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startup iconAdAdapted
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The Startup Ecosystem of Detroit is ranked at number 57 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -8 spots since 2021. Detroit also ranks at number 22 in United States, and 25 in North America.

Detroit is an ideal place to locate for Ecommerce & Retail, Energy & Environment and Foodtech startups. As the most popular industries in Detroit, there is a sample of 42 Ecommerce & Retail startups in Detroit, 15 Energy & Environment startups in Detroit, and 12 Foodtech startups in Detroit, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 96 startups in Detroit, no accelerators in Detroit, no coworking spaces in Detroit, no organizations in Detroit and no leaders in Detroit.

Startups in Detroit

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Quikly is a digital marketing platform that motivates consumers to react quickly. Read more
Mobile advertising is broken. AdAdapted fixes it by giving developers tools to create dynamic, contextual and targeted ads in their mobile application and present those opportunities to advertisers. With AdAdapted, Advertisers can reach consumers with the powerful and engaging experience of a product placement model without having to negotiate directly with developers. Developers benefit from a new and easy way to monetize without adding more disruptions to the user experience. Read more
Shoptelligence is a trusted style discovery platform. Read more
Bloomscape is an online plant shopping platform that offers home ready plants and tools for plant care. Read more
Autobooks is simple banking that works for small businesses. Autobooks works with financial institutions to deliver what small businesses need: cash flow management, payment services, and financial reporting integrated directly into current banking channels. Read more
Social referral platform for any business. Easily, track & manage referral / partner / affiliate programs that seamlessly integrate into your website or app. Enables any website to build a Dropbox or Fab style referral program to reward their customers for promoting their products online.  Read more
FreightVerify provides predictive, real-time transportation visibility for complex enterprises at every step of the supply chain. Read more
LaunchGood is a niche crowdfunding platform for the Muslim community worldwide, with a focus on creative & entrepreneurial Muslims. By building a strong niche community, we are able to increase the crowdfunding potential of projects by nearly 50%. We also developed community pages, to encourage repeat customers and collaboration between groups. More than anything, our brand distinguishes us from our competitors because we are both cool, modern, and authentically Muslim. Being grounded in the West also creates a sense of admiration in Muslim countries, as proven through our strong international following. Read more
LearnDash provide practical and experience driven guidance for individuals and organizations interested in setting up online courses. Read more
Workit Health is a virtual clinic dedicated to medically-assisted treatment and online therapy for substance use disorder. Read more
Deadline Detroit is an edgy, online news website for Metro Detroit. We aggregate content about Detroit from local TV, radio and newspapers and national and international publications as well. We also create original content. The co-founders are Allan Lengel and Bill McGraw. Lengel worked for the Detroit News and Washington Post. McGraw worked for the Detroit Free Press for 32 years. Since launching 21 months ago, we've attracted more than 300,000 unique visitors a month and nearly 800,000 pageviews. We have 25,000-plus Facebook followers. Our ad revenue is increasing. We've also created D2 Digital Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deadline Detroit, that provides marketing and social media strategy for small and midsize companies. Our plan is to expand into other cities while centralizing key services in Detroit. Our initial funding came from Compuware, one of Michigan's largest companies, Compuware. Compuware's head attorney Dan Follis sits on the board of Deadline Detroit.  Read more
Censys is a cybersecurity company that offers Internet-wide continuous visibility and real-time risk assessment. Read more
LOVELAND Technologies develops crowdfunding and social mapping systems, with a unique creative culture and brand that mixes virtualand real. Read more
GreenLancer is an online marketplace for solar, telecom, and EV charging design and engineering Read more
PawnGuru connects consumers with pawn shops and used goods stores online, bringing them multiple offers for their merchandise. Read more
Aptihealth specializes in behavioral health, health plans, primary care, therapy, direct messaging and medication management services. Read more
TiiCKER is an intelligent software platform that engages, verifies, and incentivizes consumer shareholders. Read more
Signal Advisors is an evolution in annuity and life insurance distribution company. Read more
Ripple Science accelerates clinical research with its HIPAA-compliant suite of tools. Read more
Banza is a food manufacturer that focuses on producing pasta products. Read more
Manufactures connected portable cable machines Read more
We expanded from monthly art openings at our gallery to create that same excitement online with limited edition, time-released works of art. 1xRUN is working with leading established and emerging artists providing weekly limited edition, signed, authentic and exclusive print runs. These print releases, or RUNS, are open for one week only and have a global following. With over 140 releases in our first year, we are excited for many interesting growth opportunities for our company in 2012.  Read more
