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The Startup Ecosystem of Minneapolis is ranked at number 43 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 7 spots since 2020. Minneapolis also ranks at number 16 in United States, and 18 in North America.

Minneapolis is an ideal place to locate for Health, Transportation and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Minneapolis, there is a sample of 55 Health startups in Minneapolis, 24 Transportation startups in Minneapolis, and 16 Software and Data startups in Minneapolis, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 146 startups in Minneapolis, no accelerators in Minneapolis, 1 coworking spaces in Minneapolis, no organizations in Minneapolis and 1 leaders in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Startups

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When I Work is the easiest way for businesses to schedule and communicate with their employees. Put the work schedule in everyone's pocket with a text message or their smartphone. Start a free 30-day trial at When I Work simplifies employee scheduling and communication by using an innovative blend of collaborative communication technologies, including the web, mobile apps, text messaging, social media, and email. The result is huge time savings, reduction in absenteeism and improvement in employee accountability. Read more
Sezzle solves the problems online merchants face with payment processing today by enabling consumers to easily pay merchants directly from their bank account. PayPal, Braintree, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and most credit and debit cards cost merchants 2.9% + 30c per transaction. For most retailers, processing fees are second only to rental and real estate expenses. Sezzle has created a new online payment platform that leverages the low-cost ACH payment system, enabling us to charge merchants 1.5% + 15c per transaction, or half the going rate. ACH has historically been used only for large, recurring payments like payroll and mortgages because it was inefficient and cumbersome for consumers. Sezzle’s platform makes paying via ACH fast and easy. First-time users are asked to login to their bank and create a PIN during sign-up, and once complete, we require only a consumer’s mobile number and PIN to complete a purchase. Read more
LeadPages is changing the way businesses do marketing, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization online. With a growing team of awesome people, we move fast and love what we do. Launched in January of 2013, we now have over 15,000 customers. Read more
Real estate professionals spend most of their time in the field with clients but lack the tools needed to effectively get the information that they must have while in the field. Mobile Realty Apps has created a smartphone and tablet app platform for the real estate industry, empowering real estate professionals to efficiently do their job while also reaching their clientele with a branded home search app. A key differentiator is its augmented reality technology, HomeSpotter. Read more
Kaleidoscope designs, administers, and hosts branded scholarship and grant programs on a cloud-based marketplace. Read more
Upsie saves you up to 70% on warranties for your electronic devices and appliances, Protecting your stuff. Read more
Omnia Fishing is an eCommerce store that allows anglers to find, buy, and organize their fishing gear. Read more
Modern oral care powered by nature + science. Read more
ChargeOver is an automated invoice & payment acceptance app for recurring billing and subscription based businesses. We help our customers save time & get paid faster. Integration with QuickBooks, Xero, and other tools as well as a flexible API make working with our toolset easy. We enjoy working with customers and would appreciate the chance to work with you. Have questions about recurring billing? Or payment gateways? Give us a ring at 1 (888) - 924-2347. We're always happy to take your call. Read more
Apruve is a payment method designed for the way businesses buy things. Lets say you are online buying something you need for your job. At checkout, Apruve allows you to charge that purchase directly to your business or client in a safe, paperless way without needing a credit card. We are solving the pain of expense reporting, requisition forms, paper approvals, reimbursement and credit card abuse. 70% of B2B transactions involve 2 or more decision makers. This leads to all the paperwork and expense headaches along with a ton of abandoned carts by shoppers who are not authorized buyers. Our online merchant targets are those whose customers include business shoppers and include such verticals as SaaS, Education, Specialty B2B and General B2B. Merchants continue to treat all shoppers as consumers, but business shoppers are spending money in a very different way. Apruve is out to recognize this and fundamentally change the way people get the stuff they need to do their job. Read more
Collaborative Clinical Education Management Read more
App Data Room lets you build and deploy a customized app to your global sales team in minutes. Upload and organize all of your marketing materials, product brochures, videos and sales documents and push them out instantly to your team. Your reps can email links to materials to customers. Track usage, follow ups and more with detailed analytics.  Read more
Modus Engagement, Inc. develops and provides enterprise mobile sales enablement platform Read more
Technology company that operates in the photography sector and realizes aerial cameras that enhance the photography experiences of users. Read more
ClickSWITCH's mission is to simplify the process of switching direct deposits and automatic payments. Read more
Extempore is a SaaS provider of a speaking practice application, used to assign oral homework and assessments to their students. Read more
Analytics and machine learning insights for digital agriculture. Read more
Bind administers health insurance for self-funded customers. Bind is health insurance rewired for our on-demand world Read more
Sales automation helping B2B companies streamline and automate their sales process. Read more
