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Social & Leisure
#18 worldwide
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Software and Data
#22 worldwide
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Ecommerce & Retail
#25 worldwide

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startup iconDuckDuckGo
startup iconClub OS
startup iconTicketleap

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Philadelphia is ranked at number 35 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 9 spots since 2020. Philadelphia also ranks at number 14 in United States, and 15 in North America.

Philadelphia is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Software and Data and Ecommerce & Retail startups. As the most popular industries in Philadelphia, there is a sample of 95 Social & Leisure startups in Philadelphia, 42 Software and Data startups in Philadelphia, and 39 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Philadelphia, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 288 startups in Philadelphia, 2 accelerators in Philadelphia, 6 coworking spaces in Philadelphia, 2 organizations in Philadelphia and 2 leaders in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Startups

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DuckDuckGo is a general search engine with: --No tracking. --Better instant answers. --Way less spam and clutter. More at Read more
Club OS combines prospect management, follow-up calling and texts, email campaigns, scheduling, billing, trainer to client collaboration, workout tracking and food journaling in a single platform that is custom branded for the health club. Read more
You think online event platforms exist. They don’t. The problem of simply selling tickets online was solved years ago; Ticketleap, and a bunch of others, have been hacking away ever since adding bells and whistles. But turns out that’s not what the world needs right now. The world has this pool of amazing, creative people and that pool is overflowing with the desire to bring people together around ideas. If you’re one of these people and you’re going to create an event, the best solution so far has been one of these old ticket sale engines. But that’s not what you need — you need a platform for your event itself, a surface for bringing people together. That's what we're building. Read more
We provide high quality Minecraft server hosting and provide excellent customer service. We help parents create a safe and secure Minecraft server so they are able to play with their friends and not worry about other people interrupting on the server and potentially causing problems. We also provide integrated DDoS protection and an easy to use control panel so anyone can instantly create their server and start playing online on a private server. This is important because most public servers have unfiltered chats that can result in online bullying or other problems prevalent in online games. Our Minecraft hosting services are focuses on helping our customers enjoy their online Minecraft experience without having to set up their own server locally. Read more
RJMetrics develops software to help online businesses make smarter decisions using their data. Our hosted dashboards are used by online businesses to better understand company performance, identify high-value opportunities, and manage performance to meet financial goals. Read more
Tadpoles is revolutionizing childcare by simplifying operations and parent communication through mobile technology. Tadpoles helps young educators engage parents in the learning process by sharing photos, videos, progress reports every day. Leveraging our SaaS platform childcare providers optimize staff and minimize waste. Tadpoles is $5 per student per month to the providers. We are the leading SaaS provider of the childcare industry. Read more
A View From My Seat crowd sources photos from event goers at sports, concert and theater venues, aiming to be the IMDB for stadium seats. They provide the event-goer with photos of the real view and the piece of mind while buying tickets. AVFMS is in the process of scaling revenue and user growth through content acquisition. AVFMS can also be used as a social component that can enhance ticketing sites to drive conversion of ticket sales. Read more
Guru is a knowledge management solution that keeps customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident. Read more
Young Alfred is an online marketplace to easily compare and buy home insurance. Read more
Zonoff, creators of the Intuitive Home™, provides comprehensive enabling technologies to service providers, integrators and OEMs who deliver Connected Home products and services to consumers. Our solution brings home control, energy management and security together in a simple, yet comprehensive software and services platform, which transforms a “connected house” into an Intuitive Home. Read more
We have built the first automated exchange for digital place-based media. Agencies can plan, execute, and optimize media buys through a single interface.  Read more
CampusESP helps build your engagement strategy for the modern parent. Read more
KickUp helps professional development teams differentiate teacher support through analytics. Read more
