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Energy & Environment
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Marketing & Sales
#80 worldwide
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#82 worldwide

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The Startup Ecosystem of Kaunas is ranked at number 135 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -23 spots since 2020. Kaunas also ranks at number 2 in Lithuania, and 11 in Eastern Europe.

Kaunas is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Marketing & Sales and Transportation startups. As the most popular industries in Kaunas, there is a sample of 59 Energy & Environment startups in Kaunas, 22 Marketing & Sales startups in Kaunas, and 16 Transportation startups in Kaunas, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 161 startups in Kaunas, 11 accelerators in Kaunas, 12 coworking spaces in Kaunas, 4 organizations in Kaunas and no leaders in Kaunas.

Kaunas Startups

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Smart-ID is the easiest, fastest and safest way to authenticate yourself online! Forget complicated user names and passwords – this is a safer and easier way to check your online bank account, access e-services and sign documents. Read more
IPXO is the Unique IP Lease & Monetization Platform, an IP marketplace that helps to monetize unused IP resources and alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem. Read more
PassCamp is a password manager for teams that protects the privacy and safety of your company's data. Read more
Biosyyd is carrying out research & development activities, provides consultancy services in the specialized field of bioactive compound extraction, processing and formulation, of Industrial Hemp derived products and ingredients. Read more
Billo is the Number1 platform for custom-made eCom Video Ads.Create videos for the brands you love – get free products and cash rewards. Read more
Our vision – boost the agronomy industry in Lithuania with the help of the newest and most advanced technology. Read more
MODERN AND CONVENIENT SOLUTION TO GET YOUR CLIENTS PERMISSION FOR GDPR Read more brings together celebrities and their fans, allowing them to make personal long-term relationships through inspiring and motivating personal video messages. Read more
EMOTIKA is an effective and cost-efficient blended micro-learning platform to train self-development, leadership and management, sales, negotiation, and team-focused skills. Read more
The Memory Tree urn is more than your average burial urn – it helps keep memories alive by entangling them in nature and reincarnating them into a different life form. Read more
Audiovisual services company that consists of creative and professional young team which is ready to implement any clients' ideas. Read more
We buy jeans from the United States that Levi’s has already written off for destruction. These can be clothes returned by customers, or damaged in factories or during transportation. So we tidy up those clothes and revive them for a new life! Read more
We are a company, providing practical skills training in the field of emergency medicine. Crisis Research Center offers the most popular courses that are recognized around the world. Read more
Digital marketing in China available to western businesses Read more
We design and sell solar power plants, but we are developing software inside the company that will make solar energy easier and ultimately cheaper. Read more
Mundia, UAB was established in 2006. The company focuses on medical equipment, materials and supplies areas. Works in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Read more
IT academy is innovative information technology training and consulting company. Read more
Virtual Racing is merging the latest VR technologies with real life racing hardware. The team of experienced drivers and mechanics develop racing simulators with racing automobiles and are targeting the B2B markets using the frachise model. Read more
A privately held company which provides professional software development services. Read more
The company provides consultancy on environmental issues and sustainability. In the near future the team plans to develope a sustainable product from textile and plastic materials. Read more
Software developer and creator of Mac OS X operating system. The company's activities - creation of new applications Apple users and existing programs and the development of opportunities for customization. Read more
"VR Trading" gives consultations about HACCP programs creation, implementation and supervision, analysis management of critical points, creates general programs. Read more
ITPC, UAB scope of operations, the products and services for businesses and organizations of information technology systems for the maintenance and management, development, customization and deployment. Read more
ENERGENAS is a modern and continuously growing company, working together with research institutions and innovative business companies in the fields of investment and commercialization of scientific ideas. Read more
Pixinn is an enthusiastic team of programmers and designers working to help businesses adapt to the latest IT technology Read more
Trainer X - it is an interactive fitness trainer. Trainer X package includes one long sleeves training shirt, one training pants and 6 sensors that register your body movement. Read more
Zowo is a household finance management app for families which have fragmented and isolated finances and experience uncertainty. Read more
We are a fast-growing innovative technologies company. On a mission to create a vehicle assistant for daily drivers, we strive to become a global leader in intelligent automotive diagnostics. Read more
We offer a platform that helps you to create sales and marketing portal for your business sector. Read more
The representatives of our company are sure that this production can overcome not only the symptomsof diseases but also to forestall it by default, by using the gifts of nature! Innovative solutions that will radically change customers perception to their health care. Read more
Contribee is a solution for content creators who want to get paid for their content easily, whether it‘s videos, works of art, non-profit activities, etc. We provide platform with personal e-shop integration, multiple payment options and content discovery tools for fans. Read more
Vaizduote is a development team specializing in medical devices and diagnostics, robotic and sensing solutions. Our expertise is based on years of experience in the definition, development and implementation of complex technological products from concept to real life solution. Read more
With EmPlastrum system patients can have treatment everywhere. EmPlastrum team has developed different size patches with integrated UVB LED's which are flexible and patients can easily put on their damaged skin places and treat it. Read more
Brite is based on the nootropic synergy of caffeine and L-theanine from superfoods to provide a long lasting productivity boost. Based on research by leading neuroscientists, made of functional superfoods. Read more
Kasvalgyt is a company of enthusiast working on solving daily problem - what your will eat. It's AI based solution to find best deal for you Read more
The unique tool that automates 3D terrain based solar engineering, so you not only save time, but also get much better precision Read more
Unboxed is a marketplace connecting marketers with creators for consumer-personalized social media content on-demand. Read more
Zyro is a powerful website builder that’s extremely simple to use. We harness the power of AI to do all the hard work for our client, from generating copy to predict the behavior of their site’s visitors. Read more
include heat, water and wastewater monitoring devices, energy management devices an systems. Read more
Actus legale is the first system in Lithuania to bring together professionals in the field Read more
We are Lithuanian based company MB Colifa. Our main activity is chatbot development services! Read more
Parcel Forwarding Platform safe and easy to use, giving you the opportunity to order exclusive good Read more
Non-invasive way to track your diabetes Read more
computer games publisher in Lithuania, we create interactive applications and software in general. Read more
optimization of the work of organizers of events, seminars, trainings and other activities Read more
Its team of designers, marketers, and developers who are keen on eco, green and electric things. Read more
We provide assistance in all computer graphic fields and contract work for longer term projects. Read more
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