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The Ireland Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 18 globally, and shows a strong hold by 0 spots since 2020. Ireland also ranks at number 9 for startups in Western Europe.

There are 6 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Ireland and the top ranked city in Ireland is Dublin at 51 globally. Dublin is followed by Cork at 314 and Galway at 319.

Ireland is an ideal place to locate for Education, Foodtech and Health startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 176 Education startups in Ireland, 107 Foodtech startups in Ireland and 81 Health startups in Ireland, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 615 startups in Ireland, 4 accelerators in Ireland, 22 coworking spaces in Ireland, 6 organizations in Ireland and 1 leaders in Ireland.

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608 startups in representative sample is the world's leading hostel-focused online booking platform. The flagship brand of parent company Web Reservations International (WRI), the site was launched in 1999 when a hostel owner and IT entrepreneur identified a niche in the market to introduce online bookings into hostels. Prior to 1999, no technology solution existed which enabled customers to make, and hostels to take, secure confirmed payments via the internet. The company went from strength to strength and has gone on to become the leading provider of online reservations for the budget, independent and youth travel market. Read more
Existing diet analysis software for professionals is plagued with usability and functionality issues. Information presented to consumers is often conflicting. A lack of accountability and education means motivation levels often drop rapidly = unsuccessful outcomes + frustration. Nutritics has developed a nutrition platform that provides professionals with cutting edge cloud-based tools which facilitate in-depth dietary assessment, meal plan creation and recipe analysis. These tools increase work efficiency by up to 60% over competitor products Product highlights include: - The only cloud based, professionally-orientated platform on the market. - Largest proprietary food database – x3 times larger than closest competitor product. - Incorporates latest nutrition research for health as well as all available sports nutrition guidelines - Proven to be 33% more time efficient than traditional diet logging methods and 80% more time efficient for meal plan creation Read more
Localmint is a platform on which retailers can publish key store information like opening hours and location details. Consumers can access this information across multiple devices via our desktop and mobile websites or on our mobile app. Our clean user friendly interfaces and extremely efficient search functionality allows users to quickly access the data that can be hard to find on traditional websites (particularly via mobile devices). We are the leading provider of such information in Ireland and are among the market leaders in the UK and Australia. Read more
Phorest creates software tools for hair and beauty salons. Phorest manages bookings, POS, stock control and client management. Phorest also lets consumers book appointments in salons online and on mobile.  Read more
Bizimply is a cloud solution that allows managers consolidate all their day to day management reporting in one place and lets owners see all their businesses activity on one dashboard. Bizimply is ideal for restaurants, bars and retail businesses. Whether you have one store or run a multi site business, Bizimply will fundamentally change the way you manage. Read more
OnePageCRM is a cloud-based sales CRM for small and micro business. By applying GTD to sales, we've created a unique action-based system to nudge each sale forward to success. It's a known fact that sales actions generate sales: meeting, calling, emailing, presenting, estimates, follow up etc. OnePageCRM is 100% about sales actions. Read more
Shaw Academy is on a mission to deliver higher education at lower cost through proprietary technology. Read more
Play – Pause – Move – Continue Any Device – Any Where – Any Time We are the developers of a new breed of true cross platform MMO games targeted at the hardcore audience who want to continue their game on the move. By True Cross Platform we mean device agnostic, players can play their game from Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows), Social Platforms (e.g. Facebook) and the browser and play against users/friends on other platforms/devices. The same game world, same account, from any device in any location. This approach to gaming gives us unrivalled retention and monetization capabilities as well as a more immersive experience for the player. It also introduces significant commercial benefits, from making us faster to market, reducing our exposure to platforms and allowing us to acquire users on the cheaper platform and more them to the highest performing. Our vision is to become a world leading MMO developer, entertaining millions of players every day. Read more
AccountsIQ is a provider of a financial management software platform for mid-market SMEs with multiple subsidiaries and branches. Read more
ChannelSight enables brands to increase sales by improving the online buying process. We help brands to convert their content into new customers quickly, easily and effectively. Our brand website plugin enables consumers to find their desired product at authorised retailers and complete their purchase instantly, without competitive distraction. Benefits: - instantly increased conversions - improved customer satisfaction - better channel relationships - real-time competitor intelligence - accurate, actionable channel metrics - easy & quick to implement Over half of online prospects are lost because users can’t find the information they need to enable them to purchase. This means the customer has a poor experience, the retailer loses out on a sale, and the manufacturer fails to sell inventory. ChannelSight changes all of this. Our cloud-based crawling, analysis and fuzzy-matching solution means we can get brands & retailers up and running in days, with results visible instantly. Read more
MicksGarage is an online retailer or car parts and accessories. Read more
Pundit Arena is Europe's fastest growing sports publishing platform that allows fans to become paid journalists. Read more
We make classic games more fun! We transform classic SINGLE player games into MULTIPLAYER/social games. First game: Solitaire Arena (yes, a multiplayer Solitaire). Link: The founding team members have a senior experience in the social gaming industry. MavenHut Ltd is an Irish based company and a StartupBootcamp 2012 alumni. Solitaire Arena is the first game we published on Facebook.  Read more
Chasing Returns provides risk management services to the retail trading and investing community. Read more
Audio News Articles for a Smarter You Read more
