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Social & Leisure
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The Startup Ecosystem of Belgrade is ranked at number 159 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -40 spots since 2020. Belgrade also ranks at number 1 in Serbia, and 14 in Eastern Europe.

Belgrade is an ideal place to locate for Energy & Environment, Marketing & Sales and Social & Leisure startups. As the most popular industries in Belgrade, there is a sample of 35 Energy & Environment startups in Belgrade, 14 Marketing & Sales startups in Belgrade, and 11 Social & Leisure startups in Belgrade, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 88 startups in Belgrade, 6 accelerators in Belgrade, 4 coworking spaces in Belgrade, 3 organizations in Belgrade and no leaders in Belgrade.

Belgrade Startups

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Workpuls has been serving customers from all industries and sizes for over 5 years now. Thanks to its deep behavioral insights, organizations can keep track of and improve productivity on an individual or team level. Read more
YoloBook is a photo-printing app, creating stunning timeless products to keep your memories safe. All you need to do is select photos from your phone or social media and we will get it printed and shipped to you. Read more
Pumble is a free team chat app that allows teams of all sizes to collaborate. Unlike other team chat apps, Pumble is available for an unlimited number of users for free. Pumble is an online web app. Read more
Our automation platform helps restaurants of all sizes to scale their delivery with improved operational efficiency. Read more
Listty is a brand new way of socializing with friends through your music. We use Spotify streaming service to bring you more than 70 million of licensed songs, AI that knows what you'd like to hear next and people you'd want to meet.VC Funded, with strong tech backgrounds. Read more
Anari AI is building the future of AI by delivering the next-generation platform for computation. We believe that every company in the future deserves a personalized chip for itself in just one click. Read more
Ground breaking Banking technology that allows International, both Fiat & Cryptocurrency, payments available to your bank account/cash in a matter of minutes, with fees low as 1%! Read more
Structured digital invoice generator Read more
Digital platform for easy and simple e-commerce shop creation. Read more
Bridge is a fully-flexible payment gateway crafted for Digital industries. Our mission is to empower businesses all around the world to receive payments with minimal fees. Read more
Crowdfunding platform aimed at entreprenurs and investors Read more
Software for cash flow management Read more
Online movie theater, where you can watch the latest movies online at the same time as they are shown in theaters Read more
Location Intelligence recommendation platform Read more
Drobio is a place where social network meets fashion. Drobio makes organizing your wardrobe easy and allows you to follow the latest trends. Read more
City Expert will help you find your new home with ease and commision free Read more
Sunthehic design and build consumer electronics powered by clean energy. Read more
CouchCoach is an interactive game, so you are watching the real match and playing the game at the same time Read more
MobileGO is a company that aims to make the single currency with blockchain technology for gamers worldwide. Read more
Videobolt is an online editing platform for professional video designs and a marketplace where users can find and customize video designs to their own needs. Read more
Blinking is a multi-factor identity-management tool for secure authentication based on the blockchain Read more
Timezy simplifies the process on all ends and speeds up every booking by 75%+ - for your clients booking and payment come with a couple of clicks, for you and your staff all the routine processes are automated. Read more
Agremo helps farmers monitor and manager their crops by providing actionable insights that lead to sustainable production, higher yields, and lower production costs through a cloud-based software platform. Read more
Buildcon is a web and mobile construction management platform built for construction projects. Users can track workflows, create tasks, and receive notifications regarding important activities. Read more
Hunch helps business deliver automated, optimized, and personalized ads to users on advertising platforms. Their technology helps businesses acquire and grow their customers online. Read more
Solagro helps create new recycling solutions with the goal of having every individual, company and institution contribute to a greener world. They developed a smart can-pressing machine which rewards and communicates with users. Read more
UrbiGo allows consumers to grown organic greens in their home in a fun and connected way. UrbiGo is developing the GreenCube, which is an indoor smart gardening gadget for growing herbs and mini-vegetables where users can control and track its progress through an app. Read more
Cue is a social proof and conversion rate optimization tool that can help you turn both organic and paid visits to your landing page into paying customers. Read more
wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin which makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy. 30,000+ companies and individuals already trust wpDataTables to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial and other data. Read more
Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep! Read more
We help SMEs and startups focus and succeed in their core business by providing them with hi-end web development services. Read more
