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Energy & Environment
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Social & Leisure
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Software and Data
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startup iconJobillico
startup iconLightspeed POS
startup iconLarian Studio Québec

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The Startup Ecosystem of Quebec City is ranked at number 125 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 14 spots since 2020. Quebec City also ranks at number 7 in Canada, and 50 in North America.

Quebec City is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Social & Leisure and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Quebec City, there is a sample of 68 Energy & Environment startups in Quebec City, 24 Social & Leisure startups in Quebec City, and 14 Software and Data startups in Quebec City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 164 startups in Quebec City, 4 accelerators in Quebec City, no coworking spaces in Quebec City, no organizations in Quebec City and no leaders in Quebec City.

Quebec City Startups

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We are the tool that allows all the human resources departments the small and medium companies to automate their processes without the need of an IT department, we make the recruitment process easy automating all the repetitive tasks (such as opening several accounts online, gathering the resumes, having access to an online bank of candidates and automatically matching the best candidates with the best offers with Artificial Intelligence algorithms) Read more
We are bringing cities and communities to life by powering independent businesses. We're more than just a high-tech point of sale. We provide our customers with a simple way to build, manage and grow their retail, restaurant or eCommerce business, and create a best-in-class customer experience. Our end-to-end solutions unify inventory, customer management, sales and analytics across all channels, in-store and online. Read more
At Larian, we strive to create games that we want to play ourselves: we give our developers the freedom to find new ideas to make our games even more fun and fantastic. The formula that makes our games so unique is the freedom to innovate and the willingness to iterate. Read more
A ticket sale system that gives event organizers and venues the autonomy they need for the creation, management and sale of tickets for their events. It provides data collection and analysis tools that help optimize the marketing potential of our clients’ events. Read more
Botpress is an open-source bot-building platform for businesses. We make chatbot development fun, easy and ultra-productive. From natural language understanding to channel integration, Botpress does it all for you. Read more
Collaborative email and threaded group chat for productive teams. A single app for all your internal and external communication. Read more
DashThis is a flexible and versatile tool to create dashboards for Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, MailChimp and many more. We help SEM / SEO / Web agencies and in-house marketing professionals save time (and money!) in reporting. Read more
FaceFlow lets people video chat with friends and family over the Web and in the near future from the desktop and mobiles. Users can also meet new people. We want to provide a real-time communication service that people can use on anything, anywhere. - Now over 400,000 members, engagement rate increasing. (Providing video conferencing over the Web is what currently differentiates us the most from competitors) Read more
MonClubSportif, the Web and mobile app designed to improve the daily lives of those working for sports and community organizations to create fun experiences. This tool is designed to support members of the administration, coaches, volunteers, parents, and players. Read more
Drop is a rewards app that turns users' everyday purchases into gift card rewards. Read more
Using simple HTML markup, turn any existing website into an extensive shopping cart platform. Snipcart allows payment processing, shipping estimates and order management without ever letting your customers leave your website. Read more
Outgo gives you access to exclusive offers and experiences that support Quebec local retailers. Read more
The best ecommerce software lets you transact across every channel by bringing digital ecommerce capabilities to marketing and web content platforms like Adobe® Experience Manager and OpenText® WEM. Elastic Path e-commerce software is designed to work with your existing technology mix. Our patent-pending Cortex API orchestration gives you bulletproof interoperability, no matter what else you’re running. Our solutions drive over $6.5 billion in revenue every year for the world’s best media, technology, retail, and consumer brands – from specialty market leaders to Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer Top 500 companies. Read more
UEAT offers innovative ordering solutions using AI. Our smart ordering tools allow restaurants to take orders online directly on their website or using interactive self-service terminals directly in their restaurants. Read more
Kimoby let's you easily remind your customer about their appointment via SMS. Read more
Minutes Depot allows you to get rid of your bulky binders keeping your minute books online. With Minutes Depot, a minute book is quick and easy to update, is meeting the highest security standards and can be shared in a snap. Read more
Emma offers the first place to buy quality term life insurance online in Canada by live chat. Read more
