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Energy & Environment
#31 worldwide
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#39 worldwide
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Social & Leisure
#41 worldwide

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startup iconSendGrid
startup iconBlogmutt
startup iconPhotoFeeler

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Boulder is ranked at number 59 globally, and shows a positive momentum increasing 4 spots since 2020. Boulder also ranks at number 23 in United States, and 26 in North America.

Boulder is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Foodtech and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in Boulder, there is a sample of 69 Energy & Environment startups in Boulder, 28 Foodtech startups in Boulder, and 25 Social & Leisure startups in Boulder, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 210 startups in Boulder, 1 accelerators in Boulder, 2 coworking spaces in Boulder, 1 organizations in Boulder and 1 leaders in Boulder.

Boulder Startups

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SendGrid's cloud-based email infrastructure relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems. SendGrid provides reliable delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible API's that make custom integration a breeze. Read more
Blogmutt offers a blog writing service for a flat rate starting at $89 per month. Each week, screened writers submit completely original posts tailored to the customer's business in a contest. The business chooses the most appropriate post, and the winning writer gets paid. Blogmutt fills an ongoing need of businesses to attract attention and to avoid being stale by providing updated content for their site and social media outlets. Read more
PhotoFeeler is profile photo testing that helps people choose the best photo(s) of themselves based on specific criteria (such as perceived competence, likability, and influence). Read more
hobbyDB is the ultimate compendium of every collectible ever made, letting users take an interactive trip into who made what, when, where and much more, allowing them to research, reminisce, manage their collections and buy/sell. Think eBay meets IMDB/Wikipedia, for collectibles. Collectibles are everything from model cars, planes, boats & trains, comics, action figures, baseball cards, records, R/C, slot cars, anime & manga, superheroes, movie & music memorabilia and more..! Read more
A Brandfolder is the direct link to all of a company's official marketing materials. We save marketers and creatives time and ensure brand consistency by providing a dedicated platform built specifically for simply delivering visual marketing content to whomever needs it. One link to rule them all. is the destination to discover and interact with Brandfolders. Instead of relying on Google Images or digging through individual websites, anyone who needs assets (team, partners, press) can go to to find what they need quickly and accurately.  Read more
Strydhe is a running tool to help run injury-free, train effectively, and race. Read more
The company’s patented and award-winning Security Intelligence Platform, unifying SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring, network forensics and host forensics, empowers organizations around the globe to detect breaches and the most sophisticated cyber threats of today, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before. LogRhythm also provides unparalleled compliance automation and assurance as well as IT predictive intelligence to Global 2000 organizations, government agencies and mid-sized businesses worldwide. Read more
Opensnow is the future of weather, brought to you with added flair. Most weather information is sensationalistic and overwhelming, but not here. Our industry-leading features include handcrafted and personable forecasts, LiveSnow reports direct from the hill, custom snow alerts, and an ask a weatherman service available to the public. The authenticity is baked in, as the site is run by skiing meteorologists who keep track of their accuracy. See you in the snow! Read more
Rafflecopter is the world's easiest way to run a giveaway online. Rafflecopter allows you to customize and embed an entry form on your site that incentivizes your audience to perform tasks in exchange for entries into a sweepstakes. Customize your widget and place it anywhere HTML is accepted, whether it’s on your blog, website, or your Facebook page. Provide the promotion details, plug in the prize, and you’re off and collecting entries. The more entries completed by entrants, the better chance they have of winning, and the more interaction your promotion receives, helping you grow your community. Throughout the duration of the giveaway, Rafflecopter collects entries that can be viewed in your account dashboard. When its over, we provide the tools that make it easy to select a winner and download your entries into a spreadsheet for future marketing purposes. Read more
Stream provides APIs that enable developers to build scalable newsfeeds, activity streams, chat and messaging in a few hours instead of weeks. Save months of development headache and focus on what makes your app unique. Read more
Aside from an excellent team communication tool, Slack is proving to be a more engaging and personal space for online communities. Paid Slack groups, and channels make it easy to provide access to premium services, extra support and exclusive content for a simple fee, all within Slack. SlackPass makes creating these paid Slack channels as simple as filling out a form. Name your channel, give it a description, a price and a billing frequency (one time, monthly, yearly) and we provide you with a beautiful invite page that you can share with your audience. Read more
