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The Israel Startup Ecosystem is World’s Leading Innovation Hubs, ranked at number 3 globally, and shows a strong hold by 0 spots since 2020. Israel also ranks at number 1 for startups in Middle East.

There are 11 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Israel and the top ranked city in Israel is Tel Aviv Area at 8 globally. Tel Aviv Area is followed by Jerusalem at 54 and Haifa at 119.

Israel is an ideal place to locate for Hardware & IoT, Health and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 735 Hardware & IoT startups in Israel, 325 Health startups in Israel and 152 Software and Data startups in Israel, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 1873 startups in Israel, 22 accelerators in Israel, 18 coworking spaces in Israel, 13 organizations in Israel and 16 leaders in Israel.

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Jerusalem, Israel

Haifa, Israel

Beer Sheva, Israel

Yokneam, Israel

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1,834 startups in representative sample
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Hometalk is a DIY home and garden community where homeowners, bloggers, and professionals can share their DIY projects, ask questions, and become inspired. Read more
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FieldIn is an Ag data software service that optimizes pest management in orchards and vineyards. Read more
SHOW YOUR STORY- SEAMLESSLY BLEND VISUAL STORIES INTO YOUR CONTENT TO MAKE IT COME ALIVE- Apester is a plug-and-play platform for the creation and distribution of mobile-friendly interactive content, engaging your users in the narratives they read. Read more is a cloud observability platform providing Log Management built on ELK, Infrastructure Monitoring based on Grafana, and an ELK-based Cloud SIEM. Read more
Natural Intelligence is a technology-driven, performance-based marketing company that specializes in driving high quality traffic, leads and sales to its business partners. Implementing dynamic and innovative techniques, Natural Intelligence effectively operates world-wide. Read more
A global fintech company which sells cashless, telemetry, management, monitoring and business intelligence (BI) products for the vending and unattended retail industries. Read more
SeeTree offers you complete transparency into the health. Read more
nanorep is the premier digital customer assistant. By enabling your customers to take educated actions, nanorep transforms your company knowledge into an instantly accessible asset at every stage along the customer journey. Read more
Bringg Delivery Technologies Ltd develops Software-as-a-Service and mobile-based platform. The Company, through its platform, enables businesses to manage deliveries and users to order through business system, track location of driver in real-time, and rate services. Read more
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Wizer.Me is a site that allows teachers to create and share worksheets for students. Read more
Any.DO makes it easy for you to have a good day every day by managing your life in a simple, clever, and fun way. Read more
BAE Systems Rokar International Ltd is BAE's Israeli subsidiary and specializes in the development, production, maintenance, and technical support of electronic counter-measure dispensing systems, GPS navigation guidance systems, and precision guidance systems. Read more
TERMINAL X is Israel's groundbreaking multi-brand e-commerce website offering real-time apparel from brands around the world. Read more
Wibbitz is an automated video creation company that empowers any team to produce professional short form videos for social media, news & entertainment coverage, marketing, communications, recruitment, events and more. Read more is a video content creation platform for businesses and agencies. (formerly known as Slidely). is at the forefront of creating scroll-stopping videos accessible for every business to promote anything online Read more
Guesty also known as SuperHost. Guesty is a property management service for Airbnb hosts. The company started in December 2013 by brothers Amiad and Koby Soto, both of whom had listed their own properties on Airbnb before, and knew of the challenges that involved first-hand. Read more
Bablic is a unique website localization solution that makes translating websites an easy, quick and cost-effective process. Bablic helps small businesses translate their websites so they can enter new markets without breaking the bank. Simply enter your URL on the homepage and select the language you want to add. It starts off with machine translation and you can then manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, forms, error msgs, etc) simply by right-clicking on them in our user-friendly, visual, editor. Once you're happy with the results (which you see in real-time in our editor) simply click Activate Now. You'll get one line of code which you need to paste onto your header and that's it, your website is fully localized. Works with all websites, no programming required. Read more
Connecteam is a multi-functional and unique workforce management mobile solution for companies that manage on-the-go teams. Read more
Atera is an IT automation software that provides remote access, billing, reporting, and automation services. Read more
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