Communication and training solutions for manufacturers. Discover modern communication and training methods, specifically adapted to the complexity of the ever-growing industry of manufacturing. Read more
Voilà! is a platform designed to create and optimize schedules with employees in mind. Our Web and mobile platform automates schedule creation based on customizable business rules, takes care of replacement requests and ensures optimal work shift assignment. Read more
Industrial Laser manufacturers marking and cleaning solutions for the automotive, primary metals and other manufacturing industries. Read more
LEXYA helps streamline the process of selling and purchasing school books for university and college students. The platform helps students save time and money. Read more
Discourse Media is an innovative digital news media company . Read more
Element AI is an artificial intelligence solutions provider that gives organizations unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology. Bringing together the best in entrepreneurship, technology and academic ecosystems, Element AI is building an AI-First World to elevate our collective wisdom. Read more
BiogasWorld generates business opportunities and acts as a catalyst for the global biogas and biomethane industry through our platform, network and services. Read more
We help shipping companies get refunds when carriers do not deliver on their promises, thus increasing competitiveness. Read more
Collaboration platform to enhance the workflow in your construction project Read more
For Quebec’s real estate investors: find deals and motivated sellers. Read more
Visao develops, commercializes and integrates interactive sales and marketing applications for manufacturing businesses to help demonstrate and promote complex products. Read more
Coaching organizations to optimize and modernize their asset management. We offer a simple and scalable product that is easy to use and implement, using current technologies to simplify our clients’ infrastructures. Read more
Omy Laboratoires offers tailor-made cosmetics for every woman, thanks in part to our artificial intelligence tool, SkinIA, which allows customers to choose their active ingredients 100% online. Read more
Stamped prepares financial statements for SMEs in a simple, fast and affordable way. Read more
Cyberswat Group is a Quebec-based company specializing in cybersecurity. We are aware of the specific context in which each company operates, and offer innovative, personalized solutions to each of our clients. Read more
OVA is a B2B business that uses a virtual and augmented reality platform to create skill-building experiences. Read more
Le Grand Garage ( is inspired by a very famous french site Our site let you publish an ad with pictures in one minute very simply and for free without create any account. Compare to other sites like ebay or craigslist, the interface is really pleasant to use, with large pictures and a flat design. The site is responsive and reachable on iphone and android. Currently, the site is full free but in the near future, we want to add some options like add more pictures, or to have your ad in the headlines.. We want also add personal and professional payable accounts. In order to autopromote, we developed a script that pushes new ads in many different facebook ads groups and brings constant trafic to the site. We also use adwords and facebook ads to acquire popularity. In the future, we need to develop: -native apps for iphone and android -accounts possibilities -more search criteria -improve backoffice Read more
Boomrank offers instructors a specialized platform to promote their services. It also offers businesses a solution to help them decide which options are the best suited to their training needs. Read more
An independent video game studio specializing in games with retro aesthetics and modern designs. Our first game, The Messenger, recently had great success on the international scene. Read more
Sustainable and Smart Dust Control & Soil Stabilization Solutions Read more
Use Budgeto to prepare your annual budgets, review and adjust your financial forecasts monthly and have a clear view of your company's cash flow at all times. Read more
Improving time management, simply! Timesheets (geolocated), schedules, reports, export to payload services and software like Acomba, Avantages, Maestro, EmployeurD, Nethris, etc. Read more
Lucine offers digital therapy to measure, analyze and relieve chronic pain. Read more
Firm specialised in technologies and processes related to information modeling (BIM) Read more
A network for health care professionals to collaborate through a mobile app that allows them to communicate seamlessly and securely, using a patient-centric approach. Read more
Review UX and interfaces more efficiently. Capian is the all-in-one tool to capture, organize and share your UX and UI reviews. Perfect for heuristic evaluations, UX audits, expert reviews, and many other audit types. Read more
Qohash is revolutionizing data risk management, as the first company to bring together data and hardware integrity assurance with an end-to-end platform. Read more
Hatchery Games is an independent video game studio specializing in giving life to memorable creatures in innovative game experiences. Read more
A cloud-based solution for NDT data analysis using AI. Read more
Inbe is a consumer market validation platform that is revolutionizing lengthy and expensive market research in the context of product development. Read more
Edutechno offers primary school teachers digital teaching resources adapted to new technologies and meeting the requirements of the Québec Education Program (QEP). Read more
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