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The Startup Ecosystem of Cairo is ranked at number 180 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 21 spots since 2020. Cairo also ranks at number 1 in Egypt, and 1 in Northern Africa.

Cairo is an ideal place to locate for Transportation, Fintech and Education startups. As the most popular industries in Cairo, there is a sample of 50 Transportation startups in Cairo, 41 Fintech startups in Cairo, and 30 Education startups in Cairo, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 213 startups in Cairo, 1 accelerators in Cairo, 3 coworking spaces in Cairo, no organizations in Cairo and no leaders in Cairo.

Startups in Cairo

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TPAY Mobile is an open mobile payment platform that connects consumers, businesses, and mobile operators for operators billing. Read more
Yaoota! is a MENA's premier shopping search engine. Read more
Wuzzuf is a next gen online recruitment platform. We intelligently match job seekers with jobs. Unlike other traditional recruitment sites and job boards, we provide unrivaled USABILITY and job matching INTELLIGENCE. Our business model is subscription based and SaaS-like, with multiple pricing tiers for employers depending on their hiring needs. Wuzzuf provides a superior online recruiting EXPERIENCE... We don't have just one differentiator, we have a whole better experience. Like Gmail compared to other email providers... it's just more usable and intelligent. For job seekers we provide maximum transparency on whether their job applications were seen, shortlisted, rejected, etc... This greatly reduces the frustration. As most job boards, you have to start with specific geographic focus. Currently we are operating and serving the recruitment market in Egypt only due to limited resources. However, our plan is to expand regionally in the MENA region, then go global.  Read more
Chefaa is a GPS-enabled pharmacy benefits platform Read more
elmenus is an online food discovery platform that provides its users with digitized restaurant menus from food carts to hotel restaurants. Read more
Shezlong, an online mental health platform, allows patients to be connected with licensed therapists via video visit on mobiles or web. Read more
PayMob, a payment acceptance platform, allows users to convert cash payments and transfers into electronic leveraging all existing channels. Read more
Bosta provides an on-demand courier app with a B2C focus, allowing businesses to send parcels to their customers. Read more
Dawi is medical clinics established to provide the Egyptian family with comprehensive medical service and health programs Read more
Cyber Talents is an online ethical hacking, computer network, and security challenge platform. Read more
DentaCarts is a FinTech-Enabled Data-Driven Marketplace for Medical Supplies in MENA providing the widest range of authentic products Read more
PraxiLabs is an e-learning company that developed a product that makes virtual science labs accessible. Read more
We had to question why we depend so much on our cars? and what are the consequent pains of moving around the city? Rush hours, traffic, terrible driving habits and unavailability of parking spots came rushing through our minds in addition to the pain of high cost of on-demand services. While an affordable decent public commuting solution is not accessible, we thought how can we improve people’s lives? And here Swvl was created, revolutionizing the transportation scene in Egypt, through providing a technology-based alternative to public transportation, a smart solution that solves the transportation equation, leading to helping more commute for less, with ease and comfort. Swvl is a revolutionary idea that was born from passion, loyalty, and persistence to face all challenges on the table, Swvl is not just a mean to facilitate commuting, but a hunger to strive for solutions, encourage the contribution of youth in innovation and inspire change. Read more
Swvl offers an app that allows customers to book fixed rate rides on buses and vans in their network. Read more
Paymob is a digital payments enabler for emerging markets helping small and large enterprises accept payments online and in-store. Read more
ExpandCart is the fastest growing Arabic ecommerce platform in the Middle East Read more
we are a leading online & offline travel agency provide accommodation and airlines and full packages all over the world Read more
Vapulus simplifies online shopping experiences and increases conversion rates. Read more
Akelni is a service offers online food delivery, so that you can order from your favorite restaurants and experience new restaurants as well Read more
MENA's First Cash Back provider Read more
#1 Daily Fantasy Sports platform in the Middle-East and Africa Read more
CliniDo is a HealthTech Startup that Simply Connects patients with Healthcare providers Through an online platform. Read more
ElCoach is a mobile app which helps you achieve your health goals through personalized fitness and nutrition plans. Read more
Youspital is a web portal that allows its users to pre-book medical tests and x-ray services at a discounted rate of 70%. Read more
Online pharmacy marketplace and insurance benefits manager Read more
Untap is a submission management system that is used by organizations to easily plan, launch and manage online prize-based competitions. Read more
Edfa3ly (Arabic for "to pay") offers Egyptians a means to purchase goods from US ecommerce sites through a variety of payment methods and ensures delivery on a timely basis. Knowing that US merchants mostly accepts a US bank issued credit card as the only payment method they accept. In Egypt, less than 2% of the population has a credit card and even fewer of these small segments own US credit cards yet goods imported from the US continue to be quite popular and in order to bridge the gap between Egypt and the West, handles all issues of the sale, ranging from the payment transaction to government taxes and even shipping and delivery to the customers door step. Egyptians can browse any American ecommerce site, select an item for purchase and calculate the total cost of their order (including shipping and customs taxes) before placing the order. Read more
Estshara is a platform that provides healthcare consultation online. aiming to make healthcare consultation accessible to everyone in the MENA region. Read more
We keep your app users engaged via push notifications Talk to your app customers in the most relevant way. PushBots provides reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible APIs that make custom integration a breeze. We are trying to answer two main questions: 1- How can apps create a relationship between them and their users? 2- How to make this relationship meaningful? Our answers, so far : 1- We are providing 3 minutes drag-and-drop experience so that apps can integrate push notifications in a blink. 2- on the top of that, we provide analytics to understand users engagement and behaviour, geo-targeting so you become more relevant to your users and more.  Read more
Thndr is a financial services company that operates an app-based investment platform. Read more
Nawah is a core hub of advanced research facilites offering online and on demand scientific services Read more
Breadfast delivers fresh bread and breakfast items to customers' doorsteps every morning Read more
L&D Platform for Courses, Animated Book Summaries & Learning Paths in Arabic Read more
Dsquares specializes in offering loyalty programs that bring our customers closer to their consumers. Read more
In Your Shoe is a local statement socks brand That focuses on making a thread for everyone, insisting on having a good quality product. Read more
SCL is one of the finest School Management System in its category. Premium high-end feature rich possibilities. Read more
MoneyFellows is a collaborative money management and lending platform digitizing ROSCAs offering users competitive financial solutions. Read more
Customer ads platform for ecommerces, Automate ads using AI Read more
Dynamic and Energetic Team with the full range Services of online marketing agency, creative function, advertising and more. Read more
Zooba Eats is an online platform serving our take on a few Egyptian street food staples. Read more
Shahry operates as a digital lending startup. Read more
Trella is a b2b technology platform and trucking marketplace that connects shippers with carriers in the highly fragmented freight industry Read more
Fawaterak offers e-payment solutions. Read more
Ideas Gym is an educational technology company that provides STEM courses for school students. Read more
Online platform connects MENA youth to educational opportunities around the world. Read more
Hitchhiker is a global peer-to-peer delivery and travel platform. Read more
VOO, Delivery Marketplace for Merchants and Courier companies to connect. Read more
Cassbana uses AI to run a behavior-based credit scoring system, which determines individuals and businesses ' access to credit. Read more
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