Von Bismark are retail convergence specialists. The Von Bismark e-commerce platform is built from the ground up to allow consumers on the high street to view, try and buy digital clothing inventory from a traditional bricks and mortar store. What this means is pureplay clothing e-tailers can now bring their inventory to the high street through concessions without the costs traditionally associated. It also means that high street players can have more centralised inventories and smaller stores, reducing costs and improving customer data.  Read more
Glofox is a management software company that helps fitness entrepreneurs improve the health of people. Read more
Pulseway by MMSOFT Design is a mobile first IT management software that helps busy IT administrators look after their IT infrastructure on the go. Read more
Workvivo provides companies with an internal communications platform designed to engage and connect with employees Read more
Big Red Cloud is a full service solution for enterprise and small business accounting. Read more
AMCS Group provides end-to-end software and on-vehicle technology to the recycling and waste management industry. Read more
YellowSchedule is complete and an easy to use Online Appointment Management CRM for SME's. The system is focused on driving efficiency for appointment taking businesses. It decimates appointment 'no-show' rates by automatically communicating with users' clients before the appointment and requesting and automatically handling replies from clients and routing these back to the user. We use a color coding system with appointments (green dot/red dot) to let the user know who will be making their appointment and who wont. Our live booking widget integrates directly with our users websites meaning potential customers can easily see what new appointment slots are available and make a booking. Through exciting strategic partnerships we are rapidly becoming a powerful tool for therapists and are happy to be rapidly expanding and a new leader in this market. We have a growing team and an exciting product roadmap and will be keeping our foot firmly to the floor! Read more
CurrencyFair is the best way to exchange currency and send funds to bank accounts worldwide. Our unique peer-to-peer system cuts out the bank margin, and results in exchange rates very close to, and sometimes even better than, the interbank midpoint (or wholesale) rate. Combine that with our very low transfer fees and the savings really add up. Foreign exchange rates on CurrencyFair are typically 3% better than bank rates, and 1-2% better than major online brokers. Visit to see our media coverage: - The Economist Names CurrencyFair As A Cheaper Way To Send Money Internationally - CurrencyFair Rated #1 For Transfers By Choice Australia - CurrencyFair Ranks No.1 In Money Transfer At - "Currency Exchange - The Fair Way" – Says The Daily Telegraph - The Independent Profile CurrencyFair As Way To Cut Currency Transfer Costs - MoneyMarket Name CurrencyFair A 'Big Hit' - The Guardian - Don't Fancy The Foreign Exchange Rate? Now You Can Set Your Own  Read more
Signal provides business courses online, for everyone. From people starting their own company to people studying for professional exams, Signal offers clear, concise lectures on everything from Digital Marketing to ACCA and CFA. Read more
Business Software for Fitness Founders Read more
Staycity is a serviced apartments provider. Read more
Cubic Telecom’s connected software and analytics solutions drive competitive advantage for global vehicle manufacturers. Read more
UX Design Institute, the global leader in UX education and certification (formally known as UXTraining). Read more
DropChef makes it incredible easy to cook midweek dinner. Read more
NewsWhip tracks the social distribution of news. We repeatedly check sharing scores for each article we track to rank them by the rate at which they're spreading. Our pro product, Spike, offers media professionals a more granular look at our data and keyword search. Read more is one of the first marketplaces for buying and selling mobile source code. The marketplace strives to enrich and push the mobile developer community to innovate by offering a wide variety of options to make new income streams as a mobile developer. Sellmyapp produces a Win Win situation by allowing newcomers to the industry as well as medium range developers to purchase quality tested source codes by high quality responsive authors. This allows a simple and quick buying process that allows the buyers to focus on their launch tasks. The marketplace also has a team of experienced mobile developers to perform any code customization that is needed to reach the best result possible. The team has experience of more than 5 years in serving customers in the niche and generates only the best quality of graphics and usability. Any project size is possible to fulfill and hundreds of projects were already successfully executed to satisfied customers. Read more
Imagine a platform for your customer communication that’s realtime when required, delivers instant answers to repetitive questions and makes it incredibly easy to deliver amazing customer support. And oh yeah - Everything and everyone that you need is right there, in one place. That’s Pubble. Read more
Climote is a developer of home heating control systems. Read more
Ex Ordo is an abstract and paper management tool that saves academic conference organisers over 3 weeks and makes their conferences look great. Read more
FinTech, Peer 2 Peer Lender, Extremely Fast Business Finance Provider Read more
Everyone should be able to own their financial future. MyWallSt is here to guide and support you in your investing life. Read more
Online-booking service for motorcycle, scooter and bicycle rental worldwide. We connect local rental companies with travellers. Read more
Fluix is a no-code, simple-to-use software solution that helps companies to digitize documents and automate routine tasks, all in one place. We solve the pain points of office and field teams who want to deliver faster and gather secure, reliable data. Read more
Avvio is a leading hotel technology provider, helping accommodation providers to increase direct website revenue. Read more
Spotlight Oral Care develops, markets, and sells a comprehensive range of products for specific consumer oral care. Read more
BionicGym is one of the best fitness machines. Read more
Taoglas provides antenna products and RF service solutions for the IOT brands. Read more
The world's tickets through one API. Read more
Digitary helps universities to issue digitally certified transcripts, degrees and other documents. Lower costs, great student experience Read more
Global meeting venue booking portal Read more
Manna provides drone delivery as a service stack to restaurant chains, dark kitchens, and online food delivery platforms Read more
Fenergo provides a global KYC, AML & Tax Engine. Fenergo Regulatory Compliance Management supports AML / KYC and regulatory compliance teams to solve and comply with immediate and future regulatory challenges easily and efficiently. Read more
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