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#120 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#120 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#138 worldwide

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startup iconTrusted Housesitters
startup iconVenture Harbour
startup iconFilmstro

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The Startup Ecosystem of Brighton is ranked at number 190 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -60 spots since 2020. Brighton also ranks at number 9 in United Kingdom, and 52 in Western Europe.

Brighton is an ideal place to locate for Education, Social & Leisure and Hardware & IoT startups. As the most popular industries in Brighton, there is a sample of 13 Education startups in Brighton, 7 Social & Leisure startups in Brighton, and 4 Hardware & IoT startups in Brighton, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 36 startups in Brighton, no accelerators in Brighton, no coworking spaces in Brighton, no organizations in Brighton and no leaders in Brighton.

Brighton Startups

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Trusted Housesitters connects home and pet owners with sitters worldwide who are willing to look after their home and pets whilst they're away. Most sitters offer their pet and home sitting services for free, in return for the free accommodation they're getting which enables them to travel the world without the financial burden of accommodation costs.  Read more
Venture Harbour is a digital marketing company with a unique passion and focus for the music and entertainment industries. Using best-in-class digital marketing, we create bespoke strategies for the music companies we work with. Our experience and understanding of the music industry ensures that each story is a success story. Founded in 2012 by award-winning entrepreneur Marcus Taylor, Venture Harbour’s services draw from Marcus’ experience and passion for growing successful music companies using digital marketing. Our team are regular speakers at conferences in both the music and digital marketing industries, and also contribute to many highly respected blogs, including Econsultancy, Hypebot, and Music Think Tank. We we’re passionate about keeping up-to-date and staying involved in the rapidly changing environments of both music and digital marketing. Read more
A New Standard in Adaptive Music for the Creative Media Industry Read more
Languagenut makes teaching and learning languages fun and easy.  Read more
Sworkit builds randomized circuit training workouts that you can do anywhere. You just choose which part of your body you want to work on and how long you have to work out, and Sworkit takes care of the rest. By providing an actual workout and taking you through the motions, you don't have to do any other planning or have any extra equipment. For Read more
Mojeek is a crawler based search engine that doesn't track its users, also provides businesses with site search, API/XML feeds and licensing agreements. Mojeek's technology has been developed entirely in-house, in the UK, and uses no pre-existing search technology nor databases of any kind. It is ready to scale up and out in all areas and we're currently looking for advisors and developers (business and technical) that are passionate about search, to help in that process. Read more
Elucidat lets you create Mobile Compatible learning in 2 minutes. Got staff to train? People to teach? Elucidat allows you to get your message across easily, and emphatically. It is: - Faster and easier than the competition - Multi-device - enabling BYOD tablet and mobile editing AND learning - Adaptive - so that content is customised for mobile as opposed to Desktop - Localisable - so that you can publish the same course in multiple languages - Beautiful - so people will want to take your learning - Trackable - so that you can see who took your learning and how they scored  Read more
TeamStats provides a range of features to assist and improve the management, organisation and administration of amateur football (soccer) teams and players. Thousands of teams worldwide (over 140 countries) use and love the online football community. The service caters for teams of all ages, gender, size or location and is used by managers, secretaries, treasurers, coaches, players, parents and fans.  Read more is the leading source of news, analysis and information on the growing area of the reinsurance market where the lines blue between reinsurance and capital markets. This convergence space, where reinsurance and capital markets converge, is driven by third-party capital which has an appetite for the low-correlation and attractive returns that can be gained from investments in reinsurance and catastrophe risk., in existence since 1999, has become the world's leading source of information on these markets. Providing timely content, news, information, opinion and analysis, as well as data on the market and transactions. is positioned to capitalise on what is a growing market within reinsurance due to its trusted nature and the profile of its editor Steve Evans. Now entering a new phase in its development, plans to launch supporting services, around its core news and analysis, offering data and subscription services to build new revenue streams. Read more
