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The Startup Ecosystem of Jerusalem is ranked at number 54 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 1 spots since 2020. Jerusalem also ranks at number 2 in Israel, and 2 in Middle East.

Jerusalem is an ideal place to locate for Software and Data, Hardware & IoT and Energy & Environment startups. As the most popular industries in Jerusalem, there is a sample of 74 Software and Data startups in Jerusalem, 74 Hardware & IoT startups in Jerusalem, and 29 Energy & Environment startups in Jerusalem, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 250 startups in Jerusalem, 1 accelerators in Jerusalem, 3 coworking spaces in Jerusalem, 1 organizations in Jerusalem and 2 leaders in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Startups

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RespiDx is developing medical devices designed for monitoring congestive heart failure (CHF) and other medical conditions in the home. The Company’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs in the field of medical devices with a track record of growing successful start-ups: Flight Medical, VersaMed, Syqe Medical and SteadyMed. RespiDx’s efforts are currently focused on optimizing the Company’s Multimometer™ device for mass-manufacturing and market entry, and building the Company’s rule-based software system for remote monitoring of vital-signs trends. Due the potential contribution of the Company’s products to healthcare in under-developed countries, the development has been largely funded by international grants. Read more
By resequencing the spidersilk gene and controlling its cellular micro-environment, we are able to induce the fiber’s spontaneous self-assembly on a commercial scale. This unique and critical capability endows our fiber with spidersilk’s superior natural properties and enables their integration into new composite materials. Read more
Digital business transition is mandatory to optimize profitability and growth but is also the ultimate challenge in organization management. Our vision is to remove the barrier of technology and open the digital world even to the most traditional industries, by providing companies with simple solutions to adapt to the market competition and business partners requirements. Read more
Service robotics for healthcare industry  Read more
ניתוח קרדיוגרמה של א.ק.ג באמצעות Machine Learning. Read more
iMER stands for International Medical Evaluation and Referral. We are an independent, global health service provider. We, at iMER provide a professional framework of comprehensive medical services, for patients around the globe. What does iMER mean to you? If your doctors cannot correctly diagnose your condition. If you are looking for a Second Medical opinion. If your condition requires a specific treatment that is not available in your country. If you want to access the most advanced medicine available in the World. If any of the above applies to you or anyone dear to you, we at iMER will provide a solution that fits your needs. Read more
"MyMDband is a stylish and durable bracelet with a personalized quick response (QR) code that provides medical personnel with instant and secure access to the wearer emergency medical information. MyMDband uses the online medical repository MyMDFile to organize and store medical information with the latest security measures and HIPAA compliance. Using MyMDband secure, simple, and intuitive interface, users can easily keep medical information up to date or have their doctor do so on their behalf. MyMDFile patent-pending technology allows medical information to be displayed in an area local language." Read more
The World Health Organization (WHO) had proposed the cardiovascular polypill more than a decade ago as a ‘best buy’ intervention for secondary prevention, and a simple, cost-effective strategy to reduce the evidence implementation gap and as an instrument to improve the prescription, accessibility, adherence and cost of secondary CVD prevention.The concept of a polypill, composed of a combination of medications that are known to effectively treat CVD, has been proposed as a simple, cost effective and innovative public health strategy to combat the CVD epidemic on a global scale. Several studies have shown the polypill to be well tolerated and superior in terms of adherence to standard of care.Polypills include guideline-recommended treatments for secondary prevention, such as BP-lowering, cholesterol-lowering and antiplatelet drugs. Polypill strategies have been shown to be effective. Read more
The combined medical advances of superior sampling and advanced 3D imaging means WATS3D has far-reaching implications for protecting patient health. Should pre-cancerous cells be present, they are now much more likely to be detected so they can be removed or destroyed before they can progress to Esophageal Cancer. This is the simple story behind a sophisticated technology that has already helped make Esophageal Cancer a potentially preventable disease. Read more
