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The Startup Ecosystem of Haifa is ranked at number 119 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 24 spots since 2020. Haifa also ranks at number 3 in Israel, and 4 in Middle East.

Haifa is an ideal place to locate for Health, Foodtech and Transportation startups. As the most popular industries in Haifa, there is a sample of 14 Health startups in Haifa, 4 Foodtech startups in Haifa, and 4 Transportation startups in Haifa, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 40 startups in Haifa, no accelerators in Haifa, no coworking spaces in Haifa, no organizations in Haifa and 1 leaders in Haifa.

Haifa Startups

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BreezoMeter is a Big-data analytics platform, which gathers data from thousands of sensors worldwide and provides real time, location based map of air pollution levels (with historical perspective available), at the street level – using cutting edge air pollution dispersion models and analytics. BreezoMeter platform can be delivered to the costumers as services in a variety of channels and forms including: •Apps for Smartphones and tablets. •Widgets & API services integrated into apps and wearable devices.  Read more
The Title Builder project was made to facilitate the creation of item titles for online E-commerce and marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other online marketplaces. The Title Builder can also help internet sellers with SEO and Affiliate Marketing campaigns in Online Stores. The Title Builder is a free keywords tool, using updated statistics on hot keywords from several sources, so the recommended keywords for building your item titles are both popular and relevant for your item. Using the Title Builder is very easy – simply write the name of your item or describe it with 2-4 keywords, and let the Title Builder show you the hottest keywords which are recommended to use when selling your items online. The Title Builder was developed by a team of Online sellers and programmers and it is free to use. Some feedback from Title Builder customers: “First of all, I wanted to say your site is great and he helped me sell a lot of products!” Dolev Read more
Bazaart® is a social photo editor for mobile devices. Using its powerful yet simple editor, leveraging Bazaart’s innovative proprietary CanvasEngine™ technology, people can create composite images from photos on their mobile devices. This was possible until now only using expensive professional desktop software like Photoshop. Bazaart users are not professionals or artists, they’re just people who like to be creative and enjoy beautiful images. The app is used for a wide variety of purposes, from making funny photos, playful selfies, celebrity collages, to pieces of art, and more. In addition, Bazaart allows people to discover how each image was created - by simply tapping it, they can see its individual photos. Bazaart offers an entertaining experience: exploring multiple image channels with topics such as Funny, Art, Celebs and more, finding inspiring creators, engaging with them, and browsing a custom feed of favorite creators. Think of Bazaart as a social Photoshop for the masses. Read more
We created a technology that seamlessly collects all the pictures of attendees in an event, auto tag and upload them into a Facebook album so a single reference point of this event is created. In order to gain exposure to your Facebook business's page you must continuously provide quality content, make people talk about you, promote it with Facebook ads or do it all together. It's frustrating and inefficient to spend this money without any guarantees that your followers will actually be your clients, and that they are actually helping your business to grow. Our technology allows businesses to collect pictures in their promotional events into a Facebook page's which by increase their exposure - without any changes in user's behavior. Businesses use Pico in order to collect pictures into their page and to gain higher exposure. Combining this with the increased number of "people talking about you", the Facebook algorithm will promote the business organically.  Read more
ProteanTecs is a computer software company that develops a cloud-based platform to monitor chipset health and performance. Read more
Valentis Nanotech produces polymeric films, coatings, and compounds that can be used in a variety of materials and applications. Read more
Pruvo is an AI-driven solution company that increases profitability for travelers and travel companies. Read more
Seatback is a wellness system that motivates your team to stay healthy by setting and achieving health goals and improving sitting quality. Read more
Cloud based solution for holistic, real-time remote-management and team-collaboration at the production-floor Read more
CanBreed is leading the next evolution of Cannabis cultivation. Read more
Magentiq Eye LTD develops the Automatic Polyp Detection System (APDS) for Colonoscopy Procedures Online Read more
Classes are taught in a virtual classroom, which enables real-time audio and video communication between students and teachers, and are accompanied by interactive teaching aids. Throughout each course, students as well as teachers are supported by our pedagogical and technical support teams. Online learning allows for scheduling flexibility, access to experienced teachers regardless of geographical constraints and convenience for students, who can study from the comfort of their home or office and save time and money otherwise spent on travel, parking, etc. LingoLearn offers teaching services for students from all over the world in numerous campuses, such as English, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. We cater to individuals and groups, as well as to B2B clients (corporations, universities, organizations). Read more
Regulus Cyber is a software technology company that provides smart sensor security services. Read more
GrayMatters Health delivers beyond the pill digital therapeutics for mental disorders through volitional regulation of brain processes. Read more
Meetinkz provides a B2B Marketplace for businesses and entrepreneurs. Read more
Sonaris is making vital ultrasound screening tests available in every clinic, by providing an AI-powered imaging workflow Read more
Q-IT designs and develops an automated event planning and coordination tool. Read more
APERIO Systems provides industrial critical control systems with true state awareness. Read more
AquiNovo offers a sustainable solution for increasing fish yields using existing resources and infrastructure. Read more
Terafence is a one-way communication that secures IoT devices connectivity and protects critical infrastructure networks. Read more
Gina Life Diagnostics is a novel, life-saving smart diagnostic platform for ovarian cancer. Read more
Venture capital fund & incubator, invest in hi-tech companies run by brilliant technology Arab entrepreneurs, in Israel. Read more
