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#105 worldwide
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Marketing & Sales
#108 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#112 worldwide

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startup iconHousingAnywhere
startup iconEasygenerator
startup iconChrome Europe BV

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Rotterdam is ranked at number 172 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -47 spots since 2020. Rotterdam also ranks at number 5 in The Netherlands, and 48 in Western Europe.

Rotterdam is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Marketing & Sales and Hardware & IoT startups. As the most popular industries in Rotterdam, there is a sample of 23 Transportation startups in Rotterdam, 8 Marketing & Sales startups in Rotterdam, and 7 Hardware & IoT startups in Rotterdam, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 66 startups in Rotterdam, 2 accelerators in Rotterdam, 4 coworking spaces in Rotterdam, 1 organizations in Rotterdam and no leaders in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Startups

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HousingAnywhere is the world’s largest rental accommodation platform for mid-term stays. Rent rooms, apartments, and stay for months. Read more
Easygenerator provides cloud-based eLearning authoring software. Easygenerator enables instructional designers and subject matter experts to rapidly create the most engaging courses that have the highest learning impact. Easygenerator is affordable, easy to use, and future proof. Simply create, design and publish your eLearning courses. Used and loved by 5000+ users in more than 120 countries in both enterprises and universities. Easygenerator’s headquarter is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Read more
We are the original manufacturer bomb proof gears. Our aim is to create and provide our customers with practical, functional and high quality bombproof bags. We started building our bags in a garaged with salvaged materials like seatbelt webbing and seatbelt buckles and now more than half of our bag lines are manufactured on our main warehouse at Chico, California USA. Our bags are built with industrial materials which include tarpaulin, Cordura and steel so it will last for life. Chromes trendy messenger bag lines are Mini-Metro, Citizen and Metropolis. It is recognized by their signature seatbelt buckle release that doubles as a bottle opener. Cobra merino wool hoodie, and a shoe line including their best selling low-profile design Kursk street shoe with built-in cycling functionalities such as reflective hits, shoelace garage, skid resistant soles and polyurethane contoured crash pad insole are Chrome’s best seller bags. Read more
A print platform for everything and anything. Without owning a single printing press, Helloprint is active in 8+ countries around Europe. Read more
The Equidam platform helps companies big and small measure, track and grow their business value. How does that work? The platform creates a valuation for your business based upon answers to guided questions about company structure and financials. Don't know a thing about finance? That's okay! These questions are formulated so that any business owner is able to answer with ease. In the short-term, Equidam can be seen as a tool that determines the economic value of a company. The platform may be even more useful in the long-term, providing users with an inexpensive and real-time value monitoring system. With unlimited access to this knowledge, a manager can prove their worth to investors, make informed strategic decisions, leverage core competencies and compare with competitors in their industry. The system can be easily integrated into daily practices and serves as a virtual financial consultant - always at your disposal. Read more
HaasOnline is dedicated to providing an advanced cryptocurrency trading platform, capable of fully automating trades with trade bots. Read more
Leadinfo identifies B2B website visitors. Simple and realtime. Read more
For artisans and their helpers: Discovered is an online marketplace, offering artisans, social businesses and NGO's the easiest way to connect to a global audience. Using any technology (even an old fashioned feature phone). Setting up shop is free. For buyers: Discovered is the online marketplace offering the largest collection of handmade artisan products from developing countries. Find & buy unique handmade stories. For both: Discovered is an online community for lovers of handmade products. Share your stories, knowledge & expertise. Help artisans create better products and grow by doing business. Discovered offers artisans and their helpers the tools they need to start selling online. Partly by creating a great social commerce platform. Partly by creating a scalable organization to support artisans locally and help them start selling online. Our scouts are our gatekeepers, carefully selecting sellers & products.  Read more
Shipping made simple. A platform for ocean & air freight revolutionizing the shipping industry the way revolutionized the travel indusrtry. Read more
MRI scan technology to better diagnose -- and eventually cure -- brain diseases. Read more
SaaS, OMS, DOM, Retail, Logistics, Ship-from-store Read more
Symbid is a crowd-funding platform that allows startups to raise funds not from individual investors but from a large collective of people interested in and compelled by the startup's innovative ideas. Read more
History Search is a web browsing platform keeping important articles, documents, and other webpages at fingertips. Read more
Flowmailer allows businesses to send their messages easily and reliably while protecting their brand. Read more
Shipright helps software businesses track product feedback. Read more
