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#104 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#132 worldwide
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#135 worldwide

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startup iconWest Creek
startup iconRoundlyX
startup iconEvatran

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Richmond is ranked at number 189 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -34 spots since 2020. Richmond also ranks at number 55 in United States, and 64 in North America.

Richmond is an ideal place to locate for Education, Hardware & IoT and Health startups. As the most popular industries in Richmond, there is a sample of 15 Education startups in Richmond, 6 Hardware & IoT startups in Richmond, and 5 Health startups in Richmond, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 46 startups in Richmond, no accelerators in Richmond, 2 coworking spaces in Richmond, no organizations in Richmond and no leaders in Richmond.

Richmond Startups

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West Creek specializes in leasing furniture, mattresses, appliances, HVAC, and tires for retail partners across the nation. Read more
RoundlyX helps users auto invest their spare change in bitcoin and other digital assets when making everyday purchases. Read more
Terres Blanches Wine Merchants is a family-owned and operated Wine Importer, focusing on small production vignerons. Read more
Elixr is a community that discovers and shares the worlds best drinks and where to enjoy them.  Read more
Brandefy is a personal care product reviewing platform designed to offer reviews and information about those products. Read more
Ekso Bionics™ is a pioneer in the field of robotic exoskeletons to augment human strength, endurance and mobility. The company first developed a “wearable robot” called HULC for military applications, and has evolved the technology for the medical rehabilitation field. The company’s commercially available product called Ekso™, has enabled over 500 wheelchair users to stand and walk. Please visit our website at to learn more. Read more
UZURV is a technology company that has developed a Mobility Platform to provide transportation to the elderly, disabled, and for NEMT needs. Read more
Risk Based Security identifies the true risks to an organization’s most valuable assets. We combine security intelligence with big data analytics to direct spending where it’s needed most, resulting in the right security. We provide Data Breach Analytics, Security Intelligence Reports, Vulnerability Intelligence, Risk Management, Incident Response, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Consulting and and On-Demand Security Expertise via YourCISO.  Read more
TemperPack manufactures insulated packaging solutions that meet the needs of all industries that ship perishable items. Read more
Naborforce connects older adults to a network of “Nabors” for social engagement and on-demand support for errands. Read more
Outdoor Access allows member hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts exclusive access to private land. Read more
Buddy is an on-demand insurance for an active, outdoor lifestyle. Read more
Natilus is building large scale commercial drones the size of a B747 to help reduce the cost of air freight by 50%. Read more
BIOAGE discovers and develops drugs to treat aging and associated diseases. Read more
OccasionGenius is an event discovery technology company provides services to large companies to capture the experiential consumer. Read more
Trilogy Mentors is bringing digital transformation to relationship-based learning. Read more
Mir Protocol is a scalable cryptocurrency protocol which allows arbitrary computations to be verified in constant time. Read more is the world's central 'about us' page - part IMDb, part LinkedIn and part Wikipedia. It's a permanent record of the projects you've been involved in, listing the specific roles you and your colleagues played. Whether it's for posterity, for respect, or for ego - you can finally tell the world what you really do for a living. Read more
We are the largest Independent eBook Store in the industry. We recently finalized an agreement to be the eBook supplier for Bank of America and Visa credit card reward portals, empowering us to provide their 5 million+ card holders the option to redeem reward points for eBooks. We seek to offer an ebook reading experience that graduates to essentially a hybrid media immersion event (video, audio, animation, etc..), where even classics like those from Shakespeare or Charles Dickens can be reborn. Read more
O’MY is a women-owned business that crafts creamy, simply made gelato that more people can enjoy. Read more
Concourse Education is a college program designed to meet the needs of working adults. Read more
ARTGlass-US specializes in the fields of cultural heritage informatics, augmented reality, technology, and smartglasses. Read more
fenris solutions are used in the insurance industry to streamline distribution and underwriting Read more
automated interior design. a faster, smarter way to furnish your space. Read more
Maxterial modifies the surface shape or texture of versatile materials, through a method that is very affordable. Read more
Derive helps IoT and sensor companies generate meaningful insights into data from connected devices. Read more
BroadSpot Imaging Corporation is developing a suite of diagnostic medical devices for eye care. Read more
Indigeo Virtus is a privately-held company founded to deliver products and services that support our customers’ goals of achieving Read more
Have you ever been in a restaurant where when you’re ready for another beer or the check, and you cannot find your waiter? We asked ourselves this exact question. These days we can push a button to get connected with a driver, what if we’re able to push a button and get connected with our waitstaff? Tablee was created to ensure, that guests’ needs are always heard. Guests tap a button, and get connected with a waitstaff and management. We believe Tablee makes dining happier by providing modern solutions to timeless traditions. Our IoT solution provides a simple user interface for table assignment and analytics that let restaurants track guest wait times. We’re currently partnered with a few pubs, and hotels in NYC – check us out at Read more
We support product reviewers through technology, help them influence and create value Read more
Envirotech Greenhouse Solutions (EGS) is a pioneer in vitality proficient, supportable greenhouse configuration and usage. Established in Northern California, It supplies cultivators both of all shapes and sizes with the instruments for natural planting. EGS has been operating in the Greenhouse industry for many years and can offer you great expert advice and quality products at a competitive price as people at EGS wants you to be confident that you are getting the best possible price. Envirotech Greenhouse Solutions aim is to introduce its great range of Greenhouses to every residential backyard in North America and beyond. This has been the driving factor in finding the right balance between hobby gardeners, semi commercial gardeners whilst providing a Greenhouse that also accommodates those who live on acreage or in areas prone to severe winds. Envirotech Greenhouse prides itself on comprehension client needs and giving them an answer according to their necessities. Read more