JOBMA streamlines the hiring by eliminating guess work. It creates an efficient process by “meeting” the candidates before the interview and making the best hires. JOBMA provides multimedia marketplace of talent where hiring managers are not bogged down by stacks of identical paper resumes. You save time, money and connect with talent that offers the best fit. JOBMA Shows off who you are as a professional. Share your JOBMA profile by email or through other boards or social media sites. Read more
Simba Chain is a cloud-based SCaaS platform that enables users to implement decentralized applications dapps for blockchain. Read more
Billiyo Health is developing an electronic health record system for in-home healthcare providers. Read more
PlanHammer was designed to give the people who are actually doing the work and intimately familiar with each task's details the tools they need in order to add the the level of detail that makes them effective contributors to the project’s management. With PlanHammer the project manager or any team member is able to quickly create tasks while they are top of mind, and come back later to re-arrange them while adding details such as files, checklists, dependencies, and risks or further decomposing the task into sub-tasks. A task can be actioned by assigning it to a project collaborator from any view of the project, and collaboration is facilitated within tasks by making it easy for co-workers to communicate with mentions and comments as well as unlimited file attachments, or integration with Dropbox, and Google Drive. Email notifications are received when the tasks you create are complete, or when you are assigned a new task, or someone comments on a task you are working on. Read more
Delivering balance and health through modernized Chinese medicine. Read more
phData Premier provider of Big Data managed services and architecture, engineering, and data science consulting. Read more
AgVend is a digital e-commerce agricultural marketplace enabling farmers to purchase crop production inputs and services online. Read more
A globally available, decentralized lending ecosystem designed to securely lend and borrow digital assets on the blockchain. Read more
BetterYou is a digital wellness platform that helps to make better health and wellness decisions every day. Read more
With TruGlyph we will give everyone the ability to communicate visually. "Glyphs" are the building blocks of this visual language. With the TruGlyph app you draw simple images that represent words and context and release them into the world. You can draw them, tag them and curate those that are meaningful to you, your life, and your culture. As you submit glyphs you will earn badges and level up. Finally, those who earn the most badges will receive financial rewards for being a top contributing member of the community. Become a part of this amazing community and help build something great! Download the TruGlyph app today! Read more
Civic Eagle develops a software that helps companies discover and analyze legislation and regulations with no manual work. Read more
With over 42 million member connections, Revel empowers people for health with the industry’s leading health engagement platform, Revel Connect. Revel is a healthcare technology company that is rethinking health engagement and making it better. Revel continuously finds new ways to improve healthcare member experiences, drive better health outcomes and redefine what’s possible. Learn more at Read more
Squigl is an online software that anyone can use to quickly and easily transform text into whiteboard animated videos. Read more
Lemonada Media is a podcast network that shares the unfiltered version of the human experience. Read more
Nice Healthcare brings healthcare services into the patient's home using a combination of in-person and virtual visits. Read more
TeamGenius is an athlete evaluation and virtual training platform for youth sports clubs and leages. Read more
CareQuo provides family caregivers with the ability to store, manage and share key information. Read more
Colectica® is used to document statistical data and survey research using open data standards. Creating machine actionable metadata both documents the data and allows automation in the data's lifecycle, starting with creation, preparation, analysis, dissemination, and finally long term management. Colectica is currently used by university research groups and national statistical offices where accurate versioning and metadata documentation about the data are required. Read more
Bookkeeper360 is a financial technology company that specializes in bookkeeping, accounting, and business advisory for SMB's. Read more
Score Monster simplifies web hosting for athletic programs by providing a social network supported by a sports content management platform. Score Monster provides a free edition for any team to manage their website, team rosters, registrations, schedules, online scoring and stats. Score Monster also provides a rock'n public website portal. Simply put, Score Monster is a cloud-based enterprise solution for any sports organization and soon will also be considered a leader in Web TV! Read more
The Coven is a community and coworking space for women who support one another through leadership, organization and advocacy. Read more
Wisdom Gaming Group is creative and consulting agency with a focus on digital marketing and esports activations. Read more
AI Powered Client/Vendor Risk Assessment Platform Read more
Arthur Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in enterprise software companies. We specifically focus on companies that sell software into the business, healthcare, agriculture and energy markets. Our initial investment size in these companies typically ranges from $250,000 to $3,000,000, with most being in the $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 range. While we invest nationally, the majority of our time is spent in the Midwest. We have offices in Fargo, ND and Minneapolis, MN.  Read more
Affordable farming loans and profitable investment portfolios through an innovative lending platform. Read more
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