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Social & Leisure
#135 worldwide
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Hardware & IoT
#140 worldwide
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Software and Data
#158 worldwide

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startup iconHurree, Inc
startup iconBudibase
startup iconKomodo Learning

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ecosystem description

The Startup Ecosystem of Belfast is ranked at number 200 globally, and shows a negative momentum decreasing -26 spots since 2020. Belfast also ranks at number 10 in United Kingdom, and 54 in Western Europe.

Belfast is an ideal place to locate for Social & Leisure, Hardware & IoT and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in Belfast, there is a sample of 18 Social & Leisure startups in Belfast, 6 Hardware & IoT startups in Belfast, and 3 Software and Data startups in Belfast, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is also a sample of 36 startups in Belfast, no accelerators in Belfast, 1 coworking spaces in Belfast, 1 organizations in Belfast and no leaders in Belfast.

Belfast Startups

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Pitchbooking is the scheduling and payments solution for sports facilities. We enable the public to find, book and pay for facilities, specific to their needs. We also give a full suite of tools for facility managers to better handle their booking processes, Read more
Budibase is an open-source web app builder, designed for speed and customization. Read more
iSensing is a multipurpose IoT solution which tracks and analyses movement data. Read more
Making Market Segmentation Better With One Platform. Read more
Clicks Help helps businesses increase online sales and generate funds for good causes at the same time. Read more
Xpand offers building analytics and workflow tools designed to manage local and national economic development programs. Read more
Bluesona is an innovative tech solutions provider, specialising in products for the motoring industry Read more
Kraydel addresses social isolation and maintains independence through TV-video calling and an IoT platform for sensors. Read more
Péarlaí has the best of Google analytics & Adwords for physical spaces with greater detail, insights and greater benefits. Read more
Gig Grafter is provides a web and mobile application that enables businesses to efficiently manage and deploy casual. Read more
BrainWaveBank makes it possible to measure and track brain activity and cognitive performance for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Read more
Axial3D is 3D printing anatomical models for the healthcare industry. Read more
Go Testify is a player intelligence platform with a suite of tools that enable game developers or publishers to get “inside the heads”. Read more
Selazar provide an cloud based supply chain and logistics platform for eCommerce retailers. Read more
SciLeads is a Information Technology and Services Company. Read more
Yomo is a savings, education and investment app for the 12 million people in the UK who are saving but not yet investing.  Read more
Jyrobike is a manufacturing company that makes bicycles with new technologies to create a special front wheel. Read more
ProAxsis specializes in the development of laboratory-based immunoassays and tests for the detection of protease biomarkers of disease. Read more
Komodo Learning is an online mathematics home learning app for children. Read more
Yedup develops real-time, continually adaptive AI technology for high value, ultra-low latency capital markets applications. Read more
Save real money for real goals with PiggyPot Read more
Orca Money provides investors with a platform to compare the various companies and products in alternative finance. Read more
Deckchair is the complete holiday management solution for small teams. Book holidays and keep track of who is off, and team strength. Read more
Cloud Accounting services for the self employed. Read more
Welcome to, your one stop shop for taxi and minicab services across the UK. We are not a private hire company but we do know a few! As a result we ensure you get great value and service. We use our UK wide car company partners to bring you the best price and service, every journey.Take advantage of the most advanced and user friendly online taxi booker today. Enter journey details, get your quote and book, and you get your confirm back online straight away – it’s that quick and simple! Completely FREE to use Great Taxi Fares & Service Amazing UK Wide Coverage Secure & Easy Online Booking with Our Advanced Web Booker, DespatchLink Safe & Reliable Fully Licensed Taxi and Private Hire Operators Read more
glistrr is an event check in system with a primary focus on guest analysis. glistrr allows the event promoter to easily process guest registrations and view detailed event metrics before, during and after the event; providing a series of key data points related to each guest or group of guests. Currently glistrr serves the live music event market, as well as hotels that host a variety of events, across the UK and Ireland. Note: video is of the original beta version of the system. Read more
Niice is an inspiration search engine; a tool to help designers get ideas (kind of like Google Images, but with taste). Millions of designers around the world have the daily task of coming up with ideas on demand, and it’s a difficult, time-intensive and often vague process. Niice is a tool to help them find that spark; to have better ideas, quicker.  Read more
CADshare for Plant Engineering ensures that the whole team can work on models simultaneously and safely - through data centralisation and granular revisions. Each CAD user will have the ability to lock-out small parts of the model, ensuring no two engineers are working on the same part of the model at the same time. When the changes are checked back in, they will be instantly integrated into the model so all users have the latest data. In addition, CADshare users can access the model via a web browser or mobile app. This allows any team member to review and annotate the models from anywhere, and create sketches that clearly and succinctly communicate design changes to the team - neatly hurdling language and cultural barriers. It also means that people who do not have access to expensive CAD licenses, or have the expertise to use the CAD software, can have rich and meaningful interactions with the rest of the team.  Read more