Deuteron Technologies provides a family of animal-borne neural data loggers for recording 8,16, 32 or 64 channels of neural data. All of Deuteron’s loggers amplify and digitize the neural signals and store the data in memory media on the animal. They are especially suitable for extra-cellular recordings, with a typical bandwidth of 7kHz and a conversion rate of 32000 samples per second on each channel Read more
Nectin Therapeutics is a startup company dedicated to the development of next generation immuno-oncology antibodies. We develop novel monoclonal antibodies directed towards Nectin receptors and ligands that play major roles in immune checkpoint mechanisms relevant for cancer immune therapy. The platform was developed by Prof. Ofer Mandelboim from the Hebrew University and Prof. Stipan Jonjic from the University of Rijeka. Read more
"RenewSenses conveys vision through sound for people who are blind or visually impaired. The company's initial offering is a sensory substitution device called EyeMusic. " Read more
"Resorcix Ltd specializes in providing solutions and product development to address bacteria in the food and beverage industry. The antimicrobial approach allows products to reach a longer shelf life with no spoilage. The technology is environmentally friendly and based on the medicinal chemistry of natural products. " Read more
"Micro BVM provides modern healthcare products for life-threatening situations. Its products include the Pocket BVM, the Pocket BVM with O2 Tubing, the Pocket BVM Airway, and the Pocket BVM Tactical. The Pocket BVM, the company’s flagship product, is a compact, easy-to-use bag valve mask (BVM) that provides ventilation for patients who are not breathing or who are in respiratory distress. Its collapsible design is quick to deploy and easy to operate. The Pocket BVM is a solid, well-protected emergency kit device that can potentially maximize limited storage space by up to 75%." Read more
"Novamed, Ltd. is a privately owned Israeli life science company founded in December 1995. Since its inception Novamed has been committed to the development of innovative, proprietary diagnostic systems with worldwide marketing potential. Novamed combines user need for a particular application with a cost-effective product. Our products include DipStreak™ and Diaslide® culture devices for rapid diagnosis of urinary tract infections and NovaStreak® for detection of microorganisms present in food and dairy products." Read more
Syntezza aspires to address the needs of the molecular biology community in Israel by providing premier quality products and services backed by high level scientific support, quick delivery time and excellent customer care. Read more
מייצרים מוצרים לטיפול בהגיינה אוראלית Read more
"ViruCure Therapeutics is a biotech company that is developing an oncolytic-virus-based technology platform, using proprietary strains of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), for the targeted treatment of a wide range of cancers. ViruCure’s robust NADAV platform has already shown the potential to have significant oncolytic effect on a wide range of cancers including Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) and lung cancer, which are the two initial target indications to be addressed by ViruCure. In a Phase 1/2 clinical trial on terminal GBM patients, four of twelve patients responded to treatment and one went into complete remission! NADAV’s oncolytic effect appears to be a result of both direct destruction of the tumor cells (cell death) and activation of a general anti-tumor immune response. This powerful amplification effect is achieved with very low toxicity because NADAV specifically destroys tumor cells and does not attack normal tissues. Furthermore, since NDV is an avian virus, it has not exhibited any pathological effects or severe illnesses in humans in over forty years of research. ViruCure believes that NADAV may serve as a breakthrough treatment modality where conventional cancer therapies have shown poor results. Given its broad applicability, the NADAV platform will generate an evergreen pipeline of anti-cancer candidates, some of which ViruCure will bring to market on its own and others through strategic partnerships." Read more
"The Accellix is an assay delivery platform that quickly provides actionable multi-parameter results using a small instrument and a room temperature stable cartridge." Read more
Since 2001 Image Navigation Ltd.’s mission has been to enhance the quality of clinical care and equip dental educators with the most advanced pre-clinical teaching equipment. Image Navigation Ltd.’s flagship DentSim Simulator and Image Guided Implantology (IGI) systems are the global leaders in state-of-the-art dental teaching and clinical technologies having assisted over 10,000 dental professionals in over 17 countries in honing their skills and providing and better experience for their patients. At its core Image Navigation Ltd. brings together a passionate, dedicated, and interdisciplinary team of dentists, electronic and software engineers who are not only devoted to providing the most advanced tools for teaching and practicing dentistry, but understand the needs of both dental educators and practitioners alike Read more
Immunity Pharma Ltd. (IPL) develops therapies for neuro-degenerative diseases with an initial focus on Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. While there is currently no cure for ALS, there is massive market potential for an ALS therapy. Read more