Helping product teams quickly understand their users' needs across feedback channels Shipright helps product organizations to bundle, organize and surface key insights from user feedback & research data. Away with siloed data, searching in different places, messy spreadsheets, and meetings to find out about true user problems and needs. With Shipright you'll make user-driven product decisions faster, more productive, and more transparent. Read more
The BD School is the first educational platform for business development. We are creating the next generation of business developers and founders using the power of education. Read more
InviteBox is a flexible referral marketing platform that lets one create a straightforward customer refer-a-friend program for any online business and embed it into a website in minutes. Key features: 1) Designed for people and delivers the smoothest end user experience. 2) Referral campaigns mechanics is fully configurable and most common patterns are supported out of the box. 3) Remains very simple to use tool and does not require neither programming nor marketing background. Read more
Closure is a online platform for completing subscriptions, contracts and accounts after a death Read more
Sales.Rocks is a Sales Enablement Platform helping companies connect to the right business contacts. Read more
Instantly deploy Game server matches, anytime, anywhere, with the Gameye Match API. Read more
Tiledmedia delivers software for unparalleled high quality 360ᵒ video and VR streaming for today’s networks and devices Read more
A platform to find inspiring locals who speak your language, share same values and happy to show you around and arrange whole your trip Read more
Mempay is the most progressive online subscription platform. Read more
Channext is a software-as-a-service platform that makes an online connection between vendors and business partners. Read more
Jedlix is a smart charging service provider for electric vehicles. Read more is a furniture-as-a-service company. The consumer pays a low monthly fee; and can decide to swap, return or buy the item. Read more
Travis the translator posesses more than 80 languages and can translate to and from these languages in real-time. No internet, no connection needed. Read more
Current networking services are not working as they should. Networking events are time consuming, there is no overview who is there, what they offer and most important if there is a fit. Online networking platforms have become nothing more than an online business card box of people you already met. So how should you find the people YOU are interested in? And how should the right people be able to find you at the right moment? eTing is the solution, a shortcut to a professional network. We provide a location based app where you can specify what kind of professional you would like to meet. In 140 characters you give away what you are looking for, what you can give and what your skills are. By swiping through a deck of suggested contacts, you can simply tell the app who you would like to connect with. eTing is the easiest, most trustworthy and most casual way to expand your professional network! Read more
Notificare is a powerful platform for smarter push notifications on smartphone, tablet, desktop or any other device. Notificare enables brands and mobile agencies to engage their users in a smart and meaningful way, by providing them rich and interactive messages. Two way communication With Push Actions, you can engage your users and increase customer retention in your app. They provide the ultimate interaction with your users. Push Actions can access core functions of a device, like setting up a call or using the camera. Ask for input, and then trigger your app or third-party systems for more advanced functions. Rich content Push one or multiple images, showing all new features in your app, coupons, pictures or an event ticket. Push your users to a web site or compose your own HTML messages. Point to a specific location on a map. Using our library's tracking capabilities, you can present users with personalized content when they are nearby. Read more
Online store specialized in Italian design furniture. Read more
Captain AI develops an autonomous shipping solution using high-fidelity simulation, sensors, and state-of-the-art deep learning techniques. Read more
Bisner is an open collaboration platform for freelancers and companies to connect, communicate and work together. When you join Bisner you get access to a range of tools to grow your business and work more effectively. Communication tools, secure workspaces, a company profile, and insights into your team’s activity. Bisner is a social work application where coworkers, partners, and clients meet and collaborate in a secure environment. It’s available, synced, and secure, wherever you go and on all your devices. Read more
B2B, SaaS, Talent Acquisition System, Subscription, HR Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing Read more
Buddy Payment is a debt prevention app that helps users pay and manage their bills. Read more
Veggihap focusing on reimagining and reshaping vegetables into foods we all love. Read more
Mobile-Lending is to deliver financial services to the mobile generation. Read more
Crownstone brings localization indoors which allows smart homes to automatically respond to your presence Read more
Hello Energy is a passion for sustainability and a vision on energy. Read more
Employee engagement platform for retail, restaurant and hotel chains Read more
MgAubel is a manufacturer recyclable concrete substitute. Read more
Qmod is an energy game designed for kids (10-15) to learn the fundamentals of harvesting and experimenting with clean energy. Read more
B2B-2C online global platform for bikers and the motorcycling industry. Read more
Kien offers a smart and wire free sound system that enables its users to stream and listen to audio through any device. Read more
The Flexpackerz app helps you to easily find the nearest work café, library, flexible office or coworking space. Our mission is to map every suitable place to work from, anywhere in the world, and turn it into a vibrant coworking space! Read more
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