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The Greece Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 54 globally, and shows a negative momentum -10 spots since 2020. Greece also ranks at number 17 for startups in Western Europe.

There are 4 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Greece and the top ranked city in Greece is Athens at 153 globally. Athens is followed by Thessaloniki at 379 and Ioannina at 902.

Greece is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Foodtech and Transportation startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 58 Social & Leisure startups in Greece, 24 Foodtech startups in Greece and 12 Transportation startups in Greece, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 139 startups in Greece, no accelerators in Greece, 9 coworking spaces in Greece, 4 organizations in Greece and no leaders in Greece.

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139 startups in representative sample
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Balena is a complete set of tools for building, deploying, and managing fleets of connected Linux devices. We provide infrastructure for fleet owners so they can focus on developing their applications and growing their fleets with as little friction as possible. Read more
Take a Beat and rediscover your city. Beat connects in real time thousands of passengers with nearby available drivers. Read more
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Radiojar replaces the usually challenging and expensive setup of hardware, software and operations needed to run a professional internet radio station with one simple and easy to use online service. We take care of all the technical complexities, leaving you free to indulge your passion for radio. Starting an internet radio station can be a daunting task, even for the most technically savvy. It requires setting up a studio, signing up for a streaming service and connecting it to your studio setup. Organising a media library and finding and configuring a suitable radio automation system to work on it. Not forgetting coordinating and scheduling DJs and their shows. Using Radiojar, you can do all the above and more (or less, if you're already broadcasting). Read more has been committed to solving the care challenges that impact families, caregivers, employers and care service companies.  Read more
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Prosperty is a revolutionary PropTech company that transforms the way the real estate market works. Read more is mobile management, monitoring and automation for servers across clouds. It provides actionable intelligence to address common issues from anywhere, using any web device. It is a freemium service with an open source component that aims to become the defacto standard for multi-cloud management. It provides a unified interface that supports the most popular public and private clouds. You can spin up new machines, tag them into groups, reboot or destroy them. You can also execute commands on any server using a shell optimized for touch screens. By enabling the premium monitoring & automation service, will start collecting usage statistics as well as custom metrics from your servers. You can configure events that trigger alerts or automated actions. So, for example, when the average load exceeds a threshold, can either notify you, execute a custom command, or launch a new server to auto-scale your application. Read more
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Our Vision is to set our high expertise and innovative thinking in the Information Intelligence field at the disposal of global Maritime Transportation in order to strengthen the security of maritime routes, minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the sea transport cost of products and people. Our Mission is the development of products that will apply the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Maritime Transportation, playing a leading role in the inevitable evolution of Maritime Sector that induces rapid technological progress in all aspects of human activity. Read more
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Taxi dispatch software for tourism taxi companies Read more
Localized multicountry game property network Read more
Earn Bitcoins by finding a better deal or by giving the right tip to someone. Read more
Cashback and coupon website in Greece and Cyprus Read more
Netvolution™ is a powerful and efficient Web Content Management system for creating, managing, maintaining and publishing content on the Web. Netvolution™ provides the basis for a plethora of Web based applications such as News Portals, E-commerce Stores, Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Mobile Applications while keeping the content management life cycle simple and efficient, resulting in a competitive advantage for your business.  Read more
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Workathlon is an AI-powered hospitality recruitment solution to help companies find, nurture, and hire the very best talent. Read more
The i-need project is a free and innovative mobile application through iPhone, Android and website where you can apply and find any free artisan or workman based on your own criteria at the time you need him. Includes a complete and updated network of professionals with the most useful properties for the home or office Read more
Infinity leverages the latest technologies, delivering a seamless blended learning environment for consultants, instructors, teachers and students. Read more
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Simpler, better, faster, cloud-based capacitive touch sensor simulation Read more
CareAcross will give patients and caregivers the best way to fight cancer beyond their hospital, from diagnosis to long-term care.  Read more
Eberus is an SaaS marketplace that creates 3D interactive presentations or configurations that can be shared anywhere on the web Read more
Loceye is a biometric platform for Eye Tracking analysis helping marketers catch the attention of their users. Read more
We offer: cash: preseed up to 60 K euro facilities (6+3 months period): office space, internet, meeting room, hardware infrastructure services (6+3 months period) : accounting - company set up, bookkeeping, payroll administration legal advisory: sales, marketing, business development, software development, server architecture, security, ip protection, hr, pitching mentorship: by experienced entrepreneurs or senior executives access to investors: VCs, angels, private equity, corporations startup packages for cloud infrastructure services, digital marketing,H/W  Read more
Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, ATM, Software, Hardware, Artificial Intelligence Read more
AI-powered vessel optimisation for the maritime industry Read more
RTsafe is a medical technology company that has developed a unique approach to quality assurance that significantly enhances the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions. We combine proven expertise in medical physics with highly accurate 3D printing technology to create pseudo‐in‐vivo dosimetry phantoms towards end‐to‐end commissioning, benchmarking and patient‐specific quality assurance in SRS, IMRT, VMAT and SBRT applications. Read more
Civictech, Fintech, Open Innovation Read more
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