We have created a specialty store for heating & cooling products...but this is just the tip of the iceberg :-) Read more
Scholly is a scholarship search platform that helps to match scholarships, and then supports to win the best scholarship. Read more
OneSky Systems is a developer of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) platforms. Read more
EasyVirtualFair is the platform of choice of talent aquisition managers to organize online job fairs. Read more
gettacar is a direct-to-your-door, online platform that enables users to trade, finance, and buy used cars. Read more
If you're like us, we have dozens of posters that are just lying around in tubes or drawers. They never made it onto the wall because we never got around to framing them. Custom framing can be expensive and is limited to holding one size of print. We designed OpenFrame as a simple, flexible way to hang posters, prints, and photos of various sizes and configurations. You can easily swap artwork out as often as you like by removing the small, but strong, rare earth magnets that hold your artwork to OpenFrame with minimal obstruction. OpenFrame is built in the USA with high-quality, natural materials that give it a warm aesthetic and complement artwork of any kind.  Read more
Grassroots Unwired has created a mobile campaign platform that is transforming the way data is collected and tracked for person to person sales, fundraising, and information gathering. The problem the direct sales industry faces is that with all the technology at their disposal they leverage A CLIPBOARD AND A PENCIL to do their work. The Grassroots Unwired SAAS campaign platform gives the ability to holistically Plan, Execute, and Analyze their person to person campaigns - all in real time. Read more
RenoFi helps homeowners discover a smart way to finance their renovation and tackle everything on their wishlist. Read more
Our platform allows for the easy creation of targeted, activity- and sport-centric community and registration platforms for event organizers and participants worldwide. Our platform is one code-base and data-set, but it’s not a single website or even a single product. Instead, TopScore creates segment-specific products with high product-market fit and domain targeted communication and advertising. Honestly, building an empire is hard work, especially when you're doing it ninja-style, so if you're seriously interested contact us for a far more detailed, bordering on verbose, explanation.  Read more
Bikmo will tell you what equipment fits your bike, provides reviews and tech data, then tells you where to buy the product at the best prices online or locally. You get your own Bikeshed so you can put your bikes and kit on Shelves. Shelves can be shared with friends and family. And you can set price alerts on any products. We’re building and rewarding our growing online community of bike and tech geeks who like what we do and provide great advice for our users. Read more
WizeHive is like a lightweight, hosted alternative to Sharepoint, making it simple for businesses to deploy powerful collaborative business applications. Users can quickly build and deploy web forms, integrate with other data via our API, and implement workflows to route, manage and share data. We have launched in two verticals, with immediate and  Read more
QuotaPath is a growth enablement engine designed to fuel high-performing revenue organizations. Read more is revolutionizing the industry by making website creation simple and affordable. The Florida-based company came online in 2005 with package pricing deals on its cutting-edge program that allows everyone - from the computer novice to the technologically savvy - to build multimedia websites in minutes, not weeks. And, most importantly, doing it at a fraction of the cost charged by other companies. CEO Dan Doherty, CEO and Founder of, has an amazing ability to stay ahead of the current trends on the ever-changing Internet. He is a visionary that is able to take an idea for the Internet, program every aspect of that idea, and fully deploy it into the marketplace.His goal in creating was to allow every person and business to have an affordable website that they could create and manage themselves with outstanding results. Dan and his team receive daily emails from members praising  Read more
RemoteHQ enables businesses to create interactive meeting rooms where their employees can use video conferencing to communicate. Read more
Brands recognize traditional marketing tactics are becoming less and less effective with the Millennial consumer. SocialLadder is mobile technology, white-labeled for brands, giving them the ability to speak the language Millennials respond to –true Product Discovery rather than marketing hype. SocialLadder is deployed by brands as either a new mobile app or embedded into their existing mobile platform. Consumers discover the brand in a gamified environment. Rewards and experiences are unlocked through a score composed of two primary components: • Influence- calculated from the size of a user’s social voice/reach • Engagement- calculated via content creating challenges Brands build a community of influencers virally, while driving valuable word of mouth impressions and retaining ownership of the media, data and conversations generated.  Read more
