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The Brazil Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 24 globally, and shows a negative momentum -4 spots since 2020. Brazil also ranks at number 1 for startups in South America.

There are 32 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Brazil and the top ranked city in Brazil is Sao Paulo at 20 globally. Sao Paulo is followed by Curitiba at 144 and Rio de Janeiro at 148.

Brazil is an ideal place to locate for Education, Fintech and Transportation startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 279 Education startups in Brazil, 176 Fintech startups in Brazil and 85 Transportation startups in Brazil, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 872 startups in Brazil, 5 accelerators in Brazil, 54 coworking spaces in Brazil, 12 organizations in Brazil and 1 leaders in Brazil.

Brazil Startups


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856 startups in representative sample
JusBrasil is the largest website for collecting and organizing governmental information in Brazil. Most of the JusBrasil content comes from governmental agencies and related sources. More than 30 thousand new documents are added to JusBrasil's data base every day. With 8.5 million monthly unique users, JusBrasil is using crowdsourcing to enrich its content and make the brazilian citizen more aware of their rights and duties. Read more
VivaReal is the largest real estate portal in Brazil Read more
Quero Education operates an online marketplace that connects students with schools in Brazil. Read more
Gupy is a recruitment and selection platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve it's speed and precision. Read more
Passei Direto has a mission of connecting students and their knowledge. Our system is 100% free and collaborative. Read more
We help brazilian companies to kickstart their content marketing strategies. We have the biggest content producers database and produce thousands of high quality articles per month for hundreds of companies. Putting it simple, we rock our customers corporate blogs and lead generation strategies. Read more is an online investment platform that offers financial products in an unbiased way. Read more
Descomplica is the largest online classroom in Brazil. Our initial market is Brazilian High School students, and to date we have helped 1.5M students with general curriculum and test prep for university entrance exams. Our comprehensive curriculum consists of 4,000 videos + live lessons every day (our record class last year reached more than 100,000 students) + 15,000 questions with real time answers. In addition to our website, Descomplica's curriculum is distributed to 20,000 mobile subs through our partnership with Brazil's #1 mobile carrier (VIVO) and has sold more than 100k DVDs (in low bandwidth penetration regions). 7M Brazilian students took the ENEM exam last year, Brazil's #1 university entrance exam. 78% of Descomplica's students scored higher than the national avg. on the exam, and 30.1% of Descomplica students got spots in public and private universities. In the future, we plan to expand our services to university curriculum and career training.  Read more
Meliuz offers consumers numerous ways to save money when brazilians/latin americans shop online. E-consumers visit Meliuz for cash back on purchases they make from hundreds of reputable retailers and as a one-stop resource for thousands of coupons and deals from over 200 affiliated stores in Brazil. We are the Brazilian/Latin America version of (Performance Marketing Brands Inc.) . Read more
Remittance Online has made international transfers simple, fast and cost-effective for you and your business. Read more
Acordo Certo provides a digital platform for negotiating debts. Read more
Contabilizei is revolutionising the way accounting is done in Brazil. Contabilizei is the first accountancy firm that provides an online platform where small companies can save time and money with accounting services. For a small flat fee, Contabilizei provides all accounting legal obligations. ***** A Contabilizei está revolucionando a forma como contabilidade é realizada no Brasil. A Contabilizei é a primeira empresa de contabilidade que oferece uma plataforma online para micro e pequenas empresas prestadoras de serviço economizarem tempo e dinheiro em contabilidade. Read more
ASAAS is the first Brazilian application to solve, for professionals and small companies, ACTIVE billing and subscription management. With a simple user interface, safe and automatic, we provide to our customers: - Time gain in the whole billing process; - Automatic billing without the need for third parties like credit card operators or banks; - Management of the full cycle of subscriptions and a dashboard with key metrics of the company - Efficient automatic notifications - Integration with other SaaS solutions and a public API - Billing and price book management.  Read more
Onde Ficar created a lightweight digital marketing tool for hotels. This tool facilitates the process for hotels to put room inventory online and market through traditional web and social media channels. More than half the world’s hotels are offline (~2,000,000). The reason these hotels are not online is that the barriers to entry are staggering; $50,000+ in start-up costs and 10%+ of transactional fees are typical of current property management systems (PMS) / GDS connections in the market today. Based on these figures, Onde Ficar believes there is a total addressable market of $25Billion annually or about $6,000 per hotel. This is a fraction of what a hotel would pay currently to put its rooms online and market them to travelers. For no upfront, $25/mo, 1% of sales, and a yearly contract, we give the tools to hotels to build a web presence online, manage and publish its own inventory in real-time. We take the guesswork out of their operations. Read more
Neon is a leading digital bank in Brazil. Read more
Mobills is an online personal budget planner. Read more
Zenklub is the leading mental and emotional wellbeing platform in Brazil Read more
Nuvem Shop is an end-to-end, cloud hosted, e-commerce solution for retailers in Brazil. We help SMBs to develop their online business providing a robust e-commerce platform, fully integrated with local payment gateways, shipping solutions and marketing tools. Each store has a unique design and style, and each company is able to modify it to their own taste. We are based in São Paulo and Buenos Aires. Read more
FOXBIT is a brazilian bitcoin exchange. Read more
FinanZero is an online marketplace that simplifies the way to apply for credit in Brazil. Read more
iClinic is the leading SaaS EMR solution in Brazil. iClinic allows health professionals to organise their patients records electronically, store all the data in the cloud and retrieve it late from any device, anywhere. The best tool to increase health professionals' productivity, reduce costs and improve the quality of the patient care. Available for physicians, dentists, psychologists, physical therapists and other health professionals. Read more
