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The Startup Ecosystem of Taipei City is ranked at number 41 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 1 spots since 2020. Taipei City also ranks at number 1 in Taiwan, and 8 in East Asia.

Taipei City is an ideal place to locate for Hardware & IoT, Marketing & Sales and Education startups. As the most popular industries in Taipei City, there is a sample of 155 Hardware & IoT startups in Taipei City, 97 Marketing & Sales startups in Taipei City, and 81 Education startups in Taipei City, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 14 startups in Taipei City, 33 accelerators in Taipei City, 29 coworking spaces in Taipei City, 2 organizations in Taipei City and 1 leaders in Taipei City.

Taipei City Startups

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Alfred is a mobile app turning smartphones into surveillance cameras. Read more
Biostar is a brand dedicated to the production of gaming motherboards, graphic cards, crypto-mining motherboards, smart home solutions, and healthcare solutions. Read more
Numbers framework contains 3 main layers, infrastructure, data control, and applications."Numbers provide data and content integrity certifications and history tracing tools to help users own and trace their own data. Read more
New Up Innovation focus the development and application of MOCVD key hardware and epitaxial manufacturing software enhanced by AI for Mini/Micro LED Read more
Xile Beer’s video is composed of professional directors, photography, production, performance guidance, post-production, and marketing consultants. In the creation of images, we pay more attention to the dialogue with the land and the concern for life. Read more
Fun2 STUDIOwas established by members from XPEC VR team. With solid software and hardware integration experience, Fun2 STUDIO aim at becoming tier-1 VR gaming content company in GCR. The content might integrate with Arcade which marks one of the innovation playing model. Read more
An emerging brand of freshly brewed beverages, focusing on the supply of freshly prepared alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail drinks, combined with the technical strength of intelligent automated beverage robots. Read more
Translation productivity software for professional translators. This software is also called computer-assisted translation (CAT). Users need to translate the original text by themselves, so they need to have translation capabilities. The software will not automatically translate. Read more
RDS (Rhythm Diagnostic Systems) is a medical device company aiming at bringing to market the first miniaturized and connected wearable medical strip for real-time monitoring of several key cardiac and respiratory parameters. Read more
Formosa HMT Biotech has developed a low-cost, affordable, patented process for the manufacture of high capacity Zinc hypoMTTM Metallothionein that supplement and boost the body’s ability to defend against and reverse damage caused by oxidative stress. Read more
Cogniant collects thousands of data points of clients’ daily routines.This allows for behavior monitoring whilst educating clients towards better treatment outcomes and connecting them to caregivers and providers for chronic and co-morbid mental health conditions Read more
Build simple, elegant, powerful, and intuitive software platforms for the entire healthcare ecosystem. We start with medical imaging in emerging markets where the needs are greatest and the resources are scarcest. Read more
Medical Cooling is developing a device with ventilation, cooling and monitoring functions. The device is designed to provide patients in ambulances with cooling down before arriving at the hospital, and to protect the brain by lowering and controlling body temperature. Read more
Open AI Fab provides subscription-based AI services to small and medium enterprises for successful AI transformation at affordable cost. Read more
Ovizio Imaging Systems further developed the DHM technology and matured it into commercial products, namely cell counting and imaging solutions, based on quantitative microscopy for life sciences applications. Read more
We are innovators, engineers, and entreperneurs with years of MedTech experience. SiriuXense brings the advanced healthcare technology into everyone's home. Read more
Pioneering the use of Technology Sciences of motivation and habits to encourage citizens to participate and take better care of their health. Solutions that allow involvement of the different stakeholders while being sufficiently flexible to cater to different needs of clients. Read more
Luminopia One is a digital therapeutic built on years of cutting-edge science. Our neuroscience-based approach works by presenting TV and movie content differently to each eye within a kid-friendly virtual reality (VR) headset. Read more
AirSpeQ is commercializing a sensor for airborne particulate matter (PM). The technology is based on proprietary MEMS thin-film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology, and leverages more than 10 years of R&D at the University of California at Berkeley. Read more
Therapeutics (ABT) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, registered in Taipei, Taiwan and focused on first/best-in-class precision medicine in oncology. Our therapeutic pipeline, ABT-101, addresses multiple unmet medical needs that represent large market opportunities Read more
