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#140 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#171 worldwide
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Software and Data
#174 worldwide

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startup iconLa Haus
startup iconVICO
startup iconNodo Ká

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The Startup Ecosystem of Medellin is ranked at number 183 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -52 spots since 2020. Medellin also ranks at number 2 in Colombia, and 10 in South America.

Medellin is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Hardware & IoT and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Medellin, there is a sample of 16 Fintech startups in Medellin, 11 Hardware & IoT startups in Medellin, and 6 Software and Data startups in Medellin, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 50 startups in Medellin, no accelerators in Medellin, 4 coworking spaces in Medellin, no organizations in Medellin and no leaders in Medellin.

Medellin Startups

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Nodo Ká allows social organizations to better manage their information, resources, beneficiaries and impact, their collaboration and cooperation opportunities, and serves as a match-maker for supply and offer of goods, services and contents for the social sector. Nodo Ká does this by designing and rolling out applications, tools and contents for the social sector, targeting 3 core areas of social sector organizations: internal, external and knowledge management. In June 2013 we launched the first group of applications for external management: - a tool for mapping and following up on cooperation opportunities - a job marketplace for the social sector - an e-marketplace for the social sector in which organizations can exchange products, services and resources. - an alerts system that allows social organizations that be always updated in relation to request for proposals, international cooperation opportunities, funders, events, among others. Read more
JuanchoTePresta provides credit counseling and financial services. Read more
We are a digital communications service which creates PR packages geared for growth. #PRForGrowth Read more
Collaboration tool to connect global teams to work together with global partners, clients and general stakeholders, made simple and modern. Read more
Viajala offers 2 main products: -a flight metasearch engine which aggregates airlines, low cost carriers and online travel agencies. -a lodging metasearch engine (currently in development) which will aggregate hotel and private rooms from online travel agencies, hotels websites and online marketplaces. We focus on local travel suppliers of latin america, most of which are not integrated in the established online travel agencies, metasearch websites and global distribution systems. Read more
Vozy is a voice AI platform that helps companies to transform the way they interact with customers Read more
Reinventing the connection between Talent & Organizations, solving real challenges! Read more
LG (libre gestion) let you create documents and fields according your own business, your own process and your reports. Get a functional web sofware in hours. Read more
Sempli is the leading online lending platform for small businesses in Colombia. Read more
The most intuitive and powerful means for businesses to connect with their customers Read more
Tiendapp is a global cloud computing company that develops business software for B2B, B2C and B2B2C solutions on a subscription basis Read more
At Too Easy English, we teach using a proprietary online platform, which contains over 20.000 interactive exercises, videos, speech recognition system, vocabulary tools and much more. Students can learn and practice using their laptops, tablets or even their smart phones. They can take a live session via video call and choose specific study topics, such as medicine, business, engineering, etc. We train our teachers to guide students through the learning process to improve their language skills, increase job performance, and qualify for high school graduation or simply travel anywhere in the world with the ability to communicate in English. Since we are a web-based company, we can operate almost anywhere, allowing us to offer our services worldwide. Read more
Venture with Impact organizes accommodation, workspace, and volunteer experiences for intrepid professionals who live and travel in a country abroad for one month or longer. Read more
We specialize in digital strategy for innovation in online distribution channels. We want to expand globally and to propose new models of mobile applications, digital advertising, affiliate and social networks using new concepts: NLP and Neuromarketing. We are a young, enterprising and endless opportunities in the global market agency. Read more
Helps teachers to create interactive class flow even in offline classrooms in developing countries Read more
Bluma is a technology platform that allows beauty-conscious contemporary women to save time by having their on-demand beauty needs. Read more
Sammu is a SAAS that allows the collection of information and the control of production plants through mobile devices in real time. Read more
We are a tech company creating high impact products for the fintech industry in Latin America Read more
INplaza is a blockchain technology company that focuses on international trade. Read more
