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startup iconWikiRoutes
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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Saint Petersburg is ranked at number 199 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -52 spots since 2020. Saint Petersburg also ranks at number 2 in Russia, and 19 in Eastern Europe.

Saint Petersburg is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Foodtech and Transportation startups. As the most popular industries in Saint Petersburg, there is a sample of 21 Social & Leisure startups in Saint Petersburg, 17 Foodtech startups in Saint Petersburg, and 9 Transportation startups in Saint Petersburg, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 69 startups in Saint Petersburg, no accelerators in Saint Petersburg, no coworking spaces in Saint Petersburg, 1 organizations in Saint Petersburg and no leaders in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg Startups

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Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. Read more
WikiRoutes ­ a community of users of public transport, which gather information of public and commercial public transport all over the world (now beta version works in Russian). WikiRoutes for passengers WikiRoutes is the convenient web services for your city! More than 1,400,000 passengers using Wikiroutes every month! ● Save time ­ quickly find the best way how to get to your destination point by public transport ● Find out what goes around, and open up new routes ● Search for travel companions, meet or simply communicate ● Subscribe to new routes in your area, or changes in the routes ● share easyly routes with friends  Read more
Sputnik is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell tours and activities. Local guides publish their tours online and earn money. Travellers can book these tours and get unique travel experience. Now we operate in 13 cities including Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kiev, Lviv, Istanbul etc We target $90B tours and activities market worldwide, $50B market in Europe, $1-5B in Russia. Competition is low. Top 1 is $300M 2012 Top 2 $200M Top 3 $10M of $90B Opportunity is huge.  Read more
iGooods is a Saint Petersburg supermarket delivery service. Read more
An ultimate SEO toolset. Track rankings across multiple search engines, research keywords and get powerful insights. Grab search volume data, measure traffic and keep an eye on your competitors. Get a comprehensive keyword structure for your website with the Keyword clustering tool. Track changes on your site with Site Watcher and scan your site for possible errors and warnings with Site Auditor. Download iOS app to get access to your project whenever and wherever. Read more
Clouty is an online shopping website that combines many different shopping sites in one. Read more
CoinKeeper is a new way to manage personal finances. It makes the most boring thing about it - expense tracking - easy and fun. And it adds game-like experience with achievements and level-ups to reward responsible spending.  Read more
Bitquery is an API-first product company dedicated to power and solve blockchain data problems using the ground truth, on-chain data. Bitquery extracts and presents valauble data via APIs. Read more
SITE: Gaming social network. Contains up-to-date information on all MMORPG games. Gides. Blogs. Game maps. Streams. RPG game platform. Clan hosting sites. One account to access different games. Game distribution. CLIENT: point of access to all MMORPG games. Stream tool. Statistics gathering, automated information update on the clan site. APP: Mobile app which can monitor your friends activity in all MMORPG games, maps, game tools, wiki and more. NEED to start english version.  Read more
ONDOC is a health care ecosystem that includes clinics, doctors and patients. Read more
Muzlab is an audio streaming service provider company for businesses. Read more
Papeeria is a cloud environment for scientific research which involves heavy computing and high quality typesetting. LaTeX typesetting, reference management, graph plotting, experiments with big data, assessment of the results, peer reviewing -- everything online, with no installation and maintenance costs for researchers. Read more
Go2See lets you find and buy air tickets of more than 200 airlines for the best price. In 3 minutes. It's easy to buy ticket at any time from any place.  Read more
TRIK — unified platform for service and personal robotics — shortens the path from idea to prototype. TRIK controller can power up with advanced intelligence features any model, built with VEX or other popular kit. TRIKset — cybernetic construction set, realized with TRIK, — enhances creativity with cutting edge technologies, giving everyone the opportunity to build and program robots which "see", "hear", and interact. Is perfect for STEM robotics edutainment.  Read more
A2B is advanced booking agent for private transfers, minibuses and luxury cars. Read more
Designcollector started April 2003 as a first Russian blog dedicated to web design sites. Little did I know that it would eventually grow into a permanent place to get inspiration and catch up the recent trends in graphic design, motion-graphics, flash, web design, photography, music and fashion. Read more