Grand Circus is a training institute in the heart of downtown Detroit on a mission to elevate the tech community. When it comes to training, we dismiss that true skill comes with a certificate. We focus instead on outcomes that matter. With project based instruction our training delivers real world expertise. We call it training with a purpose. Our curriculum is based on the latest in technology, business, and design and we have partnered with the best and brightest. Our instructors are real world practitioners who are at the top of their field and committed to the success of their students. More than 30 different classes this fall - including Build an iPhone App, The Design Process, and Digital Marketing.  Read more
CARROT is a FREE app that rewards you, financially, for walking. Read more
Life goes beyond meetings and appointments, your calendar should too. UpTo gives you a more complete view of everything coming up that matters to you - without the clutter. It’s your calendar, but better. The UpTo calendar has two layers. The front layer is your existing calendar. The back layer includes calendars you follow based on your likes and interests. Expand your calendar to reveal the back layer of events with just a pinch or tap. From your favorite sports teams and TV shows to upcoming concerts and even the people in your life. Discover thousands of calendars and follow the ones you care about. UpTo works with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and any other calendar that syncs with your phone. Add an event in UpTo and it automatically appears on your web or desktop calendar. Groups and organizations can use UpTo’s platform to publish and manage their own calendar content for others to follow, and simultaneously embed their UpTo calendar into any website. Read more
May Mobility is unlocking a better life today with self-driving transportation. Read more
MakerOS is an all-in-one collaboration platform for 3D printing businesses to improve workflows with their clients and get projects done. Read more
Toniiq is an all-natural herbal supplement used for proactive hangover prevention. It contains a highly concentrated form of red lingzhi mushroom extract, one of the most medicinal, beneficial, and comprehensively studied herbs to date. Toniiq contains ganodermic acids A, B, C, and D, lucidenic acid B, and ganodermanontriol, which eliminates a substantial amount of the liver's workload. As a result, Toniiq not only enhances liver detoxification, but effectively stimulates liver cell regeneration and improves overall liver function. Read more
Our.News makes it easy for anyone to fact-check and rate news. Read more
Community Housing Network is a nonprofit organization which provides homes for people in need. Read more
Fifth Eye Enables Proactive Patient Care To Improve Outcomes, Avoid Adverse Events, Shorten Lengths Of Stay, And Reduce Costs. Read more
Delphinus Medical Technologies develops, commercializes, and services breast cancer screening solutions to hospitals and imaging clinics. Read more
Specialized software and consulting to facilitate credit card processing and data analytics for both online and brick & mortar companies. Read more
Waymark, is helping transform small business marketing with the first automatic video creator. Read more
Mi Padrino is an online mobile application that makes planning and paying for Hispanic celebrations easy and effective. Read more
Our Next Energy is a Michigan-based developer of innovative energy storage solutions to expand access to sustainable power. Read more
The venture came together after co-founder Lancelot Carlson, who had been consulting for a collection agency, started to talk with Bzovi, who had previously worked in advertising technology — where he said he became “enthralled” with ad server technology — about the possibilities of online bill payment. Struck by how behavioral targeting can yield higher click-through and conversation rates, they decided to see if the same techniques would work with billing – and even debt collection. Read more
Avomeen Analytical Services is a full-service chemical testing laboratory specializing in deformulation, pharmaceutical testing, product development, and chemical litigation support services. Read more
Passage powers ticketing and payments both online and at-the-door for specialty events. Read more
Dataset experimentation tooling that transforms the ways CV/ML scientists evaluate their data. Read more
The Children’s Center is an agency that helps children and families shape their own futures. Read more
Akadeum is working to fundamentally change the way that cell sorting is performed and thought about. Read more
An end-to-end automated detection & response platform that is easy to deploy and use. Designed for organizations of any size. Read more
Imagine if the wind turbine of the future is NOT a wind turbine at all. What if there is a better way to convert wind energy into electricity than three 150 foot blades going up to 180 mph at the tip while spinning around a 140 ton housing 250 feet in the air? Accio Energy will transform wind energy generation by providing a cost-attractive, electrostatics-based alternative to intensely mechanical wind turbines to deliver clean, sustainable energy to people around the globe. Aerovoltaic(tm) wind energy systems are silent and stationary. They are avian and bat safe, viewshed appealing, radar compatible, and 50% lower cost than wind turbines in comparable markets. They offer higher capacity factor, easy maintenance and don't require subsidies. Read more
UCM Digital Health is a provider of virtual care and emergency telemedicine tools for insurers, employers, patients, and providers. Read more
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