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#16 worldwide
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#23 worldwide

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startup iconAll3DP GmbH
startup iconFlixMobility
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The Startup Ecosystem of Munich is ranked at number 38 globally, and shows a strong hold by moving 0 spots since 2020. Munich also ranks at number 2 in Germany, and 7 in Western Europe.

Munich is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Foodtech and Health startups. As the most popular industries in Munich, there is a sample of 90 Transportation startups in Munich, 32 Foodtech startups in Munich, and 30 Health startups in Munich, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 260 startups in Munich, 22 accelerators in Munich, 18 coworking spaces in Munich, 3 organizations in Munich and 1 leaders in Munich.

Munich Startups

Sort by: Highest traction is the world’s leading 3D printing magazine with more than 2 million users per month. All3DP operates Craftcloud. Read more
FlixBus is a young mobility provider that has been changing the way millions of people travel in Europe over the past 3 years. As a combination of tech-startup, e-commerce-platform and transportation company, FlixBus was able to establish Europe's largest intercity bus network in the shortest amount of time. Read more
The leading network & guide for expats in 390 cities worldwide. Connect with fellow expatriates at top events and receive tips & advice on expat life. Read more
Personio is a fast growing, well-funded startup based in Munich that offers holistic cloud-based HR management and recruiting software to small and medium-sized businesses. Our solution plays a critical role in making the day-to-day business operations of HR teams more efficient, transparent and effortless. Focusing on product quality and great service, Personio has grown from 20 to over 100 customers in 2016 without any paid marketing. Our goal is to become the leading one-stop HR platform in Europe. We are naturally relaxed about dress code and obsessed about results and good coffee. Read more
Cluno is your new car. Our fixed monthly price includes everything but gas. With Cluno X, mobility becomes an experience. Exclusively in the iOS App. Read more
Freeletics is a digital fitness company that offers tools to help promote physical fitness and mental strength. Read more
tado° is the first smartphone based heating control that adjusts automatically to the user’s daily routine and also takes current weather data and building characteristics into account. In doing so, tado° cuts the heating energy use by an average of 27%. The combination of intuitive hard- and software works like a personal heating assistant that makes sure that it is always comfortably warm at home when needed. Read more
YFood Labs is a food-tech startup which designs smart food solutions for a modern generation. Read more
StudySmarter is an intelligent platform for lifelong learning. Read more
parcelLab enables the best online retailers to delight all their customers with an awesome post-checkout shopping experience. Read more
We make mobility fun and sustainable. Read more
Ihr persönliches, global diversifiziertes ETF-Portfolio. Modernstes Risikomanagement. Zu niedrigen Kosten. Read more
Nuclino is a knowledge intelligence platform for teams. It’s your team’s collective brain that lets you instantly capture, share, and find the knowledge you need to get your job done. The main benefit is that it increases your team’s productivity. Existing products such as shared folders or enterprise wikis are hard to use and require lots of manual work to keep knowledge organized. This costs you money in the form of lost time, lost knowledge and duplicated work. Our solution is easy to use and automates many steps through intelligent organization features. For example, instead of requiring you to create complex folder structures that get outdated quickly, intelligent filters give every user a personalized view on the knowledge that fits their tasks. We just started our private beta. Sign up now for free! Read more
SimScale is a cloud-based engineering simulation platform for CFD, FEA and thermal analysis that is revolutionizing the way engineers, designers, scientists, and students design products. Read more
Near Lock is an app that turns your iPhone into a personal key for your Mac. When you walk away from your Mac, it will be automaticallylocked. Once you approach your workplace again, Near Lock will unlock your Mac. You can easily set the distance on which your Mac should be locked or unlocked. For additional security Near Lock allows the usage of the Apple Watch, Touch ID or the Notification Widget. Near Lock - security made simple! Read more
Pumperlgsund healthy food is available naturally and everywhere. Read more
Unprecedented access to space for small and medium satellites, enabling global satellite constellations. Read more
Finanzchef24 is Germany’s first online broker and comparison platform for business insurance, serving over 40.000 clients. Read more
Usercentrics is a munich/Germany based legal technology SaaS provider, redefining the way to secure compliant data via consent management. Read more
3Bears Foods enable a balanced and delicious breakfast for everyone. Read more
Providing the most intuitive SaaS CRM for small companies. Ready to work within minutes. No consultant or implementation services needed. GDPR certified. Samdock is on the market since January 2021. Fast growing startup with already more than 500 companies using our SaaS solution Read more
State-of-the-Art Technologie und modernste Trainingskonzepte motivieren und begeistern Deine Kunden. We make the gym work for everyone! Mit ganzheitlichen Studio-Konzepten und ergänzenden Services wird die eGym Gruppe zu Deinem nachhaltigen Erfolgsfaktor. Read more
