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The Lithuania Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 16 globally, and shows a negative momentum -1 spots since 2020. Lithuania also ranks at number 2 for startups in Eastern Europe.

There are 3 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Lithuania and the top ranked city in Lithuania is Vilnius at 84 globally. Vilnius is followed by Kaunas at 135 and Klaipeda at 797.

Lithuania is an ideal place to locate for Marketing & Sales, Fintech and Energy & Environment startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 152 Marketing & Sales startups in Lithuania, 116 Fintech startups in Lithuania and 42 Energy & Environment startups in Lithuania, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 513 startups in Lithuania, 19 accelerators in Lithuania, 35 coworking spaces in Lithuania, 7 organizations in Lithuania and no leaders in Lithuania.

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509 startups in representative sample
Art, design, and photography community for creative people  Read more
A game store for mobile games and mobile gaming Read more
MailerLite is the simplest email marketing tool for small business. Forget complex settings and unnecessary features. MailerLite is so easy, that anyone can create and send beautiful email newsletters, manage subscribers and track results. Read more
CGTrader ARsenal transforms 2D product images into photorealistic 3D models for Augmented Reality retail experiences  Read more
The Hosting Platform - Go Online With Hostinger Read more
Find products to sell, add them to your Shopify store and start selling  Read more
A mobile media company with global reach and focus on emerging markets. Read more
Wide experience of process management, production planning, Lean management, work organization, change of working habits’ and change implementation. While consulting organizations or creating practical solutions, company integrates and uses synergy of different competencies - Psychology, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Information Technology. The main company’s work subject is to look for the new opportunities at the programming equipment area (exp. shopping online). Also to look for contacts with foreign partners from Sweden and Denmark. Setting of already created equipment and production, as well as service for software networks, consultations for users. Read more
TAMO grupė - kuriame progresyvius produktus e-švietimui  Read more
Zyro is a powerful website builder that’s extremely simple to use. We harness the power of AI to do all the hard work for our client, from generating copy to predict the behavior of their site’s visitors. Read more
Dappradar tracks dapps, uses analytics Read more
Analytics service that improves web and mobile app performance: increases user retention, engagement and revenue stream. Read more is a research service that provides financial data and technical analysis on stocks. Read more
Planner 5D is a service that allows anyone create their own interior plans without any special skills. In Planner 5D you can work on one and the same project together with other users, share your project looks with your friends, add to your project real furniture from integrated manufacturers catalogues, export high-resolution images, etc. Planner 5D is your real chance to turn boring thing of making interior layouts into an interesting and easy process! Read more
Contribee is a solution for content creators who want to get paid for their content easily, whether it‘s videos, works of art, non-profit activities, etc. We provide platform with personal e-shop integration, multiple payment options and content discovery tools for fans. Read more
Company is one of freight exchanges in Europe and a modern logistics platform for road transport. Read more
TutoTOONS is a game studio and publisher with 300+ mobiles games for kids and over 200M downloads worldwide. Free drag & drop mobile game builder that lets you create games without coding. Read more
Education platform which revolutionize global education and tech recruiting Read more
ConnectPay - EMI in Lithuania providing banking services for internet-based companies. ConnectPay’s main services are Sepa Instant & Cross-border payments, Business & Segregated Accounts, Online Banking & Merchant API’s, Corporate cards, BaaS and Accept payments (NL, FI & DE). Read more
SaaS based marketplace and business management system provides an opportunity to purchase used car parts Read more
Omnisend is the ecommerce marketing automation platform built for growing ecommerce businesses. Read more
Building the Bank for the Blockchain Era Read more
EstateGuru is the leading European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans Read more
Affise is a performance marketing solution designed to create, kickstart and manage your own CPA/CPI networks in the most efficient way ever. Affiliates and advertisers, creatives and conversions, offers and payments – everything is right where you need it, easy to manage and analyze. Affise helps you to streamline the processes and routines, as well as bring down your expenses to as low as 90% as the software allows you to use any traffic sources and you only pay for conversions. With Affise, users are able to multiply their revenues exponentially and enjoy huge returns on their investments. With Affise, you are leveraging the best of CPA technologies including advanced offers, affiliate management system, unique smart links, caps, and bids among others. Read more
Public WiFi & 3G/4G Watchdog. We enable people to fight poor internet connection globally. Read more
Zen Global is an electronic money institution focused on online payment solutions for SMEs. Read more
We are a company, providing practical skills training in the field of emergency medicine. Crisis Research Center offers the most popular courses that are recognized around the world. Read more
The key idea of using neural networks for biometric person identification, computer vision, robotics Read more
It is a licenced Electronic Money Institution based in Lithuania. Read more
TASKER is a flexible and effective tool for managing tasks, processes and employees. Read more
Viacorex automated procurement solution gives you more control over your spendings Read more
Reducing compliance risk combining artificial intelligence with professional expertise globally Read more
Easy to use, powerful and affordable email marketing. Read more
Building sites is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. XtGem streamlines the process by allowing a person without any technical background to build a fully-featured, completely-customizable mobile site in minutes. In numbers: 3,000,000 active sites, 1,000,000,000 pageviews / mo. It's an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to build a mobile site - from personal blogs to businesses wanting to grow and represent their brand in the mobile market. Read more
It have started in 2008 as a software development company. Read more is a video game discovery platform. Read more
Billo is the Number1 platform for custom-made eCom Video Ads.Create videos for the brands you love – get free products and cash rewards. Read more
Enables websites to accept cryptocurrency payments  Read more
Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account, access e-services and sign documents. Read more
Integrate all sales channels like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy and etc. Read more
MONIMOTO is a smart GPS tracker for motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s. Read more
Intelligent Car Diagnostics. The easiest way to know Your Car Read more is a cloud-hosted ad tracking&conversion attribution solution to help consolidate ad data across all channels and solve the issue of delayed and inaccurate decisions, resulting in waste of time, money and opportunities. Track. Control. Manage. Automate your ads Read more
Fast credit provider operating in Lithuania Read more
Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting platform that automatically converts website & social media data into visual, simple and understandable infographic reports. Whatagraph supports multiple integrations, you can assign responsible users to clients, group your reports by clients or departments, set unique branding to each client & pay for what you need and many more features that definitely will take your reporting to the next level. For more details on Whatagraph’s various plans, please contact us. You can also FOLLOW us on Twitter Instagram: Blog: Read more
It is an artificial intelligence based platform for sportsmen and multiplayer online game players. Read more
Rubbee works by providing electric assist directly to the rear tire via an electric friction roller Read more
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