Hi! I am looking for investors to help fund my independent solo debut! After falling through the cracks of a badly constructed record deal, I am ready to finish my new album and hit the ground running. I have experienced international success in the past in the EDM world, namely with Deep Dish and DJ Sharam ("Flashdance", "Say Hello", "Don't Say a Word", "Fun", etc.) I am a Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer, with a proven track record with hit records and winning fans. All I need is the means come back strong. Past hits: New Album Investment Plans: Mixing, mastering, distribution, Music Videos and comprehensive PR plan with Shore Fire Media Contact me for new demos, questions, anything! Thank you! Anousheh  Read more
CONCIE is a digital concierge website that will help over 300 million socially-active adults easily find places, events, and activities based on their personal interest. The CONCIE user interface – - serves to aggregate local data from various online directory and event websites across the internet into one environment. CONCIE will then automatically filters places, events, activities, deals, and advertisements based on the interest profile and active search criteria of the user. The interface and infrastructure enables CONCIE to serve as an advertising distribution network that increases targeting efficiency by 300% for local businesses and marketers. CONCIE takes advantage of the rapid growth in demand for real-time personalization technologies and the industry trend towards consumer business intelligence (BIG DATA).  Read more
Coursetab brings educators and learners together for collaborative purposes. Teachers can bring their classes online for free, share research, and present their ideas with the world. Likewise, students will be able to share and collaborate on every aspect of campus life through tools to create groups, share documents, and plan events.  Read more
USGPC will establish a new motorcycle series in the US, open to persons active in the sport of motorcycle racing around the world, as well as to develop prototype motorcycles for the series. To foster a more affordable GP racing series, USGPC specifically designed a race series for the US. The series will be sponsored on multiple levels and feature national television coverage for each event. Teams from the US, Europe, and Asia are expected to participate, due to lower budget requirements. Read more
Talk & Trade Live! (TTL) is a patent-pending online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet LIVE using a proprietary audio/video/text chat system. Also, users can communicate via SMS and email. The site emphasizes open communication and freedom to buy and sell without overbearing rules and regulations. It is similar to a live trade-show experience, where sellers set up booths featuring items for sale, and buyers enter the booths, view items, make offers, haggle, and make deals. Read more
aNimble Platform enables teams, both large and small, to tackle the software development life-cycle with ease. Feature-rich and best practice driven, all functionality is derived from years of industry experience. To complement the platform, a mobile app (aNimble Hand) will offer additional features including Gamification. The Gamification module itself can bundled and licensed separately from aNimble Platform and aNimble Hand, including integration directly with pre-existing third party apps. Read more
The Velocity Clip is the first universal smartphone action mount. It allows the user to take their smartphone and mount it to their head, chest, bike handlebar, or any hard surface (motorcycle helmets etc.) with a gear mount. The ideal candidate for Velocity Clip is an extreme sports enthusiast.  Read more
“Cash Bag” Anti-Theft Carrying Bag with Locator – The Next Fashion Hit The Cash Bag Anti-Theft Carrying Bag from inventor Cassius Booth is being forecasted by experts as the next fashion hit. Fashion meets technology in the Cash Bag and provides the world’s safest carrying bag giving men and women peace of mind. The Cash Bag is a unique bag that is designed for use by both men and women and features fashion with a personal gps locking security locking system.  Read more
FeedsWorld taps into the e-commerce market at a business-to-business level by allowing an online retailer to expand their market beyond a single channel. In short, the retailer sends a list of products to us, and we distribute that list to over 100 marketing and sales channels, and provide the tools needed to manage it all in a practical manner.  Read more
1.) Innovative PID Espresso Machine 2.) Coffee Roasting Appliance Read more
Accumul8r is being designed to promote participation in the investment process by teaching teens and pre-teens basic investing skills using an engaging online destination. Kids will be able to access a variety of simple educational content while communicating with friends in order to manage a "real world mirror" investing account which will consist of virtual currency that can be redeemed for discounts and/or other promotions at particpating merchant partners.  Read more
Knox makes paying online faster and safer for consumers and cheaper and simpler for merchants. Knox Payments connects banks and merchants together so consumers can pay for things with their online banking with transferring any of their personal information. When the merchant adds Knox to their page, all the consumer has to do is click "pay with my bank", choose their bank, securely login to their online banking, choose an account, and press pay. That's it! Knox does the rest. You can also request information such as name, address, phone, and email to send receipts or ship goods to the consumer without asking them to enter any additional new information. Because we use your existing online banking, consumers do not need to make a new account to use Knox, and because we are the first "good funds" ACH payments, we charge only $0.18 per transaction, the lowest on the market. Knox is much safer than credit cards, because NOBODY gets any of your information - it stays iwth your bank. Read more
NimblePitch is an enterprise sales tool that helps teams execute more effectively at every touchpoint in a complex sales process. Our SaaS platform enables sales teams to deliver a consistent and accurate sales message, gain and hold a buyer's attention, and precisely gauge the buyer's interest. Create powerful and engaging HTML5 presentations on our cloud-hosted platform that your sales team and prospects can access any time, from any computer or tablet. NimblePitch is loaded with unique capabilities that were specifically designed for digital storytelling. Bring your existing content to life using interactive images, synchronized videos, guided product tours, and more. Learn exactly how and when prospects are engaging with your presentations, even when you're not there, using NimblePitch's Sales Dashboard. These advanced metrics will help you better understand your prospect's interests, so you can strategically time each step of your sales engagement and be better prepared. Read more
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