Daisie brings creators together and supports them to do amazing work. Read more
Purezza is the first vegan pizzeria in the UK. Read more
refsix is the new smartwatch and mobile app that enables referees to record match incidents in-game Read more
MyPocketSkill is an innovative platform that helps teenagers to earn money. Read more
We’re helping a new breed of entrepreneur to realise their dreams. Startups that put people first and measure success in happiness, as well as profits. Think sustainability above short–term.We believe happy teams, storytelling and customer experience are key to delivering on vision & purpose. We’re at the start of something beautiful & we know you’re gonna love it. Launching early 2013. Read more
Cloud-based immersive AR/VR platforms for E-Commerce and AEC. Read more
Universal Quantum is building quantum computers to tackle real-world problems. Read more
TellJo is a digital assessment tool to prevent payment arrears and reduce financial exclusion. Read more
Curiscope is a UK-based augmented and virtual reality content company. Read more
Mobile/tablet games developer based in Brighton, UK, and staffed by games industry veterans Read more
Yobitel a Managed SaaS Cloud Service Provider offers Network & IT Infrastructure, Multi Cloud Hosting & Consulting, Container Orchestration Read more
BTRM provides students not only with a recognised professional qualification demonstrating excellence in the Treasury space. Read more
SoftV Limited is a new generation of gamification company. Read more
Bring your digital media into the #physicalworld to create and share a peak experience wherever you go. Read more
Avantis Wealth is a specialist in high income, alternative investments. Read more
Superscribe is so simple you’ll actually use it. Capture emails from your website visitors with our discreet popup. Send them newsletters fast via our easy email sender. There’s no integration, no fiddly templates and no headache. Read more
Swift Social combines powerful software with a team of expert digital marketers. It focuses on growing relevant followers, curating content and driving traffic to your website completely automatically. Read more
Tweet Rocket is a powerful social media service for organically growing your Twitter audience, with the backing of an expert social media team. What makes it different from any other social media tool, is that there is a real, human team of digital marketing experts who set up your campaign to work effectively no matter what industry you’re in. Signup takes 90 seconds and campaigns go live within 48 hours and run completely on their own. You can then use Tweet Rocket’s powerful dashboard to make changes to your campaign if and when you want to. Read more
Overall Vysoko is doing product development. We have several ventures. One of them is providing an online Media Platform for TV stations, newsrooms, independent channels, netcast operations. Our first clients are located in Central Europe where we've set up the first servers and are doing marketing. We provide our clients an endpoint agnostic management suite through which they can distribute their news (video, text) online, promote it through social media networks, syndicate, share it with other selected members, connect with media agencies, manage their media plans online and run campaigns. Our current clients also are connected to cable and one of our clients is airing an ad for the local portal running on our system. We plan to have a dozen station by Q2 2014. This is only the local launch in a 5 million people market. We want to launch internationally in 2014 and for that we're searching for investors. Read more
ZAIGA creates virtual robots! ZAIGA Virtual Robot Launcher replaces your lifeless button home screen with a robot assistant! Depending on the time of day and activity, a robot will be there to help! Built by you, powered by ZAIGA! Together we will create virtual robots that improve our daily lives. ZAIGA enables anyone to build, distribute and run their own virtual robots using our API's, SDK's or simple GUI. These robots will become programmable living interfaces. Improving and entertaining the way we interact with technology. It all starts with a little robot called D-BOT Read more
Pinstamatic aims to make the Internet more visual. We're currently focussed on helping people create visual content for Pinterest but our world domination plans definitely don't stop there. Drop us a line and we may give you a hint. Standard Spiel: "Need to add something other than photos to Pinterest? That's where Pinstamatic comes in. Pinstamatic helps you add quotes, stickies, maps, music, Twitter profiles and more to Pinterest." Read more