Protect a text messages, a web mail, or a files by the symmetric AES encryption with the password. Encryption with is a simple way to protect your sensitive data. You can encrypt your private info and only the recipient can decrypt it with correct password. is available as online service, google chrome extension, bookmarklet, or as standalone client with advanced features like encryption of a files, OpenPGP (RFC4880) compatible file format, cloud storage for an encrypted files, and more. You can encrypt messages directly in,, yahoo mail or other sites by the google chrome extension or by the bookmarklet Read more
Creating video with effects, music and automatization from photos Read more
I-Brain goal is the introduction of a new generation complex for neuro-rehabilitation, based on innovative technology. Read more
40% of customers are annoyed by supermarket queues and broken checkout. Queues build up due to the fact that 80% of the time is spent in scanning and shifting the goods on the checkout or self-service terminal. Our solution will save this time. The customers will scan items himself while he moves in the store using special equipment mounted on the shopping cart. That flow allows store funds to increase a throughput of checkout points and self-service terminals, reduces operating costs and increases the amount of average check. We have customer surveys that confirmed their interest in our product. They are ready to test it. Right now we prepare our second prototype for demonstration. After 6 months, we plan to connect at least one store per month. We're also going to patent smart-cart and develop its functionality. Read more
Octopod is an enterprise-level mobility platform oriented for thousands of mobile app developers (from native apps’ developers on out to java programmers) that allows to build, deploy, manage and update cross-platform mobile apps centrally, simultaneously and securely across any mobile devices. Read more
Resolla is AI-driven video production platform & Community Read more
LOOKBOX is a new fashionable shopping service - a mixture of our styling experience. Read more
Surprise Me - self-guided tours with the mobile app around the world Read more
Ahoolee compares prices in stores worldwide using a decentralized platform for collecting information with confirmation on the Blockchain Read more
Russian bear market is a online supplier of high quality all-seasoned tents that can be used outdoor for camping. Read more
Teslawatch manufactures a Health Bracelet T-band to track the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, duration. Read more
InSupply is an FMCG platform that connects its suppliers worldwide with distribution channels in Russia. Read more
Renga is a computer software company that specializes in the fields of 3D technology, architecture, and CAD. Read more
A system of radio information and sound orientation which helps people with reduced mobility (PRM) to move independently in an urban environment. It decreases spread of the COVID-19, because PRM do not have to communicate with others when they are traveling around the city. Read more
Casper API is a decentralized data storage system for DApps (decentralized applications) on any blockchain with smart-contracts. Casper API is a cross-chain solution allows creating new DApps never before possible. For example: decentralized blogging platforms (like Medium), marketplace or social media. Casper API raises the level of the blockchain ecosystem, thereby developing the blockchain market. The technologies by which the Casper API complements any blockchain with smart-contracts are decentralized p2p storage and CDN. Read more
eWaiter is a global decentralized service, based on blockchain technology. Our goal is to automate customer service in restaurants and improve its quality. Read more
Tablet POS and SaaS management system for retail busines. Read more
Coming Soon: Curated web search, where people choosen best results Read more
Recommender system for digital media and telecom service providers. Read more
Radario offers cutting edge monetization solutions for performing arts, sports and entertainment industries. We provide white-labled e-commerce storefronts, integrated with customer engagement and marketing features. Our platform is easy to use, easy to install cloud system, that could save much time and costs. Read more
You have the opportunity to hire talented employees for your company. Programmers from Russia prove their superiority all around the world over and over again. You don’t need an additional working place for a new employee, which will cut down office expenses. Remote trainees get paid much less than a regular employee. You can hire two people for the same price. We chose the best and can guarantee that all potential employees have excellent professional skills. Read more
