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The Lebanon Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 74 globally, and shows a strong hold by 0 spots since 2020. Lebanon also ranks at number 6 for startups in Middle East.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Lebanon and the top ranked city in Lebanon is Beirut at 352 globally. Beirut is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Lebanon is an ideal place to locate for Health, Social & Leisure and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 12 Health startups in Lebanon, 7 Social & Leisure startups in Lebanon and 6 Software and Data startups in Lebanon, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 39 startups in Lebanon, no accelerators in Lebanon, no coworking spaces in Lebanon, 1 organizations in Lebanon and no leaders in Lebanon.

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39 startups in representative sample
Turn your physical address into a short shareable code. Change locations, keep the code. Use your code on 3rd party websites and apps Read more
Cinemoz is a premium Video On demand destination for the Arab World. Arabic Feature Films, TV Series and Original Content are all available for free, anytime, anywhere.  Read more
DMD Panorama has 7M downloads since launch in June 2011. The panorama creation process is extremely fast: just a few seconds for stunning 360 results. We love math and low-level optimizations, and we don't like progress bars. The main difference with the other panoramic apps is its built-in gallery where you can interact with other peoples' amazing shots. Read more
Dentiflow is a cloud-based practice management software tailored for dentists. Read more
Lemonade Fashion is an e-commerce platform for designer collections. Read more
Drapp is a platform allowing billable medical consultations between doctors and patients through a smart chatbot. Read more
The first dating app EVER based on chemistry Read more
eTobb is the Quora for Health & Medicine. eTobb connects you to doctors and medical experts to bring you all the health and wellness information you are looking for. eTobb also aims to help doctors increase their exposure by allowing them to engage with patients around the world and potentially acquire new clients. eTobb’s mission is to improve access to healthcare in the Arab World and empower people with medical information to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to their health. Read more
Software Development company looking to digitize Wealth Management. We offer a software solution to banks & financial institutions. Read more
Synkers is a peer-to-peer mobile app that connects students to qualified tutors.Their offerings include academic tutoring, skills development, and help with standardized tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL. Read more
Feedeed is an online marketplace for skills & services. Read more
Jawla is an information technology company that specializes in the fields of the internet and software. Read more
Basma operates as a digital dental startup. Read more
Oreyeon develops solutions enabling airports to optimize their safety procedures. Read more
WonderEd is a program that is based on core psychological foundations with a focus on preschoolers' development. Read more
Find A Nurse is a web-based platform that matches families with qualified, trusted home care professionals quickly and affordably. Read more
Grappem trains university students according to the highest standards of hospitality and links them to clients through an online platform. Read more
Poyze is a mobile app for managing salons and spas bookings. Read more
Grey Imp Studios is a game development studio. Read more
dox is providing a battery predictive maintenance platform helping EV OEMs reduce warranty costs, battery waste, and sudden failures Read more
Buildink is disrupting the construction industry with concrete 3D printing technology enabling the delivery of homes in less than one week. Read more
Bidappeal is a 15 minutes auction platform where user reserves a seat and place his price & the highest bidder wins and purchases product. Read more
MakerBrane is a digital and physical platform that lets anyone design, build, and trade their own toy worlds. Read more
Figurit is a content discovery platform that helps content creators looking for fresh and exciting stories to write about. Read more
Cabbis is a smartphone application to order a cab. Read more
Spoke is a personal connection management software that enables its users to leverage business information. Read more
CSP Healthcare helps doctors and medical professionals manage their patients’ medical records with ease. Read more
Modeo is a new modular do-it-yourself furniture solution based on a mobile application. Read more
The Neumann business intelligence platform's core premise is to make use of enterprise data. Read more
NavyBits provides startups a platform for all tools needed to start a business. Read more
Valoores is one of the global leading providers of Enterprise Management & Decision Making solutions. Read more
Jellyfish Labs is your budget management app made specially for project teams. Read more
Educational applications with a twist,Bridging the gap between educational institutions, parents, and students using the latest technology and AI... Read more
Carpolo is a community based mobile application with a gamified pointsreward system. Read more
Aiming to Connect 18.000.000 Lebanese People All Around the World in One Place Read more
Aliim is a non-profit organization that provides innovative educational opportunities to marginalized youth in conflict-affected countries and the developing world. In a world where learning has become mobile, we believe it is possible to fulfill every child's right to education. Aliim rallies behind the notion that if students cannot come to school, we must take schooling to them through mobile learning programs. Our Smartphone Schools program is a unique opportunity to pioneer the application of mobile learning in an emergency/refugee context. The product, a Master App, will allow multiple students to use the same device, and securely log into their own profile and access the suite of apps to engage with learning material and assessments. Password protected individual accounts will ensure that students cannot take assessments under another student’s name, or access another students recorded work or data.  Read more
Roadie is a guitarist tool: it is an automated robotic guitar tuner and the first device capable of tracking the quality of strings, informing users when they are about to snap and need replacing. Roadie is - Three times more accurate than the human ear. - Faster than most experienced guitarists and easy to use by beginners and students. - Complemented by a mobile app that allows users to switch between alternate tunings, create their own custom tunings, and keep track of their instrument's maintenance information. - Universal: it works on electric, acoustic, classic guitars, as well as any similar instrument with geared pegs like mandolins, ukuleles, banjos, etc. - A fast and powerful string winder/unwinder.  Read more
Sociatag offers a new solution for offline marketing via social networks. It allows users to directly connect and share their experiences in exhibitions, workshops, seminars etc.. with their friends, using sexy boxes that can be deployed on site. It adds a whole new dimension for the events, shops or restaurants by taking them to the online community. The Sociatag boxes are easy to install and can be fully branded in accordance to the brands' guidelines. Boxes can be Facebook Post Likes, Check-ins, Photobooth or Event Reservations. They can also be linked to Twitter to post a predefined tweet, or Foursquare for check-ins as well. Linkedin boxes also allow users to follow companies, join groups, bookmark job postings or simply share posts with their network. Rating boxes are available as well to get direct feedback from users. The options are endless, and we are constantly working on adding social networks to our sociatag family. Read more
Solar Cell, a clean energy for your home, In some parts of the world the sun shines 300 days a year, these are perfect places to offer an alternative to combustible energies. Solar Cell is a unit the weighs 75 Kg that is similar in size and shape to a standard traveling suitcase, It offers 8 hours of continuous power rechargeable by sun exposition and current, it provides 10A, 220v and can be recharged in less than 8 hours. In one of the smallest countries of the region Lebanon, inhabitants pay up to 600.000.000 $ a year in back up generators run by mafias and illegal generators. the Government is only able to provide 10-12 hours a day in some regions, what we are offering is a solar back up for every home that costs less than 2 years of back up energy (12000 USD) and is guaranteed for 8 to 15 years.  Read more
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