Amazing Soul Game Studio is a videogame production company. Read more
Escrow for social media commerce Read more
Suyo leverages innovative technology to provide low-income families with affordable and reliable property rights formalization services. Read more
FCP Innovacion SP is EPM's corporate venture fund. EPM is Colombia's largest utility Read more
We develop AR and VR courses for trade skills training. Read more
We offer highly optimized and fast Hosting with great user experience. Web Hosting from $2 a month, VPS from $5 a month, Dedicated servers from $115 a month. We offer Web Hosting with support until 80 millions of request a month. It supports PHP 5/7, MySQL / PostgreSQL, Python, Java, Ruby On rails, Perl. CDN with 76 data centers in 40 countries for free. Wordpress and more auto installer. The VPS are KVM virtualization with rDNS, IPv6 for free, additional IPv4 for $3/Month. Many OS Supported or your own OS. The Dedicated server start at 32 GB RAM, 2 480GB SSD Disk, 1Gb/s port (Unlimited transfer), Anti DDoS, Intel Xeon 8 Threads. We provide English and Spanish 24/7 support. All the service has English available, except our website that very soon will be in English available. We Accept Paypal as payment method. Read more
Customer Value Analysis, Digital marketing tool to help businesses promote their establishments, identify, engage and retain their best customers. Read more
We are the first breathalyzer in Latin America bringing tranquility to the drivers and safeness to the roads. Read more
Vino Para Mi is a wine shop for easy buying. Lets customers buy in an easy and quick way the wine they look for. The wines sold in are carefully selected by a professional sommelier to guarantee the best quality products. The customer service is priority in the shop and as part of it there is a 24 hours online chat and customer line to advice and solve customers questions. Read more
In ProcessOnLine we believe companies are made of people and processes, so we are convinced that efficiency and best practices, help businesses to grow sustainable and profitable way regardless of its size. It usually takes time and money to get there because the learning curve is long and costly. For this, we developed a BPMS engine (Business Process Management Suite) 100% cloud computing, for the automation of business processes such as those in ISO 9001, Health, Construction, Education, Distribution and others. This way any company may acquire the best practices from the beginning of its activity without paying a fortune for them and go polishing their process meanwhile the company grows, 'cause the BPMS helps to optimize workflows according to the company operations.. Here the process is the software app Read more
Geomedical its a online platform where the user can organize all the details for their health or wellness travel. The platform include all the possible medical, dental, surgical, esthetic or spa treatments/procedures including the travel logistics (tickets, accommodation, transport, external and tourism activities). Each case is managed by a case manager who is responsible for the experience of the patient. In one site the user can meet all their needs in health and wellness, saving costs, time and providing the best experience available. The platform transform a hard and stressful experience( looking to solve a health related issue) in a smooth and hassle-free experience. Be healthy by travel puts together three main desires of humans: 1- Travel and know new places 2. save cost and time 3. Get incredible experiences. Our company already offers services in health and wellness industry, focused in Local Hospitals and Hotesl (consultancy and process auditory).  Read more
Bankity is a finance tool that gives you complete reports about your finances, all this without the need to register manually your payments made with electronic money. You'll know where your money is going in real time. All this in a safe way, without asking for your banks account passwords or credit card numbers, you only need to download the mobile app, read the instructions, make a 5 minute configuration in your online banking service and voila, complete finances report with NO EFFORT, AUTOMATICALLY. The solution is simple but will give us the possibility to reach LATAM in an easy way, all this without the need to negociate with the banks to support the service. Our User? Online banking users, that want to know more information about their finances, 28 Million in 2011 in the five latam main countries. (Havas Digital) Read more is an online market place focused on the gifts segment. The platform allows SMEs to sell their products in an easy way. provides the call center and the delivery service for all the companies that sell through our platform. Additionally, we have an expert team in marketing online attracting new customers for those companies. also helps young people between 23 and 38 years old from the main cities of Latin America by giving them the opportunity of buying gifts from the comfort of their homes; saving money and time. Our service is also useful to the Latin-American people living abroad, who want to keep in touch with their relatives in their home country. helps them by sending gifts to their loved ones. One of the key factors of is the mobile tracking platform that allows all the buyers to know the specific status of their packages, something that makes ecommerce more reliable in a time of no trust. Read more