We are a team of game geeks with experience, a great idea and a product underway. Our lives have been filled with level design, gaming experience, business development, concept creating, marketing and much more. Finally, after years of hard work time has come for us to create our own projects. We are currently beta-testing our first product and pre-productioning the second one. We need to allocate funds to cover second product production costs.  Read more is a service where you can book cottages, country hotels, ski resorts etc. online. Users look for accomodation on different kinds of resorts according to different parameters (such as price or budget, region, distance to the city, services provided etc.), compare selected objects, book and pay for them online. Resorts, having Rentigo Client software installed on their computers, get the realtime information about the bookings. This software also helps them to run their business: manage the bookings, settle and move the guests, set the pricing policy etc. acts as a tourist agent, getting a commission for bookings, being able to set extra margin as well as provide extra services, such as escort of the guests from city to resort and back. The novelty of is that in Russia there are no companies that specialize in online booking of places for accomodation outside the cities, although there are lots of such places. Read more
Fliza is an innovative international online service selling air tickets and bookings in hotels and also providing attendant services, for example, transfers from airports to hotels and vice-versa. It realizes B2C and B2B models of work selling electronic tickets for individuals and offering the partnership program for subagents. An interface of the service is available on 11 languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, German, Turkish, French, Italian. Service represents a set of applications for smartphones and pads on the basis of the operating systems iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, a web site for armoring booking through a web browser, and also applications for social networks. The principle of promotion - at first applications for smartphones and pads and applications for social networks, then the classical web site. Read more
The jacket has a fully automatic electronic control system, which, regardless of the environment, provides temperature stability and comfort. Jacket has 7 independent heating zones, consisting of 15 heating elements, internal power supply system and a user interface with a touch screen, which is conveniently located on the left sleeve . Intelligent power system and design of heating elements allows to ensure smooth operation of the jacket up to 12 hours. Jacket has no visible wires, and recharge occurs by means of a wireless system Qi standard. Users does not need to perform additional steps when using the jacket , only need to expose a comfortable temperature, heating zones and enjoy. The jacket is designed for use at temperatures from -25 ° C to +10 ° C and has a heating range from +20 ° C to +40 ° C (temperature inside the jacket). Weight: 850g-950g (S to XL size) Safety Jacket has no negative influence on the human body. Circuit voltage is 7 volts (like in all mobile phones).  Read more
SeeMedia makes it possible to create and sell videocourses, give webinars and online broadcasting. Inbuilt Landing Page Creator allows to make visually attractive pages with videocourses’ and webinars’ descriptions.  Read more
Viziware – the gesture recognition system for creating interactive indoor/outdoor advertising and collecting statistics on its effectiveness. Using an advertiser's digital advertising content, Viziware makes it interactive, and then collects analytics about that interaction. By combining software with motion sensors, Viziware dynamically detects consumer responses to advertisements projected on almost any surface. Indoors or out, and in any lighting or weather conditions, Viziware captures exhaustive purchase intention analytics that provides retailers and advertisers with new insights into consumer preferences. The result is more precise marketing and advertising, leading to increased sales performance and brand loyalty. Read more
For Businesses: Be among the first to enter the mobile market with low-cost development, rapid deployment and true cross-platform compatibility. For Wireless Providers: Apps work on every mobile device around, have modest connectivity requirements and work great even in slow and unstable networks. For Developers: Rapid cross-platform development with .NET requires no platform-specific mobile development skills. Ready-made templates and components. True cloud-based architecture. Ubiq Mobile offers the complete integrated development environment supplied as a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in, that enables the development of server-side applications working in the .NET environment and includes tools for designing app architecture and UI, developing, debugging and testing; a large set of templates and components providing common functionality in ready-made blocks, and a universal mobile client to deploy your app instantly and run it on all supported devices. Read more
Planemo Studio is a mobile gaming company. We are the developers Da'Vinci Mystery series, the popular riddle games on iOS and Android. Besides "Da'Vinci" series in our portfolio we have a simple little arcade adventure game Pave The Way. Also, we recently developed and released Dawnkeeper: Last Survivors is an action survival game with role play elements. We are completing the development of our next part series "Da'Vinci Mystery", making a huge emphasis on the social aspect of the game and on cooperation, adding in game quiz elements. Da"Vinci Mystery: iOS - Android - Read more
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