מי פה עם תמצית צמחית מסויימת. מוצר נוסף Patch שניתן להדביק על החניכיים עם תמציות בוטאניות. עובד על זיהומים וכו'. Read more
Our software automates the surgical scheduling process and consolidates the workflow at surgical practices nationwide. Surgimate provides a centralized location for all data surrounding surgeries. This way, any stakeholder can access the information they need at any point in the process – including schedulers, managers and surgeons. Our application replaces the hodgepodge of tools used to run back-office operations. Since 2010, we have helped surgical practices nationwide increase their operational efficiency, reduce wastage, and improve quality of care for patients across all surgical specialties. Read more
Visionix Ltd. develops, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic market. It primarily develops products based on its PowerMap technology, which provides simultaneous multipoint measurements of different parameters of an optical lens. The company offers medical devices and disposables, including instrumentation and test equipment that comprise lens and frame test equipment, human refraction, and visual testing; digital imaging and diagnostic products; and surgical equipment and disposals. The company distributes its products primarily to ophthalmologists, opticians, and laboratories, through direct sales-force, as well as through a network of distributors and part. Read more
Phytor Ltd. is a life sciences company which specializes in providing solutions and product development. Our motto is: "inspired by nature". Natural products have long been a proven source of pharma discovery. The renewed interest in the investigation of biologically active compounds of natural origin in the last decade has led to the introduction of several important drugs, especially in the oncologic field. biologically lead assays, as well as a structure-activity relationship and the synthesis of novel chemical entities, derivatives of the plant isolated molecules, we have achieved a library of molecules which are candidates for drug development against a variety of cancers, especially for treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma Pharmacists, pharmacologists, cell biologists .and biochemists have joined forces to form our team with the goal of isolating active compounds of plant origins. With the help of In addition, Phytor provides a range of services and outsourcing R&D in strategic partnerships with a variety of companies in the life science industry in Israel and abroad Read more
Rafa is a pharmaceutical company in Israel that markets, manufactures and distributes prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, mainly proprietary formulations, as well as generic formulations, and consumer health products. Read more
Especially for patients at risk of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). Early detection of changes in renal function is critical for preventing disease progression. That’s where real-time monitoring of urine flow can make all the difference Read more
MothersChoice is a privately held, Israeli-registered company that develops products in the baby toiletry market. Mother's Choice aims to create products that are free of any synthetic materials. The company's first line of products will include soaps and shampoos designed for young children (from 0 to 6 years old). Read more
NovaLaka is a technological innovator of slow release drug delivery systems in the drug delivery market focused on the trans-mucosal route and specialising in female healthcare.​ Read more
Oramed Pharmaceuticals has developed a technology to transform injectable treatments into oral therapies. The company's flagship product, an oral insulin capsule would allow type 2 diabetes patients to begin insulin therapy earlier without injections. Oramed's oral insulin is currently in advanced clinical trials under the US FDA for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Read more
Pepticom Ltd. was founded in 2011 aimed at revolutionizing the discovery of novel peptide-drug candicates. Pepticom’s key asset is a unique Artificial Intelligence platform for peptide design based on the target's solved crystal structure. Pepticom operates in various markets, generating innovative binding peptides for diverse targets. Past successful discoveries include active molecules in Metabolic diseases, Alzheimer's disease and as Immuno-modulators Read more
Innovo Mimetics Ltd (IML) participates in the validation of new therapeutic strategies in the ovo model for the Ovarian Cancer Therapy Innovative Models Prolong Survival consortium, an FP7 research project funded by the European Commission. Within the project, IML applies the most efficient drug screening system with the avian egg model and validates the new therapeutic strategies with cell lines or ascites cells. IML has developed an ovarian cancer model in the egg, whereby chemotherapy or targeted drugs can be rapidly assessed for anticancer activity, on both cell lines and patient primary cancer cells. Read more