Kickfurther is a marketplace where consumer product brands brand finance inventory with a community of supporters and earn profit together. Read more
Our unique multi-tiered approach lets marketing organizations decide which of their sales agents have access to what materials by dividing agents and marketing materials into groups and campaigns and applying proper restrictions to either or both. Role-specific reporting is then provided on the various levels. The company can create and schedule marketing pieces to be sent on behalf of the agents, allowing the company to ensure agents are properly marketing to their clients in a timely manner. Read more
Automox is an information technology company that keeps its users continuously connected to all local, cloud-hosted, and remote endpoints. Read more
For businesses that are rapidly, seasonally, or just plain constantly hiring, WorkBright takes the cumbersome and traditionally paper-heavy process of onboarding and puts it all online. We make it possible for new employees to fill out their W4s, upload photos of licenses and certifications, sign digitally, and complete any and all paperwork from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone before they show up for their first day on the job. Read more
Double Helix is a team of top talent from a range of fields coming together to advance discovery and research in precision 3D nano-imaging. Read more
Pixoto is the first and only photo marketplace where every image uploaded is ranked. Viral growth spurred on by a massively engaged community has led to over 200K members, submitting over 2 million images and voting 100+ million times. Pixoto's recently launched stock photography service is set to revolutionize curation in the multi-billion dollar microstock market and its Art Shop gives art buyers access to an amazing collection of world class photography. See why we are better for stock here: The core of Pixoto's appeal lies in its revolutionary ImageDuel photo ranking which assures that the photos people like the most show on the top of every search. This is accomplished by calculating an ImageScore for every image submitted by using the aggregation of over 100 million system-wide votes. How good are your photos? Find out today at  Read more
Veho is an end-to-end parcel delivery carrier for e-commerce companies. Read more
DMC Biotechnologies is simplifying biology for a sustainable future Read more
Rush Bowls are revolutionary blends of all-natural, frozen fruit topped with Udi's Gluten Free granola that are changing the way you can think about food. Catering to nearly every lifestyle and dietary need, Rush Bowls contain only the purest, all-natural ingredients that will fuel your body no matter what’s on the agenda. Whether it's chasing the kids around the park all day, gearing up for tomorrow’s triathlon, grabbing a quick bite on the way out the door, or anything in between, Rush Bowls will always provide you with a healthy, balanced option that will never disappoint. You are what you eat, and these days, that isn't always the best thing. The diminishing food quality standards across the world are creating health problems that are simply unacceptable. Rush Bowls are part of the change that everyone wants (and needs) to see right now. Easy, healthy, and sustainable, Rush Bowls provide food that you can not only enjoy, but feel great about.  Read more
Name your price on the world's best brands Read more
Street Fight is a *profitable*, new-era media company focused on supporting the community building the next generation of mobile/local tech and marketing. Our media give startups and executives a place to share ideas; our hugely successful events are *the* place to connect and discover the newest ideas and companies in this space; and our webinars and white papers offer insights to drive strategy at these companies.  Read more
Transforming customer audio & video into business intelligence Read more
Proov is strive to empower women to know more about their reproductive health. Read more
Kindara apps and devices help women achieve better results with their reproductive health. Women's health is a multi-billion dollar industry that is complex and rich with data, yet the consumer products that exist in this vertical are dumb. We're using our skills in design and behavior change to capitalize on this opportunity. Our first product is a beautifully designed connected oral thermometer and data-driven software that gives women an engaging, affordable and effective path to pregnancy. Currently women who want to get pregnant have a choice between low tech urine test sticks, and high-cost, invasive fertility treatments. Kindara bridges the gap and creates a seamless experience for women wanting to conceive. In the future we will augment our platform with other data-driven products to help women have healthy pregnancies and an easier time breastfeeding. We'll make money by selling devices and by selling leads. Contact Will for a demo of our first device  Read more
MaaxMarket is a cloud based marketing automation platform designed for businesses to automate follow-ups.  Read more
Weller is a CBD-infused snack and beverage maker. Read more
Woot Math helps teachers bring mathematics to life through research-backed tools for adaptive learning and formative assessment.  Read more
Brandzooka is a digital advertising company that targets video ad campaigns through various online portals for advertising. Read more
TapInfluence is cloud-based software to automate influencer marketing. Our software automates the creation, management, and measurement of influencer marketing programs. Our software integrates seamlessly with our marketplace of 100,000 registered influencers.  Read more