Growin's intelligent algorithm disciplines and automates the investment decision-making process, without human intervention, to provide investment advice. Read more
Our ground-breaking drug delivery platform using micro/nano technology withformulation tactics targeting the system-level bottlenecks can easily save 3-5 years of timeline and half of total budget for a drug program from initial compound screening to the final market launch. Read more
Build an intelligent platform to enable data-driven property management Read more
Rovilus develops safe and reliable battery packs for industrial vehicles. Read more
One stop solution for international travel influencer marketing. Read more
Smart cyber threat defense and privacy protection system, applicable to routers, IoT, and all kinds of fields. Handy and fully secured. Read more
SME M&A platform、company transaction online platform Read more
PHOTOxSHARE is a two-sided marketplace.On one side, companies and consumers who need pictures made. One the other, professional photographers who need money. PHOTOxSHARE, as a platform, arranges for them to meet, handles the transaction, and gets a cut. Read more
"River Games is an indie game development team from Taiwan. There are 3 members including 1 game designer, 1 engineer, 1 artist. We focus on mobile game development. Making a world-famous game is our goal. Read more
Dapp Pocket provides a secure and easy way to manage your crypto assets. With Dapp Pocket, you can convert ERC20 tokens from various platforms and interact with Dapps on your phone whenever and wherever you want. Read more
online insurance purchase & API hub for B2B2C Read more
To build Asia's first global dubbing network, the first innovative platform that combines two-way dubbing and case matching, and the first learning platform based on dubbing professional skills to create income with sound and influence the world with sound Read more
eKoPro uses Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Data, Big Data, Smart Computing and artificial intelligence technologies to focus on developing professional solutions for intelligent environment control. Read more
A neighborhood centric social network connecting neighbors, local businesses, government agencies, and non-profits. We are the “Nextdoor” (US unicorn) of Asia. Read more
Imgoodie is a social commerce platform founded in March 2020. No AI, No Algo, No Ads, just simply recommendations from the people know you the most, your friends and your most trusted ones. Users won't be hesitant about what to buy or what to do next. Read more
Sniffy Labs Inc. is a startup focusing on developing pet technology to improve the relationships between humans and animals. Our first product, Sniffy App, is a dog training app that provide customized, professional, on-demand, dog training and support . Read more
Lucid is a computer vision AI company enabling 3D and depth applications to be a 3D software solution for mobile, robotics, industrial, and other verticals. Our mission is to empower devices to see and capture 3D and depth so they can serve humanity better. Read more
I.X R2 is the world's first wireless privacy key using blockchain technology to encrypt data, messages, and calls from your phone. Only you have the key to unlock. Nobody can break through and steal your information. Read more
iPreg Incorporation focus on the research and development of innovative medical materials. In recent years, we have been committed to solving the medical problems in the declining birth rate and invented “iPreg sperm sorting chip” to assist the course of infertility treatment. Read more
CarePLUS uses AI to detect changes in behavior patterns for early detection of health issues. CarePLUS is paired with a fisheye camera, looking for events in the surroundings. Read more
We design products based on humanity on user's daily bases. With the whole new design iTemp, we aim to provide people the best food experiences from top to the bottom with the right temperature one desires. Read more
New Garden is a leading AIoT cloud to edge solution provider which blurs the boundary between technology and humanity. We aim to eliminate the threshold for everyone to enter the IoT life Read more
Smart shower head that saves water without sacrifice user experience and available for everyone.Oasense develops the world's first self-powered smart showerhead that helps people conserve up to 60% of water and energy without sacrificing the experience. Read more
BlockChain Security provides applications concerning blockchain, evidence preservation and information security." Read more
Integrating microscopy, deep learning, mechatronics, optics, photochemistry, biochemistry, and mass spectrometry with 5 years of development, SYNCELL’s optoproteomics technology is expected to be indispensable for next-generation biological research. Read more
VIRTUALMAN is an AI company accelerates new drug development with accurate and explainable model Read more
ScienceVR creates virtual labs and virtual scientists for the new generation of learners. Read more
We dedicate in the development of first-in-class anti-cancer stemness drug that solve the problems of cancer resistance and recurrence. Read more
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