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The Startup Ecosystem of Salt Lake City is ranked at number 31 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 24 spots since 2021. Salt Lake City also ranks at number 12 in United States, and 13 in North America.

Salt Lake City is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Education and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Salt Lake City, there is a sample of 66 Energy & Environment startups in Salt Lake City, 33 Education startups in Salt Lake City, and 19 Software and Data startups in Salt Lake City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 180 startups in Salt Lake City, 2 accelerators in Salt Lake City, 2 coworking spaces in Salt Lake City, no organizations in Salt Lake City and no leaders in Salt Lake City.

Startups in Salt Lake City

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Lucidchart is an HTML5 web app for creating diagrams such as flowcharts, wireframes, mockups and more. It also shows that web applications today can be better in every way than native installed software, combining fast and smooth rendering in the browser with accessibility from anywhere on any device and real-time collaboration. Lucidchart's technology can also be applied to many other kinds of web-based graphical applications. Read more
DoNotPay is an online robot lawyer that allows anyone to automatically claim asylum in the U.S, U.K, and Canada for free. Read more
Finicity combines a freemium suite of iOS, Android, & cloud-based Envelope Budgeting tools at with the Money 4 Life™ Budget Coaching Program to help families live within their means, eliminate debt, and lay the groundwork for a rich and fulfilling retirement. Read more
The Airbnb of Storage. Connecting hosts with unused space to renters in need of storage. Earn extra cash by renting out your empty space today! Read more
Jane is a boutique marketplace that allows small business owners to sell clothing, accessories, shoes, and home decor. Read more
Osmosis empowers the clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience. Read more
Snap Finance is a fintech company that specializes in providing consumer financing and lease-to-own purchase options. Read more
HireVue is improving the way the World works by innovation how people interview and interact. The company is venture funded by Investor Growth Capital, Granite Ventures and Peterson Ventures and on a high growth trajectory. The customer list is extensive with a roster of names such as Nike, Walmart, Starbucks, Dow Jones, Hasbro, and Ocean Spray just to name a few. Read more
Domo brings your business and all its data together in one intuitive platform. With Domo, it's easy to see the information you care about in one place and use it to make faster, better‑informed decisions. Read more
We're making taxes dead simple for small businesses and their advisors. We looked at the tax industry and saw a stale, outdated industry, and now we're shaking it up. Canopy is a simple, yet robust tax resolution and practice management software. It introduces online client surveys for auto-population of IRS forms, smart tax analytics, a dynamic client portal, and more. We've simplified the tax resolution process for tax attorney and CPAs. Dealing with the IRS is difficult enough, there's no need for your software to be difficult too. Read more
MasteryConnect is changing the focus in education from end-of-year assessments to real-time information about what students are learning relative to standards. The MasteryConnect platform provides the tools to truly implement mastery learning in the classroom, and save time in the process. In addition to time-saving assessment tools through a browser or mobile device, MasteryConnect allows teachers to connect in a social space around assessments tied to both state and Common Core standards. MasteryConnect's Common Core App is THE most downloaded app for the Common Core and provides a resource for parents and educators alike.  Read more
Bookroo offers a monthly subscription box of books for young children. Read more
ExpertVoice is a provider of an online marketing platform used to connect brands with influencers. Read more
Evidence boosts your website’s conversions and sales by using powerful social proof to build more trust and create FOMO for your site visitors. Read more
Our streamlined application process and proprietary algorithm match customers with loan options from a nationwide network of esteemed lenders. Read more
Breeze Airways is a new airline that builds something brand new and really special for guests. Read more
Nav bridges the gap between SMB and financial institutions by bringing transparency, certainty, and efficiency to B2B credit and financing. Read more
Keurig built a marketplace for coffee brands, Pura is doing that, but in home fragrance with the biggest brands people know and love. Read more
RainFocus is an event marketing platform that simplifies management, personalizes experiences, and consolidates data for events. Read more
The Owlet Baby Monitor is a sock, that measures heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts parent's if their child stops breathing during the night. The Owlet Baby Monitor addresses this concern by combining hospital-proven pulse oximetry (vital-sign-reading equipment) with modern communication in a personalized system that grows with your child. By monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels (how well an infant is breathing), life-saving data is available at the click of a button, right where parents want it. The Owlet Baby Monitor is up all night so parents don’t have to be, providing peace of mind and allowing them the rest they need with the assurance that their baby is getting the rest he or she needs. Even in its early stages, this product has received impressive pull from the market, being featured on or in ABC, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Gizmodo, and 40 other U.S. and foreign news outlets.  Read more
Qzzr is a platform for people to seriously engage and create interactive content. Read more