Globig is a knowledge platform that will make it easier, faster, and cheaper for companies to launch their business abroad. We filter out the noise and connect you to the resources needed for success. Read more
Parasoleil manufactures its own line of perforated panels for shade, privacy, partitioning, railing, and architectural accent for homes and hospitality. Parasoleil panels are made in aluminum, copper, wood, and steel - each suited for specific applications. Professional designers, architects, landscapers, and contractors specify and use Parasoleil panels to create welcoming space for high-end homes and commercial design. Read more
Wunder makes investing in large-scale solar projects across the U.S. simple, for individual and institutional investors. Read more
Based in Boulder, CO, Misty Robotics, Inc. is building the robot for everyone. Misty Robotics’ vision is to put a personal robots in every home and office. Read more
MamaMend is a personalized health companion for new moms that provides fast, relevant answers and curated connections to practitioners. Read more
Agribotix is developing turnkey packages for agricultural remote sensing: UAV aircraft, software, training, and maintenance. Our product will provide actionable data on weeds, nitrogen deficiency, water stress, and insect damage. The data will be in a format to be used directly by the farmer's precision agriculture equipment. Our direct customer will be agronomists who will add aerial surveying into their current toolbox of services to offer farmers. Read more
Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in early-stage information technology, Internet and software startups. Our passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to give birth to new technologies and to build those technologies into industry-leading companies. We’re located in Boulder, CO, but we invest in companies across North America. Read more
Today, leading PR agencies, brands, and companies around the world are realizing the ROI of identifying bloggers who write regularly, have a loyal following, and know how to amplify their message via social media. GroupHigh's blog outreach software let's firms find bloggers, collect and track EVERY metric you could want, and provides the contact information to engage. Blog outreach is the future of content marketing. Read more
Problem: Developing modern web apps wastes a lot of time. Developers waste 50%+ of their time on menial tasks. Building common features such as user authentication, activity feeds, comments, list of friends, integrating with services (Sendgrid, Facebook, Akismet, Stripe, Twilio etc.), and hosting, maintaining and scaling their applications. Solution:
 Build your app in javascript in the browser, without a backend. In 3 years, Most of the code for web applications will be written like this, as “Web Components”. Chrome & Firefox are building the underlying technology as an official standard. With Hull:
Build 90% of your app in 10% of the time. Hull provides common features, data and access to external services, through a unified API to these Web Components and makes them reusable. Hull is the glue for the services-oriented, client-side web Read more
Precog is next-generation of analytics infrastructure, designed to enable companies to perform arbitrarily complex analytics on modern data types. Modern data is messy, complex, and doesn't fit into tables. It includes JSON values, documents, log files, and social media data. If you just want to store modern data, you have lots of choices. You can store it in Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, and lots of other places. But if you want to perform analytics on modern data, then you are forced to homogenize it, dumb it down, and make it fit into tables, where you must use SQL or SQL variants like Hive to perform analytics on it. This process is extremely time-consuming, expensive, and brittle. Precog rejects the notion that you have to adapt your data to your 30 year old analytics technology. Instead, Precog is next-generation infrastructure that lets you natively analyze modern data types, without the need for coding ("MapReduce") or ETL of any kind. Read more
Yonomi provides an IoT platform, mobile app, and enterprise solutions that help integrate and automate connected devices. Read more
Businesses are dynamic. Real estate isn't. PivotDesk enables businesses to grow fluidly within the static real estate infrastructure by connecting companies with excess space to companies that need it. Flexible agreements eliminate the risk of a long-term lease, allowing entrepreneurs to offset costs so they can focus on what's most important—growing their business. Companies with extra space list their space and set a per seat, per month price. Companies looking for space can review postings in the area they’re looking for, communicate directly with hosts, and schedule tours via the PivotDesk platform. Once both parties consider each other a match, the booking is processed. The month-to-month contract and payments are then processed via the PivotDesk platform. Read more
Mopion produces a simple, dry, terry-cloth mitt impregnated with a patented, proprietary powder formulation, that effortlessly removes sand, grit or dust from skin before it becomes a nuisance some place else. Our first product launched in 2010, Sand-Off, is for families going to the beach. Please see product at Read more
Spark Grills features proprietary wood and charcoal Briq system, loading and quick ignition is simple, seamless, and mess-free. Read more
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