X - ROL is a base-technology company to the provision of telemedicine services covering the generation of specialized teleconsultation requests, delivery to referral center, return the results to the treating physician. X - ROL supports the provision of telemedicine in our own friendly and robust software platform, than adequately handles data and medical images and protects information of patient, health institutions and medical staff involved in the process in compliance with international standards for telemedicine. X - ROL has its own file format, the process of encryption/decryption is done with proprietary algorithms. User interfaces for general practitioners and specialists have online guides that guide the process and the actions of each to facilitate the acceptance and implementation in their daily activities. X -ROL has applications for: Cardiology, Surgery, Dermatology, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Pathology, Pediatrics and Radiology. Read more
Tapptus is a start-up company which captures and stores information about people's habits and hobbies, such as interest in sports, food or clothing. This information is then analyzed by the Tapptus program, a learning and inference software application that identifies and delivers information and advertising that will be of interest to the target individual. Some examples are digital menus in restaurants, guides with custom workouts for each user in gyms, digital clothing store catalogs, and endless possibilities for other establishments. This program facilitates the consumption of services and products that the establishment offers. When users interact with apps, they trust that Tapptus knows their true tastes, their real buying patterns, and exact overall profile. This in turn allows the app to deliver information about services and brands that are relevant to the individual's tastes, location, and hobbies.  Read more
Knight uses the waterless car wash service and the SIGIV, an online software, as a way to know about your car and offer the parts and services it needs at the right moment. Our service can be provided anywhere, does not use water and offers a higher finish at the same price as the traditional car washing. The products are made by Knight and the services are offered through franchises that generate additional revenue by integrating the car washing and the maintenance information service offered by the SIGIV.  Read more
Singular gives you the opportunity to become a product designer with just a couple of clicks you can create your own products Read more
Falsification of documents, goods and services represents income falls in the brands have to compete against other brands and against an increasingly growing market of counterfeiters. Poses risks for users as many products as counterfeit medicines, liquor, food and even clothing can cause them health risks and sometimes lead to death. Moreover document fraud are forever threatening the heritage and identity of persons. In "Verify" we created a Electronic system against Counterfeiting Documents, Goods and Services, which allows any user with a mobile phone to check in real time if the Document, Good or Service you want to purchase if it was actually produced by the brand that is representing. Our verification tool in real time gives people the power to make them look not affected in their personal assets and reduces the risks associated with the purchase of counterfeit products. Read more
Tools to handle markets investments in conservative way Read more
Idbooster is a web platform where we want to create interaction between entrepreneurs and boosters (Booster can be seen as an Angel investor, a person who wants to make partnerships, companies or funders). In this way we are creating a new online business market. Throughout IdBooster, entrepreneurs will be able to get resources so they can make their ideas possible and boosters and banks will find new ideas where they want to invest their money and give loans to small companies and some entrepreneurs. beneficiaries will be entrepreneurs, angel investors, banks, people who want to make partnerships, companies and funders. First, entrepreneurs who we want to benefit are those who live in Latin America, but we are looking for boosters around the world. Read more
We provide IT Security Solutions to protect your company data, to help to control web and e-mail security,  Read more
We generate, guide and reinforce organizational processes, through open source knowledge and solutions appropriation, addressing the challenges and opportunities of each context Some solutions: - Design and Implementation of Strategic Technology Plans - IT Management Outsourcing - Processes Reinforcement through the use of ERP, CRM, SCM PMI - Corporate Communications Enhancement: Virtual Conference Platforms - Specific ICT Skills Development - Messaging and collaboration platform useful for just a couple to many thousands of users with strong support for mobile devices.  Read more
¿Que es el producto? - Es el mejor sistema POS online diseñado para gestionar facturación, compras e inventarios de pequeñas y medianas empresas. ¿Que puede hacer por los clientes? - Facilita la gestión de facturación - Facilita el control de inventarios - Permite conocer mejor a los clientes - Aporta movilidad a la gestión de los negocios - Facilita el proceso de compras - Genera reportes al instante sobre el negocio. ¿Quienes son los clientes? - Emprendedores - Independientes - Pequeñas y medianas empresas  Read more
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