Saturas is developing a miniature SWP sensor that can be part of an automatic irrigation system. Read more
SONARAX develops a communication software protocol for nearby-connectivity between devices & indoor navigation over ultrasonic waves. Read more
Keypay wallet banking solution offering businesses with our vast range of white label solutions. Using our technology will enable your business to offer its clients a one-stop-shop for multiple blockchain banking services Read more
EyeParl provides fast and contactless authentication of drivers in drive-thru based on latest parking lot technology. Read more
ViriMASK is a facemask that provides the ultimate protection against small particles, viruses, bacteria and aerosols. Read more
We've developed an innovative technology for autonomous cars, IOT and digital health. Read more
NowTecc provides the missing information online analysists are looking for – what is the subjective state of a user in real time. Assessing each user's personal perspective here and now we offer a dynamic approach for prediction and profilization, keeping their privacy utterly clean. With a simple line of code we provide deep insights into online behavior for real time use, advancing your profits. Read more
Novel Cloud OS based on a proprietary AI engine empowering individual and organizations to execute their digital strategy. Read more
A business advice blog and resource site Read more
Winflex Ltd has developed and began implementing innovative and proprietary technology for wind turbines. Winflex’ patent-pending rotor and unique wind turbine design dramatically impact the economic viability of wind energy projects. Winflex had already erected a working prototype, located in northern Israel and supplying electricity to the electrical grid. The Winflex rotor is one tenth the weight of a comparable sized motor (eg ~450kg compared to ~4 tons for a 20 meter diameter sized rotor), while providing equal or better rotor efficiency. The reduced weight is reflected in overall estimated savings of at least 50% in the total install cost per Kw. This dramatically improves the ROI for the Wind Farm operator and guarantees that many more projects will be able to achieve grid parity (COE) and therefore become economically viable projects.  Read more
HeartBeat Technologies (HBT) has developed a unique application that allows patients and doctors to measure hemodynamic parameters such as cardiac output and systemic vascular resistance (SVR), using off-the-shelf monitoring devices (currently, pulse oximeters). This application is the only solution in the market today that can measure these advanced parameters from a pulse oximiter, with the added advantage that measuring can be done from the patient's home or doctor's office. Measuring hemodynamic parameters are essential for monitoring and diagnosing cardiac function. HeartBeat's application monitors and raises a "red flag" if a cardiac problem is detected. This enables doctors to detect cardiac abnormalities at an early stage. As Cardiac disease is the number one killer of modern times, this application has the potential of saving lives, improving disease management, and enabling populations from all walks of life to use this capability.  Read more
Augury offers a mobile based solution that automatically diagnoses machines, gives treatment recommendations and even predicts future failures. This way, anyone can perform "Predictive Maintenance" (PdM) with no prior training. PdM has been widely used in industrial factories and has been proven to be cost-effective and better for the environment. The US DOE states that every commercial building should implement PdM, yet only 12% are using it. We're going to change this. Read more
MobiWize's fuel economy solutions proactively encourage eco-friendly driving behavior, reduce fuel consumption and actively contribute to protecting our environment. While fuel consumption is very vehicle dependent, fuel waste is created NOT by the Vehicle, but by the Driver! GreenDrive improves eco-driving performance by distinguishing driving inefficiency from poor vehicle performance. GreenDrive is a patent pending, award winning technology that encourages eco-driving performance.  Read more
Our solution is innovative, dynamic web creating wizard, which enables user to create: Search Engines Complex processing Entities relations All needed to create complex website / portal... Users will be able creating complex websites, without code skills, in very short times, by using simple and friendly drag and drop interface Users will be able to transform usual simple websites, into complex websites / portal, by extending their system functionality with our solution Our wizard will be available as: add-on, DLL, web service, platform, so user will be able to extend his system no matter how and where it implemented and stored  Read more
We combine 3 key elements in order to make everyday communication easier, friendly, productive & memorable. A voice recorder + Voice mail + Social Network. Voice your ideas and allow them evolve them by sharing with others. Follow interesting people. share ideas between family & friends. Reach people you can’t see face to face. Hear their voice and share yours. Record memories, experiences, stories. Make your ideas memorable. Read more
We are an E-Commerce service that lets consumers pay in Bitcoin while retailers receive their preferred currency thus eliminating retailer exposure to the volatile Bitcoin exchange rate and encouraging them to accept Bitcoin as payment. Application We integrate into existing E-Commerce platforms, add a small hedge to the sum and transfer regular currency to the retailer. Services and advantages *Full alt coin support. *Instant payments to all wallets. *Deposits and refunds, a service unmatched by our competition. *We work with all wallets and exchanges to give customers the best exchange rate possible Monetization *Fremium, for unique services like deposits and refunds *Hedge overflow, viable, but requires more traction to test Customers Individual e stores, e commerce platforms and physical stores or touchscreen menu platforms that have yet to integrate Bitcoin payment.  Read more
Saguna Networks Content Optimization Delivery System is a field proven content acceleration and caching solution for mobile Networks. CODS is designed to reduce data loads over the mobile backhaul by up to 70% and to improve( the Radio Interface efficiency by 20% to 30%. The product uses DNS-Caching, Content caching and capacity management technologies to substantially improve Mobile Network Operator economics while creating new level of service delivery and user experience in a transparent way Read more
Smart City App, enabling and agregating public services and information. Enhacement for tourism, local commerce, transportation, etc. The App can be used also to gather information from and to the citizens, crowd-populating information about traffic, crime, weather, shopping, etc. Make your own social network within township or local goverment context. Read more
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