Get Invited is the next generation of online ticketing and event registration software. While our competitors are focused primarily on just ticketing, Get Invited is a comprehensive platform for event organisers and attendees that provides value throughout the life-cycle of the event. Get Invited enables event organisers to: • Create web pages for promoting events online • Sell tickets and process online payments • Track attendees using smartphone ticket scanning • Increase ticket sales through social marketing on the Get Invited platform and a range of established social networks • View the social conversations, photos and videos from their event in real-time • Receive sentiment analysis on the data collected from social networks about their event Event attendees can also use Get Invited for connecting with other event-goers and discovering new events based on recommendations, behavioural trends, customised preferences and invitations. Read more
Kunigo is an investment community. Connecting entrepreneurs with investors, Kunigo captures the entire investment process in an online markeplace.Entrepreneurs and SME's build bespoke, refined business plans on Kunigo, have their key data verified by professional services firms, then connect with investors globally. Kunigo appeals to three key customers; early stage Companies, professional services firms, such as accountants or IP attorneys, and investors. Kunigo will monetize these channels by charging a subscription to Companies wishing to build a business plan, with additional revenue generated through access to the "Kunigo Community" and having their key data verified by professional service firms. Investors will pay for integrated access to business plans, and professional services firms will secure a synergy with SME's by paying a license fee to enable key data verification. . Read more
LiveHACCP is a cloud based solution designed to take the hassle out of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) Using our App on tablets and phones and our portal site you can design, build and deploy your HACCP plans and data capture through-out your organisation. When you implement LiveHACCP you can start to see the benefits of your data, you can view reports, trend data and analyse the performance of your factory. However LiveHACCP is not just for HACCP management but a revolutionary way to replace paper in your factory, from Process Control to Hygiene Audits, Calibration to GMP, LiveHACCP is incredibly flexible and can integrate with your existing systems to provide a extension of your processes to the factory floor. Read more
Foody is a food tracker that helps you discover new recipes using ingredients you already own. Eat better, waste less. Read more
Auto Cars International is a global provider of FREE classifieds everything automotive in 26 regions on 5 contenants, the worlds largest network of automotive classifieds parts and services FREE to the trade and general public  Read more
Real time trivia platform using mobile, social-gaming to serve engaging content to target audiences delivering deep, measurable engagement & facilitating brand interaction. Quizfortune's platform enables the creation & regeneration of digital content serving content packs in real time to mobiles. Topical, trending trivia game play lures users with an immersive experience. Detailed stats generated prove the depth of interaction with brand content. Closely integrated with existing social networks private multi-player 'QuizRoom's' allow players to challenge friends (acquiring new users) on topics of interest. The platform can author, curate and deploy engaging topical trivia content to mobile devices on trending subject matter in under 1 hour. Actively seeking funds to develop out a number of monetisation ideas. Very powerful but unobtrusive 'quiz-marketing', consumption of targeted advertising, deep knowledge analytics & audience segmentation and profiling. Read more
Sensum’s audience insight system provides ad agencies, market research firms, and broadcast media with an innovative way to accurately measure customer response to media. The Sensum platform combines wearable technology, a mobile app and a secure, cloud-based dashboard in one highly portable and flexible solution for measuring audience emotional and cognitive responses to any media, anywhere, anytime. Building on the market of audience analysis, Sensum provides a user-centric tool for clients - be they brands, market researchers or media producers - to obtain physiology and e-survey questionnaire responses to a range of audiovisual experiences and content. The Sensum mobile platform gives clients unique insights into their content, from gaming to commercials, film to TV, providing an information and competitive advantage, enabling them to increase their return on investment. Research. Understand. Engage. Read more
Performa Sports is a powerful easy to use real-time sports performance analysis iPad application and online platform designed for analysts, coaches, and players to analyse and improve team and individual performances.  The product is designed to enhance the quality of the analysis and accessibility to data and video, while reducing time and costs currently involved in producing performance analysis results, giving you the edge over the competition. The product has been proved to help improve performance by up to 30%.  Read more
MOF Technologies is a manufacturer a new class of porous nano-materials known as metal organic frameworks (MOFs), with incredible properties for the storage, separation and capture of gases. Applications include low-pressure fuel storage in natural gas vehicles, carbon capture and hydrocarbon separations. Read more
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