Hit Labs develops applications designed to connect people to those who will help them succeed in school, in work, and in life. Read more
VidAngel is a browser plugin that filters profanity, sex, and violence in streaming online video. You get to view the parts you want to watch and VidAngel filters out the specific words and scenes you don't want. It works for both YouTube videos and Hollywood movies. It takes 2 minutes to install, your viewing experience is seamless, and it is as easy to use as flipping a switch.  Read more
CitySpark has developed the most effective, hyper-local event parsing and aggregation technology on the market, generating many times the quantity of events available from the nearest competitors, at a fraction of the cost. This proprietary event content is then populated into a powerful responsive calendar platform, paired with industry leading monetization tools, and white-labeled and sold primarily to media partner sites (TV, radio, newspapers, etc) on a subscription basis.  Read more
Blerp makes it easy to discover, create and share short audio content to your messaging apps, live streams and voice assistants. Read more
Strala is the platform for marketing organizations seeking to improve omni-channel campaign tracking, real-time customer touchpoints, and content intelligence. Strala enables organizations to accurately track the omni-channel customer experience across all touchpoints. Strala guarantees every unique customer interaction is captured across all channels & content and appended to visitor profiles in real-time. Strala offers the only platform that enables a unified approach to tracking marketing & experiences across siloed channels, systems, and media publishers. Read more
Nomi Health is a direct health company that aims to reduce the cost of health care for employers and patients. Read more
Cranium Cafes software enhances college's internal communication. The Cafe is cloud-base and is specifically built for students to initiate face-to-face meetings with other students, their professors, academic advisors, and tutors within their school's learning management system. The Cafe helps bridge the communication barrier which leaves most online students feeling isolated and disconnected from others within their school. The Cafe and gives back students the college experience they are missing. Read more
GoReact provides software for video-based skill assessment. Read more
Avenue shops provide boutique running assistance services such as marketing, and sales for the products. Read more
CONTACTPOINT, L.C. develops a call tracking and mobile marketing automation. Read more
NO HOLES. NO FLAP. NO BULK. The Grip6 Belt is a minimalist belt with a clean, symmetric design. It has no holes and no belt flap. The buckle is extremely flat and low profile. It’s made from a solid piece of aluminum and ultra durable military webbing. The rugged belt strap is made from two layers of military webbing and boasts a breaking strength of 3600 pounds. The high performance material comes in a tight, supple weave giving it a high-quality look and feel, making it perfect for business casual to outdoor adventure. It’s exceptionally comfortable, and easily interchangeable. Read more
Chatbooks offers photo books which automatically pull photos from Instagram, Facebook, and Camera Roll. Read more
Pupford provides pup owners with training and products to overcome their dog’s problem behaviors and raise a healthy and well-behaved pup. Read more
Cotopaxi is an outdoor brand with a humanitarian mission at its core. Read more
Voxpopme is the world’s #1 video insight solution. We build great brands, products, and experiences with agile video feedback. Read more
DirectScale’s enterprise is a management software company Read more
Gabb Wireless is a cellular network that provides kid-safe technology. Read more
SaaS, Data Exchange, Dropship Management, Enterprise Inventory Visibility, Ecommerce, Distributed Inventory Management, B2B Inventory Read more
MoneyDesktop is the largest and fastest growing Personal Financial Management (PFM) software for Financial Institutions (FIs) with over 400 FIs signed up including some of the largest in the US. We pride ourselves on a easy to use, fun and engaging interface that can both stand alone or fully integrate with a FI's Online Banking Provider (OLBP). Since we already have approximately 6 times the number of FIs of our two largest competitors, with EoS we are able to have a much lower price. Read more
DevMountain is a coding bootcamp that focuses on after-hours classes, meaning we can reach a larger market of the population who have a great interest/motivation to learn to code but lack the availability to quit jobs/school to join a code bootcamp. Since we're a part-time bootcamp, we employ contract teachers so our costs are significantly lower than other bootcamps around the country. The resulting lower price makes us one of the most affordable bootcamps in the country. We have three primary markets: consumers with career ambitions, entrepreneurs seeking skills, and employed professionals who want to "sharpen the saw." Read more
Dental Intelligence helps dental teams manage their work and provides insight into how dental practices can grow faster. Read more
AirVend 7 is a wirelessly connected, interactive touchscreen device for vending machines that provides nutritional information, credit card payment, and sends line-item inventory and sales details to the cloud for vending Operators to better manage their business/machines. We will help vending operators increase sales by 20% and decrease costs by 30%. We currently have a 7" Retrofit device that installs to existing machines. We're developing a 5" Retrofit and a 7" integrated OEM version. Read more
Omadi provides the an all-in-one web-based towing & security management system. Read more
Suralink is an online platform that combines a dynamic PBC list, assignment workflow, and secure file hosting. Read more
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