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Energy & Environment
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The Startup Ecosystem of Kyoto is ranked at number 124 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 127 spots since 2020. Kyoto also ranks at number 2 in Japan, and 11 in East Asia.

Kyoto is an ideal place to locate for Health, Energy & Environment and Hardware & IoT startups. As the most popular industries in Kyoto, there is a sample of 25 Health startups in Kyoto, 12 Energy & Environment startups in Kyoto, and 7 Hardware & IoT startups in Kyoto, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 62 startups in Kyoto, 3 accelerators in Kyoto, 4 coworking spaces in Kyoto, no organizations in Kyoto and no leaders in Kyoto.

Kyoto Startups

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Baseconnect Co., Ltd. connects people from all over the world and spends one-tenth the time it takes for people to “know”. Read more
As online sellers based in Kyoto selling to over 100 countries around the world, we were spending hours everyday just to manage the shipping process.To address this challenge, we created Ship&co to automate our shipping process, designing it to be user-friendly for ourselves. Read more
Biome is an image analysis technology startup that has developed a living creatures collection mobile app. Read more
ExaWizards solves social issues using AI and creates a happy society. We work on hundreds of projects with clients in various industries such as finance, manufacturing , retail, restaurant business, education, medical care, and IT communication. Read more
OOYOO leads the Development and Implemention in Gas and Air Separation Technologies Read more
Atmoph Window is a digital window that connects you to the world. By simply putting it on your desk or hanging it on the wall, Atmoph Window will open up a whole new world before you. With hundreds of videos of beautiful scenery from around the world, complete with audio, you’ll feel as if you’re actually there. Read more
Kyoto Robotics has a leading share in 3d vision market in Japan, with No. 1 amount of successful implementation cases at customer site in the era of labor shortage and rising costs. Read more
Mui is an aesthetically-pleasing wooden IoT device connected to a cloud service. Read more
Our company is an AI startup from Kyoto Univ that aims to realize creative AI by using the advanced AI technology "GAN". We conduct research and development and social implementation of creative AI, which is unprecedented "AI to create something". Utilizing our GAN algorithm. Read more
Creative AI development,AI related system development and consulting Read more
HACARUS is a healthcare and wellness service for enterprises powered by healthy eating. It all starts with healthy eating. Visualize nutritional balance in your meal. mprove your eating habit with professional support. Easy food logging. Read more
Regional Fish uses genome editing technology and an aquaculture environment that makes full use of IoT, adding value to the Japanese aquaculture industry and transforming it into a sustainable growth industry. Read more
Seedbank leads initiatived on Research and development, culture manufacturing and sales of algae, mainly diatoms. Read more
Nota was founded in Silicon Valley in 2007 and today has its main office in Kyoto. It provides three services: Gyazo instant screen capture sharing, Scrapbox an instant, auto-organized knowledge base, and Helpfeel an instant and ultra reliable FAQ / support search. Read more
Kyoto Fusioneering is developing fusion technology to drive a new energy industry and solve global environmental problems. Read more
Kyo Diagnostics KK, a Kyoto University-based startup firm whose first project will be the development of a colorectal cancer biomarker. Read more
Sunlit Seedlings has developed through research, innovative analysis methods for the diagnosis of biological communities and ecosystems. Read more
DaiLambda works on the security of social infrastructure systems such as cryptocurrencies by formal verification technology such as type system, static analysis, model checking, and theorem proving. Read more
From Data has developed the IoT platform DataMash which is providing a wide range of functions from edge computing to data utilization such as network services, visualization, notification, and data analysis. Read more
Kyoto Space Gamma has developed a technology that makes it possible to visualize gamma rays, which are a type of radiation, with the same high accuracy as optical cameras. Read more
Enishia offers and electronic medical records solutions for doctors data input and medical record management. Read more
MaRI is a sleep-tech startup developing human-friendly medical devices that solve problems caused by sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Read more
BugMo develops an edible insect farming system for the production of insect-derived foods and ingredients. Read more
ActualEyes is a biotechnology company focusing on eye health that has developed therapeutics and products for treating Fuchs' dystrophy. Read more
AdInte has developed advertisement distribution business technology, using language and behavior analysis technologies. Read more
Nature Gift utilizes cellulose nanofibers derived from sustainable woody biomass to produce resin compounds and masterbatches. This resin compound is a raw material containing CNF for molding into products such as automobiles, communication equipment, and electrical products. Read more
Dokuen is a game development company. It combines karaoke and music games aiming to provide new and innovatiove entertainment experiences to people. Read more
Quadlytics is a medical device and software development, company aiming to solve the problems caused by epileptic seizures by using innovative technology.. Read more
Anamorphosis Networks specializes in the development, provision, and sales of software utilizing advanced technology for industrial efficiency improvement using AI technology. Read more
Ocean Eyes is developing technologies aiming at realizing sustainable ocean utilization by utilizing state - of -the - art information technology such as pattern recognition and data assimilation technology. Read more
Wasimil has developed a fully automated hotel management software solution. Read more
Toregem Bio Pharma is a startup venture from Kyoto University that was founded for the purpose of research and development and launch of tooth regeneration antibody drug based on the research results of Dr. Katsu Takahashi, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Kyoto University. Read more
Soraharu offers a SaaS-type online coaching and counseling platform for small businesses and individual therapists. In addition to the counseling interface, it offers functions such as payment, medical records, and referrals. Read more
Photo Soni Tech developes non-invasive, non-contrast, high resolution Innovative imaging technology opens up the future! Read more
Ghoonuts is developing technology to improve the human ability using neurotechnology. Read more
GenoConcierge Kyoto provides advanced patient care through innovative bioinformatics Read more
QuinyApp is a service that proposes the best solution by robots and automatic machines for the work just by sending a video of the work. Read more
Bio-Axel Co., Ltd. ensures high safety Aiming for high quality and reasonable immunotherapy. We strive to research and develop advanced medical technology day and night. Read more
Rebirthel aims to realize cell-based therapies against cancer or other immune-related diseases by using universal T cells that are regenerated from pluripotent stem cells. Read more
Coarobo GK contributes to its mission by creating and maintaining software development environments in the form of encapsulated containers as a deployment vehicle for researchers and developers in the fields of service robotics and artificial intelligence. Read more
Sonic arc can deliver audio commentary to the audience by exhibit without mixing even if they are next to each other. Furthermore, since it can be heard only in front of the exhibit , the commentary audio will not spread throughout the building and become noisy . Read more
dTosh offers an educational package that combines a unique online learning platform, systematic teaching materials, and trusted professional teachers. Read more
FACT.Vision develops services such as software development, application system development, and application device development based on the image processing know-how cultivated over many years Read more
For the purpose of mental health care, we are developing a system to clarify mental problems by chatting with AI and lead to solutions to the problems.We provide this chat system with AI, iOS app "emol" for general consumers and web service "emol work" for business. Read more
Thyas is an early stage Japanese biotechnology company developing autologous adoptive immunotherapy with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)-derived killer T cells for the treatment of cancers and chronic viral infection. Read more
KDDD sincerely aims to develop an innovative agent effective for various INCURABLE or INTRACTABLE eye diseases, especially CRAO, Retinal Pigmentosa, AMD and Glaucoma. Read more
KinoPharma is developing safe topical treatment for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), human papillomavirus (HPV) infection of the cervix that could potentially lead to cervical cancer. Read more
Rege Nephro is a biotech company that specialized in R&D, production and marketing of renal disease therapeutics. Read more
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