Datto is an innovative provider of comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solutions used by thousands of managed service providers worldwide. The company provides business continuity solutions to secure the essential business data for thousands of companies around the world. Read more
The VHSYS is an online management software for small and medium Brazilian company We have over 500 active clients that use VHSYS Our goal is to triple that amount in one year, we are already present in all Brazilian states. Us Internal Revenue Approved in Brazil to issue electronic invoices sales and service.  Read more
We help SMBs save time. SMB's with long sales cycles, need to manage their sales processes to grow. However, they usually do it manually or using non-effective tools (like spreadsheets and annotations). Why this occurs? Because there is a gap in the market, between softwares that are hard to understand or too basic and also don't offer detailed analysis of the team and the sales performance. For these reasons, they end up using no tool and having a weak sales process that holds back the business growth. This impacts all the economy. Agendor was created to fill this gap. Anyone can understand Agendor from day one and managers can get detailed information about their sales process. To make this happen, we offer software and quality content to help SMB's succeed. Read more
Me Salva! is an educational platform focused on high-performance didactic content for students. Read more
GuiaBolso is a personal finance platform that empowers people to take control of financial well-being. Read more
Youse Segurosis an online insurance sales platform of Caixa Seguradora, a company that takes care of the life and assets. Read more is the easiest way to receive payments online in Brazil. We manage your merchant account affiliation, antifraud, gateway, bankslips and conciliation. We have a nice RESTFul API and an awesome Dashboard. Read more
Geru is a simple, fast, fair, and cost-effective online loan platform that connects borrowers and investors. Read more
Qipu is a single MEI application that enables its users to send electronic receipts, receive warnings, and more. Read more
Magnetis offers digital solutions for individuals to build long-term investment plans. Read more
Movidesk is a software provider that facilitates and streamlines customer service. Read more
Recurring Billing, Smart Checkout, Subscription Billing, Dashboard. Read more
Iugu offers all the necessary infrastructure to operate payments and reduce existing bureaucracy in Brazil. Our solutions are facilitators for building new business in our country. Our dashboard allows you to measure how much your startup is growing by week and month, how much churn and the average revenue by customer. Our simple API and triggers allows fast, almost plug-n-play deploy for anyone in need of a payment solution. Our mobile solution allows any app to integrate payments, white label or not, with complete API to manage the payments, whether you are a SaaS, e-commerce, mobile application or marketplace. We are also an exception in Latin America because we contribute to the OpenSource community. Our repository has solutions ranging from deployment bots to fiscal documents which aim to boost local businesses development. See more at Read more
Worldpackers lets you travel the world exchanging your skills for accommodation. Hosts receive enthusiastic people helping them out for free, and travelers use their talents to travel and learn languages. Starting with hostels and young language learners, Worldpackers is a win-win marketplace reuniting the travel community and affiliates. You don't need to be rich to have real travel experiences. We started with 280 hostels in 85 countries where you exchange some hours of an easy work for accommodation. We got almost 2,600 sign ups (in a very boring form) and 22 people are already traveling. The traveler, instead of paying hundreds of dollars in hotels or Airbnb, pays us U$150 and have hundreds of opportunities worldwide Worldpackers will be the improved combination of Couchsurfing + AirBnB + services = people will travel using their skills, matching with the needs of the host. Every house is a potential host and every human is a potential traveler.  Read more
Dietbox offers an app for nutritionists which can help their patients to manage their diets and receive appropriate advice. Read more
Livecoins is a portal with cryptocurrency resources. We're transforming the website into the best place for beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We provide news, guides, analysis, articles, price index, tools, and information on bitcoin, digital currencies, and the blockchain movement as a whole in Brazil. Read more
Alternative Online Lending, FinTech, online credit Read more
Superdigital is a digital billing platform that allows people to pay bills online. Read more
Arquivei provides a database of legal documents issued in Brazil. Read more
Trybe is a modern school for dedicated and studious people who focused on digital professions. Read more
Sallve is a beauty D2C brand that is revolutionizing the cosmetics space in Brazil. Read more
BLU365 offers an easy, intuitive, and digital trading platform where Brazilians can negotiate their debts. Read more
Xerpa uses technology to simplify and modernize HR processes for Brazilian companies and their employees. Read more
Solides is specialized in software to identify the behavioral profile used in the process of hiring, management and development of persons made for professionals of the HR, Coach, Educators and Trainers. The main benefits begotten are the raise of productivity through the adequate adjustment of profile and function, and the reduction of costs with Turnover. We're at a target market evaluated in US$8bi annual and we have competitors like Myers - Brigss PI, SuccessTools, discus, Etalent, Quantum and others. Our methodology innovates blending the main behavioral theories, creating a faster application and a richer report of relevant information. The person responds to a questionary non manipulated in 7 minutes and instantaneously the software returns a complete report about the profile. Read more
Our product is the Gorila Shield anti-shock screen protector. The Gorila Shield was developed from national technical parameters and today is manufactured by a factory specializing in formulated polymer. Our protector increases the resistance of the display, through the absorption and dispersion of impacts that are directed to the screen,and that is why the Gorilla Shield is effective in protecting the optical glass.Beyond the basic protection of the product,every protector is followed by: coverage against damage to the device display for 6 months,in other words,if the screen breaks during the term,we will refund the customer up to 5 times the amount paid by the screen protector. Our value proposition to the customer arises from the certainty with which the physical product and cover against breakages and damage, the screen of your smartphone will be safe indeed. Read more
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