Libra@Home has developed a fully immersive virtual reality tool for physical and occupational therapists to improve the delivery and quality of treatment to patients with neurological disorders, both in the clinic and at home. This neurorehabilitation platform uses virtual reality to deliver therapeutic stimuli and sensors and wearables to monitor patient outcomes and track performance. Read more
LDS is a privately owned nano and biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel liquid nano-sized delivery systems. LDS proprietary drug delivery systems enable solubiliztion of large loads of water-insoluble and poorly-permeable drug molecules as well as bio-macromolecules, while enhancing the drug transport across the membrane. LDS unique technology creates new indications for generic or innovative drugs, by using safe-to-use components, which are all categorized as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and/or are listed within the FDA Inactive Ingredient Guide data base (FDA IIG). LDS has broad intellectual property rights covering its drug delivery technologies. Read more
GSK-3β is a core molecule found in every cell, which serves multiple functions in the human body. Our technology can analyze every aspect of the GSK-3β molecule, and can potentially diagnose and help treat dozens of diseases linked to the improper functioning of the molecule. The first patented application is GVHD.  Read more
Dexcel Pharma is Israel’s largest private pharmaceutical company. Founded in 1968, we develop, manufacture and market value-added branded and generic pharmaceuticals. With a diverse product portfolio that spans more than 85 branded and generic products in over 175 dosage forms, our products are sold in the US, the UK and Germany, via subsidiaries and through a trusted network of partners in more than 30 countries worldwide. Read more
EdenShield is an Israel-based Agritech company established in 2012. EdenShield’s plant protection products are based on extracts from semi-desert plants. We leverage semi-desert plants’ naturally beneficial characteristics. Our products contain important botanical extracts and nutrients vital for plant health and development as well as proprietary aromatic ingredients that mask plant odor and lower insect attraction. Read more
FERMENTEK's core expertise are research, development and production of fine biochemicals through fermentation processes and plant extraction. Our manufacturing facility includes 20, 100, 300, 1500 and 20,000L fermenters. We produce more than 160 products in our site.  Read more
Future Meat Technologies is a Jerusalem-based biotechnology company aiming to transform global meat production through distributive manufacturing of fat and muscle cells, increasing food safety and reducing ecological impact worldwide. We aim to turn the timeless vision of animal-free meat production into a reality. Our cutting edge cellular agriculture technology was developed by award-winning biologists and bioengineers and brought into reality by world-renowned innovative chefs at Jerusalem’s singular culinary scene Read more
Alomone Labs is a leading supplier of Ion Channel, GPCR and Neural Signaling tools. We specialize in the design and production of high quality primary antibodies, small molecules, peptide toxins, and proteins. Established in 1989, Alomone Labs has become the most comprehensive source of ion channel research tools used by scientists worldwide. Read more
We are Anchiano Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel therapies to treat cancer in areas of unmet need. Our initial program is the genetic therapy for early stage bladder cancer. Read more
חברת ביולב נותנת שירות מקצועי ואמין בתחום בטיחות מזון ומעבדות לכלל ענף המזון ההסעדה והמלונאות. לחברה פריסה ארצית של מיטב אנשי המקצוע שילוו את העסק משלב תכנונו ועד בדיקת המוצר הסופי במעבדות ביולב. Read more
BrainsWay is ushering in a new era of brain disorder treatment. Through ongoing investment in R&D and in research initiatives ranging from large-scale multicenter trials to personalized medicine studies, BrainsWay represents the next-generation of treatments for depression, OCD, and other brain disorders, achieving outcomes not thought possible with traditional medical solutions. Read more
CogAid aims to provide AI-based cognitive assistive technologies to knowledge workers experiencing temporary or permanent cognitive challenges at work. Focusing on return to work (and staying employed) for professionals after rehabilitation, for example, from mTBI. Read more
POMICELL addresses some of the greatest unmet needs of the biotech industry; answering the BIG questions biotech companies ask, and making the continuously growing data usable for drug discovery and development processes. A single researcher or even a group of researchers can read and review less than a fraction compared to the throughput when combining a human-assisted computational approach. Still, quantity is only part of the problem. Fantastic amounts of research-specific information are indeed available, but the researchers and biotech companies are busy with their research and lack the resources required to gather, adjust, validate, and analyze it. Read more
זיהוי זיהומים בדם תוך שעות ספורות Read more
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