Our innovative approach to multilingual telemarketing is due to our highly proficient team of acute B2B telemarketers and our Cost-per-Lead pricing model, which enables our clients to measure the exact ROI on their telemarketing campaigns. Unlike many traditional telemarketing companies, we do not have setup fees, hourly or day rates. Our Cost-per-Lead pricing model enables our clients to pay for the right amount of leads that they need for their business development purposes. Read more
Smarter Learn is an educational platform with a difference. It’s intelligent. It’s fun. It’s highly developed. Designed with both children and parents in mind, it’s the perfect way to learn at home. The world’s changing - very, very quickly. Our children are surrounded by digital media. It’s their future. Unfortunately, while our tools, our mobiles, tablets and laptops, are extraordinary, much of the digital content is not. Overwhelmed by information, by the irrelevant, the inappropriate, we’re swamped by applications and pieces of software that are either badly made, have no educational value or, quite frankly, are about as stimulating as watching paint dry. Our games are both educationally rigorous and fun to play. That’s not all. Smarter Learn not only has games, we also offer supporting material in the form of eBooks and worksheets, all based on the National Curriculum. Our product are available both as mobile apps and soon to be online, all with built in analytics.  Read more
Via our website students can find and enroll in language schools and colleges around the world. Read more
We are We have created a design for a fully decentralised exchange mechanism able to facilitate secure exchanges between cryptocurrencies and also fiat. A fully decentralised exchange will allow the spread of cryptocurrency by removing what is arguably the last barrier to entry for the technology. The design is fully decentralised, when a user signs up, if in possession of just one currency, be it USD, BTC or LTC they can then use this one currency to transact for all the other currencies on the system. This means bitcoin can be adopted by anyone with a desktop, tablet or smart phone without having to go via a central exchange to buy bitcoin: they just download the wallet-client and buy some. Because it is decentralised the exchange cannot be taken down by any single government or territory.  Read more
SPeasy is an online dashboard: B2B oriented, it aims to help local shops of any kind benefit from the advantages of new tools offered by smartphones and Internet technologies. For a very low monthly subscription, they can use tools that used to be reserved for big retailers to accurately monitor their customers’ behaviour, adapt to their desires, attract them by adjusting to their expectations or even communicate on their offers. We offer a convenient sign-up process and easy to use day-to-day services. With our product, local shops get the ability to attract new customers (web and mobile presence, geo-targeted ads), retain existing customers (feedbacks, loyalty cards) and manage their shops (inventory and register). Our goal is to provide local shops with tools to increase their income and be more prosperous.  Read more
When was the last time you showed someone a photo and did not say a word about it? Add voice messages to the photos you send or share: shoot a photo or select one from the camera roll, record a message, share it direct with recipients or via social networks. Simple! We have built an iOS app and other platforms are in the works, supported by a deep web environment. UNMUTE YOUR PHOTOS™ and give them your voice! Read more
If we could harness the global manhours invested in social games - could we produce something incredible? Creatarr is a fun, artistic, collaborative social game which looks to do just that. Creatarr is a daily dose of creativity, helping users free their inner artist day by day. Creatarr is an in-browser creation, collaboration and remixing platform. Creatarr is a treasure trove of wonderful, quirky, inspirational, funny, collaborative and memorable Creative Commons artworks.  Read more
Authorities in US & Europe have called for new drugs to augment antibiotics, which are being overwhelmed by bacterial resistance. Staphylococcus aureus (SA) is a major cause of post-surgical infection costs the US $12 billion pa. Destiny Pharma has developed a new class of drug with outstanding, rapid, bactericidal activity against SA. The lead drug, XF-73 has completed 3 UK clinical trials aimed at clearing SA from the nose (the major site for SA in the body). Unlike traditional antibiotics, XF-73 has demonstrated the remarkable quality of withstanding SA bacterial resistance. The US government’s National Institute for Allergy & Infectious Disease is funding the first US clinical trial of XF-73 which is on-going. An XF-73 product would be used to clear SA from patients ahead of surgery - reducing their risk of infection - new US guidelines are recommending more widespread clearance of SA - but SA resistance is a major concern for antibiotics - XF-73 can provide the solution Read more
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