer Marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media Influencers. Scrunch has one of the world's largest Influencer databases with over 20 million profiles and billions of datapoints. The platform makes it easy to get the data you need about your Influencers, plus has some awesome CRM and outreach style functions to make managing your campaigns easy. Read more
Creatively Squared matches brands with talented creatives to produce high-quality visual content. Read more
Ellume is a Flu diagnostics company . Read more
AgUnity is an award-winning tech company connecting organizations working to address UN SDGs w smallholder farmers in emerging markets. Read more
Kapiche offers a text analytics solution for understanding customer feedback at scale. Read more
IncoDocs is secure export documentation software, built for modern small and medium business. Read more
Travello allows travellers to discover and connect with other like-minded travellers in a new, or futrue destination & provides you with the easiest and most efficient way to connect with travellers around you. Read more
Travello is a social network for travellers used in over 180 countries. Read more
Microba Life Sciences is a precision microbiome science company powering medical innovation to transform human health. Read more
XY Gaming is a transactional platform that adapts to any video game on PC and gaming consoles, allowing online gamers to compete against each other for cash. Gamers register with XY Gaming, place funds into escrow, issue or receive challenges and then play. The XY Gaming systems verify the results, take an admin fee (about 11%) and the proceeds are transferred to the winners account. A key point is that the law draws a distinction between XY Gaming’s “skilled gaming” and casino style gambling. As a result, it attracts less regulation.  Read more
Alex is 100% digital, built from the ground up by an energetic team of bankers, focused on customer's needs, not ours. Read more
The Writer Company is a media company working to bring blockchain to the masses through blogs, podcasts, print media, NFT's. Read more
We make 'explainer' videos that clearly and coolly explain products, services and ideas.  Read more
Scenic Flights on Helicopters, Fixed-Wing Planes and Ballooning Read more
Liquid State is the fastest multi-platform digital publishing system on the planet. Individuals and companies publish everything from magazines to corporate communications on tablets and phones using Liquid State's cloud-based solution. Unlike other systems, each page will seamlessly adapt to any screen size or orientation, so supporting new devices is a breeze. You can convert existing print content, or create future-proof content using our web-based page designer. Create for free at Read more
In a fast moving world, Verton is solely focused on alleviating risk in crane operations. Our engineers do this by creating unprecedented advancements in the application of technology to crane operated suspended loads. As a smart technology company, we’ve developed the world’s first remote-controlled electromechanical load-management system that provides immediate safety and productivity benefits. INTRODUCING THE R-SERIES. Available in various models managing suspended loads of up to 20 tonne, the R-series offers the biggest improvement in productivity and efficiency since the crane was invented. CONTROL EVERY LOAD, EVERY TIME. The R-series is the critical link to revolutionising every industry using cranes today. Read more
Online News Corporation is a news aggregator and publisher that focuses on delivering breaking news. Read more
Auxita platform provides valuable, unbiased information to physicians in real-time. Read more
mypresences helps small businesses maximise their online presence in a minimum amount of time without the need to understand each service. As new business is increasingly found online, online presence and reputation is becoming as important as the physical storefront. allows a business to monitor and engage with everything that is posted online about a business such as Business Information, Reviews, Deals, Photos, Videos and Comments so they can control their presence and what is being said so they can build a loyal customer base around their business. mypresences also helps with discovery of new opportunities online whether it be on the web or an app on a phone or tablet, so that a business can create the most complete presence possible and stay ahead of the competition. Unlike a real storefront, an online presence will grow and evolve without a businesses involvement. We help them to take control of their online presence and start building it their way. Read more
Checklist software for teams with a focus on accountability and eliminating mistakes by combining checklists, documentation and forms in one easy to use platform. We help customers: - Preserve practical knowledge - document details of how and why to do a task. - Make that knowledge available where the task tracking is to minimize reinventing the wheel. - Provide accountability - track tasks clearly. - Prove task completion - gather evidence and data. - Improve tasks - promote feedback for process improvement. - Delegate easily - inside and outside your organization. Clever Checklist works to help capture and provide information to the worker who might otherwise be disconnected from the tasks at hand. Customers use Clever Checklist to manage a wide variety of outcomes including: - Outsourcing Work. - Deploying and maintaining IT Systems. - Testing Software. - Tasking virtual assistants. - Onboarding staff and HR commitments. Read more
Vygo creates hyper-local marketplaces for university tutoring. Read more
Brus Media is an online advertising network focused on the Growth and Monetization of iPhone and Android Applications through performance-based advertising, including Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Install models. Read more
Digital freight forwarding for smarter logistics teams Read more
Maxwell Plus is an AI platform for data driven clinical diagnostics. We give clinicians, researchers and companies the tools they need to accelerate the design, development, delivery of clinical diagnostics built upon medical imaging, pathology and other data. The first diagnostic model available on Maxwell is for Prostate Cancer. We are also developing on Lung and Breast Cancer tools. Read more
FloodMapp is a world-first predictive flood mapping technology, available as a suite of B2B Saas products. Read more
TalentVine makes outsourced recruitment affordable, transparent and simple by using performance metrics and industry ratings to eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. With the right mix of technology and human interaction, employers can piggy-back off the time and costs that specialist recruiters have already invested into hiring similar roles. Read more
Provides cloud based software to take the time and anxiety out of running your incorporated association or board. Meetings, agendas, minutes, motions and action items taken care of for you. Governance done easily and correctly. Read more
Oncord is a website and digital marketing platform allowing businesses to manage their website, contact database, and digital marketing. Read more
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