At Casa de Sante, we sell low FODMAP products for people with IBS and digestive sensitivities. Our brand products are FODMAP Friendly certified. We also sell FODMAP Dietitian approved products. All our products are small batch, artisan and made with the finest ingredients. They contain no additives, preservatives or fillers. Our low FODMAP weekly diet plans are developed by Akanksha Gilbertson, MS, CNS, a board certified nutrition specialist, who has worked in a clinical setting with chronic IBS patients using the low FODMAP approach with much success. She has also collaborated with Australia's Monash University team (who founded the low FODMAP diet) on research papers during her masters at UCLA. Our free low FODMAP cookbook recipes are developed by Jody Garlick, RD, LDN, a Digestive Health Expert and Owner at South Hills Nutrition. Jody is an integrative and functional nutritionist specializing in digestive and autoimmune disorders. Read more
Strados Labs is a medical technology company that specializes in advancing respiratory health management using clinical-grade biosensors and intelligent software Read more
Alice's Table brings women together to learn new skills, and live a social and creative lifestyle. Read more
Houwzer is a modern real estate brokerage platform built around the customer that leverages technology and full service, salaried Realtors. Read more
The Water Superstore offers full line of drinking water filtration products for residential and light commercial customers. As government-funded water infrastructure gets old and fails to remove expanding list of water contaminants, we provide a consumer-end water testing and filtration solutions to get clean drinking water to our customers at their homes and businesses at low cost. We also ship our products worldwide. Read more
citiservi is a new way to hire services in your city. Do not search for professionals. Just request quotes and businesses will call you. Save time and money. Simple, just answer these questions: What do you need? Where? Read more
Zatista is a global online marketplace for discovering and purchasing original art. Zatista's platform targets both emerging and experienced collectors who can easily search, discover, and buy from a diverse, high-quality, and carefully curated collection. We are a highly involved intermediary who helps artists sell more of their work by providing a direct sales channel that also protects their reputation with better terms than traditional galleries.  Read more
uCribs simplifies the housing search for students at colleges and universities across the country, saving students hours of frustrating work. We provide a product unique to the rental housing market specifically designed for college students. Our niche focus allows us to tailor our product specifically towards college students. We are currently live in beta mode at select universities.  Read more
Excision is developing CRISPR-based therapies to cure viral infectious diseases and improve the lives of chronically ill patients. Read more
VitalTrax connects patients with clinical trials with its cloud-based clinical trial network. Read more
One Click Politics provides tools for companies and organizations seeking grassroots political advocacy. We help companies and organizations advocate, collect data, and fundraise (if appropriate). Our primary product is an embeddable i-frame with a messaging form and a customer back-end enabling flexible design and message options. Read more
Hire an Esquire is a B2B SaaS platform for contract-based staffing of highly skilled professionals. We help law firms and in-house legal teams to find, manage and pay a top team of contract attorneys on demand. We save firms at least 50% of the cost and up to 90% of the time currently spent to staff projects and the product design significantly improves both the quality of candidates and the staffing experience. Law firms currently spend $21 billion per year on contract labor in the US alone. This is growing 10%+ each year. Due to employee classification issues, large law firms require contract-based attorneys to be insured by and on the payroll of a third party. This is currently done through traditional staffing firms, and Hire an Esquire is the first-to-market technology company in the legal staffing space. We have clients nationally ranging from solo practices to AM Law 200 firms and offer both a 1099 and W-2 option.  Read more
Fitted is bridging the gap between laundry and fashion. Read more transforms life insurers customer experience, engaging and rewarding policyholders for making smart decisions about their life. Read more
Aavrani is a digitally native, premium skincare company inspired by India’s ancient beauty rituals. Read more
WealthHub Solutions, LLC is a company delivering a cloud based trust administration application serving the wealth management industry. Read more
Arrangr is the fastest and easiest way to arrange a business meeting - be it virtually or in-person. Read more
PrintAlive, PrintAllevi, Build with Life Read more
Bringing Speed and Certainty to Life Sciences Read more
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