unu connects the most advanced technology in the market with its innovative business model to finally make e-mobility a true option for Europe’s streets. To offer our customers the best price we cut out middlemen and ship individually manufactured scooters directly from the production to the end customer. We focus on exceptional design in every touchpoint and establish a long-lasting brand. Our retro e-scooter, is fully customizable, has the first user-friendly portable battery concept (55/110km range) and is starting at 1.499 € (1/2 of competitors). unu’s team has diverse professional experience in the development of e-vehicles, drop shipping business models and marketing to establish the first successful e-scooter brand in Europe! Read more
Malt connects businesses with digital freelancers, finding the perfect match for every project Read more
Expertiger provides a platform for IT support that connects end users (private / small business) with IT experts and IT service providers. We start with instant online remote support, customers will receive individualized support from an expert of their choice in less than two minutes via phone and screen sharing. We provide support services direct to customers and on behalf of partners (ecommerce / software), who do not establish internal support & training organizations. We make it easy for anyone to receive help and support with personal computing issues, software and solutions. In the future we will provide specific trainings via our online platform and on-site appointments with local experts. Read more
Recruit like a marketer - find, engage and win the right talent more quickly With the Recruitment Marketing Platform for Candidate Relationship Management and Employee Referrals Read more
Strydal is a place for independent yoga & fitness instructors. Read more
kiwiHR’s automates HR admin and supports SMEs in their digital HR strategy. With automated absence and attendance tracking, digital employee records, a quality onboarding program and insightful HR reports, kiwiHR offers smart features that help you digitize your HR management. Read more
EverReal is an innovative B2B2C platform that helps real estate companies find, convert and retain tenants. EverReal customers can more than double their productivity, make better data decisions, and expand their business with additional services and a personalized customer experience. Read more
With NameRobot you can easily create the perfect name for your business. NameRobot provides tools ranging from the first brainstorming session all the way to checking your new brand name. The tools that will help you achieve this were all developed by experienced name finders. Enjoy the fun of naming your startup and find a name successfully in a matter of clicks! Read more
IDnow is the world’s fastest, most flexible and most secure identity verification platform. Read more
With Userlane you can create easy, step-by-step, interactive guides to explain your browser-based software to each user individually. A navigation system that guides people while actually carrying out tasks. The perfect solution to optimize SaaS user onboarding and automate staff training. Read more
Alasco is a digital firm that offers financial management for company stakeholders. Read more
The KONUX System helps infrastructure managers improve network availability, prolong asset lifetime, and empower their employees to make maintenance more efficient. Read more
Combyne is the first Instant Outfit Messenger. It's WhatsApp for fashion, where you can talk about outfits you’ve put together with a fun swiping mechanism. See for yourself: Combyne has received great recognition in the industry, being named the most innovative fashion app during the London Fashion Week at the Google Campus and taking 2nd place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in the “World’s Best App” category at the Mobile Premier Award. Our partners include internationally renowned shops and brands such as, Topshop, Mango and Net-A-Porter, as well as young designers like Marina Hoermanseder and even fashion museums like MoMu Antwerpen. We have been featured in Wired, Bild, Bunte, Gründerszene, Icon and Die Welt. Read more
wellabe generates personalized, digital prevention programs based on the most relevant human biomarkers. Read more
Climedo Health brings the best treatment to every patient by empowering healthcare professionals with smart clinical research solutions. Read more
Demodesk, a cloud-based meeting platform that supports screen-sharing and video conferencing for inside and remote sales teams' demo. Read more
cosinuss° is opening the Stargate to Your Health. Based on a high precision wearable vital signs sensor technology, cosinuss° is empowering Digital & Mobile Health solutions to base their insights on objective vital data of their users. Read more
Bits & Pretzels is a 3 day conference for founders and people from the startup ecosystem. Read more
ProGlove develops innovative industrial wearables that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer, and easier. Read more
Automate your security testing with the most user-friendly scanning tool on the market! Read more
Workpath is enabling enterprises to get faster from strategic goals to business results. Read more
Orhidi - is the most secure, complete and loyal site about Erotic models and red light districts. Read more
Lanes & Planes is the Travel Management solution as Software-as-a-Service that truly maps all areas of the business travel in a digital way. Read more
IdeaClouds - collaborative #brainstorming and #creativity support tool for teams. More than 50 creativity techniques online: Read more
Mr Beam Lasers is the European pioneer of desktop laser cutters. We offer an elegant and user-friendly tool to help you easily enter the world of digital manufacturing and support the individualization trend. Our newest product, the Mr Beam II, is an affordable desktop laser cutter and engraver for everyone. Simply connect your PC, Mac or tablet by WiFi, choose your own design and cut or engrave a wide variety of materials with the Mr Beam II. Want to learn more? Visit our website - Read more
skalex is specialized in developing Blockchain Applications and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Exchange Software for businesses. Read more
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