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#206 worldwide
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Ecommerce & Retail
#240 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#285 worldwide

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startup iconSafeBoda
startup iconDigest Africa
startup iconXENO Investment Management

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The Startup Ecosystem of Kampala is ranked at number 369 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -62 spots since 2020. Kampala also ranks at number 1 in Uganda, and 3 in Eastern Africa.

Kampala is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Ecommerce & Retail and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in Kampala, there is a sample of 9 Fintech startups in Kampala, 7 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Kampala, and 3 Social & Leisure startups in Kampala, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 34 startups in Kampala, no accelerators in Kampala, no coworking spaces in Kampala, no organizations in Kampala and no leaders in Kampala.

Startups in Kampala

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SafeBoda is ride hailing app that allows users to book transportation on motorbikes. Read more
Digest Africa is an investment news platform Read more
XENO Investment Management uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people. Read more
clinicPesa provides you with access to healthcare financing, that is more convenient and affordable than the traditional Insurance, through a digital micro-loans and savings platform for setting aside dedicated healthcare funds used to offset medical bills and purchase drugs in time of need at our registered clinic, hospital or pharmacy. Read more
A factoring platform for SMEs, traders and farmers. Use us to get credit, to purchase and to pay. Read more
Not only because we are super convenient and more affordable. Now sending money to Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Read more
Corporate cards and payments platform Read more
Easy Matatu is a tech platform connecting commuters in Africa to safe, reliable and clean transportation Read more
Cinnamon Clubs is an investment club management software. Read more
Ensibuuko provide a cloud-based micro-finance software for financial entities in Africa. The software known as Mobis is designed to help savings and loans cooperatives go paperless and become more efficient by digitizing customer data and transactions. Read more
Simple warehousing, e-commerce & fulfillment for Africa Read more
Closing the gap between the communities and their rightful access to healthcare Read more
Proteen specializes in protein production through waste management solutions in Africa. Read more
Chil AI Lab offers artificial intelligence technology to improve on the access of reproductive health cancer diagnosis. Read more
Charge Ko is driving the mobile revolution in Africa through setting up pay per use phone charging stations in public places. Read more
AirQo is an Air Quality Initiative on a mission to contribute to the improvement of urban ambient air quality by providing scientific. Read more
EnerGrow is an asset financing company. Read more
Charge Ko provides electric phone and EV charging solutions. Read more
SaaS and BooS startup helps businesses automate their customer service with AI-powered chatbots integrating with Messenger, WhatsApp,... Read more
SolarPipo is a go-to platform for systems sizing, buying solar products, accessing installation. Read more
Sellio offers advertising and sales automation for SMBs Read more
afriQloud is a partnership of several selected hi-tech companies Read more
ChapChap is a smartphone-powered platform that’s helping small businesses stay afloat. Read more
Finance for the mobile generation Read more is an e-commerce platform that enables farmers to access certified agro-inputs anytime anywhere in East Africa Read more
Akorion digitises the agricultural value chains to provide better production, marketing and financial services to farmers. Read more
SchoolPlus is a software that helps educational institutions of varied sizes and operations to focus on delivering high-quality education and not much thinking or worrying about administrative processes. It enables education institutions to take care of their entire administrative tasks and assist repetitive resource intense activities through seamless automation. The architecture of SchoolPlus is designed in such a way that it meets unique and varying needs of your school. Read more
PEPA/NGO promotes and protect and defend the human rights the vulnerable people in Africa, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda where there is a high level of mass violation of human rights, the beneficiaries are the local communities including Children, Youth and Women victims of rape , discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS and Elderly people. Additionally to that, our education program trains people from different back ground, in computer skills, language skills such as Swahili, French and English, and all these are made free of charge, Read more
EcoTours & Travel Uganda is pursuing a ‘Model of Practical Responsible Travel’ that combines ‘concrete conservation action’ entwined with community involvement and partnership across the ecotourism and travel industry’.  Read more
Honexus produces a health information system and a data collection platform for the developing world. We provide clinics and hospitals with a health information system featuring electronic medical records, pharmacy management, lab reports, report generation to fulfill government obligations and more. This same software is also used to collect information which is then used by NGOs and similar relevant stakeholders to improve the performance across multiple clinics either through sharing resources and improved monitoring or for research purposes. It is the first solution that is built to meet the needs of policy makers, researchers, suppliers and the end-users (physicians and clinical staff) and is all integrated into one platform that is designed to be user-friendly (for users of low IT literacy), adaptable on the front-end and standardized on the back-end. We are currently running a pilot in Kampala, Uganda and testing various hardware options for the rural context. Read more
Elitehive is a social application that helps you to instantly connect to what's most important to you, post an unlimited number of photos, share what's happening and get to know more about the people you are connected with. Elitehive will provide social networking related services aimed at:- - increasing interactivity. - information relay to the concerned parties. - connecting people and organizations. Among the service that Elitehive will be providing include the following:- - Sharing photos - Gaming - Sharing music - Taking short notes - Sharing links - Messaging - Pages - Groups - Real time chatting - Video chatting Read more
Inforex connects Forex Bureaus to each other providing real time Foreign Exchange rates and inter trading. Third party companies can join this network to take advantage of the lowest available Forex rates in the market. Read more
Appfrica is a firm founded in 2008 in Kampala, Uganda which helps the world's leading multinational organizations and technology firms enter African markets. Appfrica offers creative program design, market research and technical solutions, in addition to offering regional talent and support in over 16 Sub-Saharan African countries. We are the founders of the Apps4Africa Acceleration program which invests in Africa's next generation of great companies. Read more
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