AssertQA is an independent software quality assurance company focused on providing premium QA service to its clients and partners. Read more
We're set to map the world, and all we care about is the Niceness. We are making heat maps of nice and not nice areas readable with one look. Read more
Izradjujemo kvalitetne web sajtove, web prodavnice, vrsimo SEO optimizaciju, radimo redizajn i odrzavanje postojecih sajtova. Nudimo najpovoljnije cene u citavoj Srbiji i na Balkanu! Read more
A prototyping and usability testing tool, 2in1! Stop guessing. Start making interactive, real-feel prototypes. Test prototypes on Web, iOS or Android. Get objective and measurable usage insights. Read more
Innovative startup connecting worlds of construction and software industry. Offering broad range of services in building architecture (design and development) and software industry (consulting and training). Read more
Augmented reality social network for users and places nearby. Read more
Part time job match making. Get matched with your perfect part time job Read more
Adding digital gaming aspect to action sports and building major solution for finding adrenaline pumping places. Read more
Strawberry Tree is the public solar charger for mobile devices which is permanently installed in busy public places (streets, parks and squares). It enables passers to charge their mobile devices when they need it most – far from home and with an empty battery. Strawberry Mini is a small portable solar charger for mobile devices, ideal for festivals, events and manifestations of various kinds. Embedded touch screen provides interactive ecological application with eco-games and interesting facts, while clients and event organizers can also present their own content via it. Strawberry Mini Rural is a small portable solar charger for mobile devices made to meet the needs of people living in rural areas without access to electrical energy. Apart from 6 ports for charging mobile devices, Strawberry Mini Rural also contains two 12V jacks for other small consuming devices, double LED light and SOS button for calls in case of emergency.  Read more
We created the game in which ordinary people awaken their super powers and fight for remembering and glory. They are fighting 5 vs. 5 in the real time combat with the goal to destroy opponents base. Game is in MOBA genre which is bringing funny and relaxing experience of social gaming to mid-core gamers with a possibility of playing on different platforms. AoH is built in Unity 3D engine, thus enabling the playing experience on mobiles, PC or MAC computers and it has support for Oculus VR. At the moment Facebook is strongly pushing more complex games and AoH will be the first MOBA game on that platform. AoH is based on proven MOBA "freemium" business model followed with innovative monetization approach on top of it. Our key customer segments are gamers currently playing casual games on Facebook or tablets ready to move to more complex games and hardcore gamers that don’t have enough time to learn new games or want to relax by playing a similar game with arcade and fun elements.  Read more
mHealth Spot is an online news source covering the fast-growing mHealth industry. It offers both free and premium access with premium/paying users getting access to database and periodically released reports. Read more
Dropongo platform allows instant content sharing using the email address or phone number without prior registration with any person or device on all major OS and mobile platforms. Dropongo also allows you to organize and manage content through a simple user application. Read more
Bruxon - Parking Resources Planning System will: - enable much better utilization of each parking space allowing multiple users to use it in different periods of time - significantly save users’ time and fuel. Registered users will know in advance which suitable parking spaces are available, and they will be able to book them - provide cashless (cardless) payment options It consist of two subsystems: Organizer and Optimizer Parking Organizer will bring some order and (if parking is not free) make or increase the existing profit. Flexibility and multipurpose of parking places (somewhere called parking sharing) combined with smart phone or SMS payment is the way to do that. Once the Parking Organizer is in full power, Parking Optimizer’s task is to process a huge amount of generated data - how often/seldom parking spaces were used; how much time is spent or what’s the amount of generated income on a specific parking space (both in percentages); clients’ habits, etc.  Read more helps you browse parties,concerts, clubs, bands and more in Capital cities of major countries in World. You can find all night events and also find and connect with people who are also out for party! Totally interactive, it helps you discover places with different kinds of music and geo-locate them from your mobile and even reserve place in you favourite club on the way down when you go out! You can also share your party pictures live online from the place, and earn extra points and even get free drink in the spot. If you want to follow your favourite band or DJ you can easily discover where is he attempting to be in future and even reserve/buy ticket for the concert or event  Read more
BalancIQ allows energy trading companies to track and manage energy balances over time. It compares forecast and real values of consumed energy and creates reports and key figures, regarding business contracts and market values. Potential clients include companies with a clear need to forecast consumption for their customers, such as energy traders or other raw material production/consumption companies. Read more
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