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The Cape Verde Startup Ecosystem is emerging innovation hub, ranked at number 87 globally, and shows a positive momentum 4 spots since 2020. Cape Verde also ranks at number 3 for startups in Western Africa.

There are 1 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Cape Verde and the top ranked city in Cape Verde is Praia at 624 globally. Praia is followed by undefined at undefined and undefined at undefined.

Cape Verde is an ideal place to locate for Marketing & Sales, Software and Data and Fintech startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 18 Marketing & Sales startups in Cape Verde, 7 Software and Data startups in Cape Verde and 3 Fintech startups in Cape Verde, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 35 startups in Cape Verde, no accelerators in Cape Verde, 3 coworking spaces in Cape Verde, 5 organizations in Cape Verde and 1 leaders in Cape Verde.

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Praia, Cape Verde

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35 startups in representative sample
Platform that connects job opportunities with the candidate, allowing companies to carry out all the steps for effective hiring of their employees. Read more
OPENTEC is a company based in the city of Praia. It operates in the field of information and communication technologies, supported by a team of qualified, dynamic, dedicated and committed to generating value for its customers. Read more
Agrodimeu is your digital platform to do your shopping for vegetables in the comfort of your home or work. Read more
Cape Verde's largest online payment platform with the main objective of offering the greatest convenience to users, with simple, fast and secure payments. Read more
We are KBlast, we want to use and abuse our Kriatividade to make games, 3D, Animation, Illustration, Photography, Graphic Design! Kool Stuff !! Read more
Prisma Videos, audiovisual production company. Announce, disseminate and record the best moments of your life. Read more
We provide hosting services for websites, domain registration .com .cv, SAT & DTT services and maintenance, Surveillance and Air Conditioning. Read more
PowerSolution - is a Start-up, which has been dedicating to the development of technological projects adapted to African realities, providing services in the areas of energy, networks, IT and automation. Read more
A software consulting company that helps organizations of any size in their innovation journey with start-of-the-art tools and/or expertis Read more
Software Design and Development Graphic Design Web Design Mobile Design Software Development Application Web Website Read more
Enterstarts allows entrepreneurs, small and medium sized companies to build and run efficient, productive and profitable online business operations. Read more
We created a tool that has the ability to interact with the most popular applications and social media on the market, such as Messenger and other tools so that in addition to talking to your customers, you can engage them, receive requests and sales of services and products. Read more
We are a young, creative and dynamic company, bringing innovative solutions to the Cape Verde market and we take advantage of our expertise in content marketing and viralization to grow our business. Read more
We are a company that operates in three areas: - Software Engineering - Multimedia - Digital Marketing We seek to add value to companies through innovative solutions. Read more
Management Software Consulting PRIMAVERA BUSINESS SOFTWARE, SOFTWARE FOR HOTELS, Electronic Security Systems, IP Centers, IPTV Systems. Read more
SilFer Bots is a new platform that allows you to create chatbots for Facebook Messenger. Automate sales, marketing, and support on Facebook. Increase your revenue while reducing your costs with Messenger bots. Read more
Here at Chuva our goal is to deliver high quality software to the world. We work with our clients from conception and planning, to design, development, and testing, all the way through to maintenance and support. Read more
SINTAXY Lda is since 2013, a company specialized in software development, commercialization and support of IT solutions. Read more
Zing Developers is a company with a vocation for ICT, composed of young people endowed with humility, with a vision of innovation, commitment and a sense of responsibility. Read more
We promote the development of Smart cities through Research and development of solutions, Incubation of ideas and events Read more
Our mission is to create equal access to financial opportunities and services no matter where in the world you happen to live. Read more
Our mission is to create equal access to financial opportunities and services no matter where in the world you happen to live. Read more
JSMedia is a company founded in 2015 that operates in the area of ​​software development design. Read more
Changing the Game! We created a new device, and developed a disruptive platform, which can work as an affordable computer or as a set-up-box, providing a new Media and Content Gateway. It will be market starting as low as USD $20. Read more
Cartaz is a platform that studies user behavior and improves how Cape Verdean culture is produced and distribuited to the world. Read more
We develop Web, Android and iOS applications, integrating all the necessary Systems and Telecommunications components. Of the various solutions developed by Smart Solutions, we highlight the Fleet Control and Management Platform - SmartFrota and the SmartTáxi Platform, which consists of a Multi-Tenant Platform for the management of Taxis. Read more
LestoPay is a product of MSN-MESSAGES AND MARKETING SOLUTIONS, a company specialist in e-commerce and workflow solutions, helping companies and institutions since 2009 to increase their productivity and levels operational efficiency. Read more
Provides quality content from the sports world to all young enthusiasts in the sector, who seek guidance and access to education. Read more
iFome is a service that supports restaurants on all islands in addition to ordering and booking food online for delivery or takeaway. Read more
BGA is a platform developed by Bonako Games for all gamers and African game producers. BGA is a social media platform and market that allows African producers to publish, promote and monetize their games. It aims to build the African gaming community. Read more
A fast & efficient on demand health service and easy for patients with reduced mobility for no delays in treatment, no more hassles, no more mix-up´s reports and prescriptions, no more loss of data and no more unnecessary costs. Read more
We know you're busy, so we put all of your financial needs in one easy app. Pay easily with just your phone. With password-protected transactions, you can confidently shop online, take care of bills, pay in stores and more. Read more
Focused on innovation with a strong technological base, offering leading solutions to leading customers, developing solutions with high added value in technology, which allow its customers to use maritime passenger services with the desired efficiency and effectiveness. Read more
Plan, track, automate and measure work in one place. Move past unreliable paper and spreadsheets into a single platform that empowers you to create collaborative databases to manage your clients, projects, and processes your way. Great product, great price, personalized service. Read more
We offer a differentiated and innovative solution for queues by adding value, i) in order to solve the waste of time in queues, ii) accessing the provision of services and offering information value, iii) improving the performance at the counters and helping decision making. Read more
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