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The Austria Startup Ecosystem is a regional Leader in innovation, ranked at number 28 globally, and shows a strong hold by 0 spots since 2020. Austria also ranks at number 13 for startups in Western Europe.

There are 6 cities ranked in the top 1,000 in Austria and the top ranked city in Austria is Vienna at 85 globally. Vienna is followed by Graz at 202 and Linz at 307.

Austria is an ideal place to locate for Fintech, Hardware & IoT and Software and Data startups. As the most popular industries in the country, there is a sample of 116 Fintech startups in Austria, 30 Hardware & IoT startups in Austria and 23 Software and Data startups in Austria, on the StartupBlink Map.

On the StartupBlink Global Startup Ecosystem Map there is a sample of 256 startups in Austria, 5 accelerators in Austria, 12 coworking spaces in Austria, 5 organizations in Austria and no leaders in Austria.

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254 startups in representative sample
Refurbed is the fastest growing marketplace for renewed products in the German-speaking area. Their products are up to 40% cheaper and 100% more sustainable. Read more enables traders to turn their portfolios into fully-fledged financial products (“wikifolios”), listed on a leading stock exchange (Börse Stuttgart). With, investors can easily invest in the best suitable trading strategies by ordering wikifolio-certificates via an online brokerage account of their choice. The Fintech company launched its Social Trading platform in Germany in 2012, followed by its Austrian launch in early 2013 and expanded to Switzerland in early 2015. In the meantime, has grown to Europe’s leading online platform for trading strategies by private traders and professional asset managers. Read more
Tractive is a hardware/software solution that allows a pet owner to locate his pet at any time, anywhere and get notified if it leaves a virtual fence set by the user. Tractive mobile applications will not only allow managing pet information (registration numbers, vet appointments, vaccinations...) and photos, but also sync the information across devices. Tractive apps will integrate with Facebook to allow users to see their friends’ pets, share photos and other pet information. Leveraging social networks and extending them to pets will help to virally grow brand awareness. Tractive is using Twilio technology to send SMS messages to the Tractive devices in order to wake them up and retrieve the latest pet positions.  Read more
BDSwiss designs, promotes and operates on-line services that enable today’s generation of internet users to trade financial instruments. BDSwiss currently offers options for over 200 different underlying global financial assets such as equities, foreign exchange, indices and commodities. BDSwiss is a EU regulated online provider of options trading to a rapidly growing customer base in the EU. Read more
Our global economy is shifting rapidly and the digitalization is finding its way into every department we work in. What we once sent by post is now sent via email, what was once discussed in person now happens via Skype, and what was once signed on paper is now signed using platforms like eversign. With digital signatures taking over in thousands of large companies already, taking care of business documents has become significantly easier, more cost-effective and less time consuming. Read more
User engagement platform that helps businesses create personalized customer interactions. Read more
SMASHINGLOGO provides professional logo design in just seconds. Design principles do not change over time, the wheel isn't constantly reinvented. We are convinced that professional logo design can be automated by using complex algorithms to imitate the way how designers think. This is what we do and what sets us apart from other logo maker tools. Read more
PlanRadar offers a SaaS solution for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects. Read more
invoicely is a free, powerful online billing and invoicing platform for small-to-medium size businesses and freelancers. Used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide, invoicely makes it easy to send, manage, and track invoices, estimates and bills through a simple, easy-to-use interface. Besides managing invoices, invoicely supports a multitude of features including time and expense tracking, recurring invoicing, team management and direct online payments on invoices. invoicely offers a forever-free plan that includes unlimited clients and invoices, and three different premium plans priced from $9,99 to $29,99 / month that include additional features such as additional payment gateways, custom invoice branding, automatic invoice reminders, and recurring invoices. Read more
Morpher is a blockchain trading platform with zero fees and infinite liquidity. Read more
OKTAV is a personalized sheet music subscription service. Read more
CalculatePlus is the new way of performing your daily basic calculations, such as basic +/- or percentage calculations on the Web. Besides this feature, CalculatePlus is able to perform metric and non-metric conversions on a huge database fast and with brilliance. CalculatePlus does not only offer a new way of performing these calculations and conversion, by having a simple and very fast full text search for all the calculations one might perform, but furthermore it aims to be the most complete tool out there in the Web. Making able to share the calculations and conversions within social networks is yet another feature that makes the tool even more awesome. Read more
With 3.1 Million apps combined in the iOS App Store (1.5M) and Google Play Store (1.6M) right now, it’s getting increasingly difficult to optimize the discovery and ranking of your app. App Radar offers an easy to use suite of app marketing tools to help you achieve just that. App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the key factors for your app marketing success. We make it our mission to provide app developers from around the world an advantage in their app marketing efforts. You can build your app from just an idea, but to speed up your marketing progress at scale, you need help. The first step is to optimize your app's keyword rankings. That's where our Keyword Tracker comes into play. Our customers are app developers. Right at the moment we are mainly targeting solo app entrepreneurs, indie developers and small app companies. Our product doesn't fit the need of big app companies at the moment - but that's a product development progress we are onto :) Read more
A small upgrade to your door lock. Making life so much easier. With Nuki and your smartphone, you can now easily retrofit your door lock for smart access. Read more
Nuki Home Solutions provides smart home solutions and makes access controls smarter and physical keys irrelevant. Read more
HalalTrip is offering halal hotel and Muslim-friendly hotel reviews, photos and travel ideas for your next halal holiday. The travel site helps you finding a hotel for your business trip, honeymoon, family vacation or some relaxing beach holiday. Search and rate your favorite halal hotel and check out the huge amount of halal travel stuff. Read more
ready2order GmbH was founded in July 2015 in Vienna, Austria and currently employs 40 employees in Marketing and Sales, Software Development, Customer Success, Business Development and People Operations. With our cloud based point-of-sale solution we currently have more than 4.000 customers in various industries over Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Unlike common point-of-sale software companies we offer our point-of-sale solution as our main feature. In addition ready2order customers are also able to use services like online-shop integration, controlling, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and many more features like these. Christopher Fuchs (CTO) , Markus Tscheik (CPO), Christoph Zhu (COO) and Markus Bernhart (CEO) got awarded many times since they founded the company. Our vision is to provide affordable and essential high-end technologies for small and medium enterprises. Read more
tubics is a Software-as-a-Service platform that supports companies to amplify their branded content on YouTube. Read more
Mimo is a online tool for learning to code in a fun way. Read more
Live audience interaction in PowerPoint Read more
CheckYeti is the largest platform to book activities in 1000+ mountain and beach destinations across Europe. Read more
StartUs Insights is a data-science company on the mission to map the world’s information on innovation, emerging companies, and technologies. Read more
Hotelkit is the new industry solution for an interactive employees' network in hotel business. Read more
We love sports! Our vision is to facilitate sport activities and to point out various sport venues, clubs and trainers location based. We will build a unique community to exchange information and experience, match sport partners and arrange their sport activities via Eversport. Eversport is the marketplace that brings together the supply of sport providers and demand of sport enthusiasts Read more
Connecting expert & leisure traders of digital assets via bot mirror trading Read more
SYMPTOMA is a search engine for diseases. As a physician, you can enter symptoms and you will receive a list of matching differential diagnoses, weighted by their probability for your case according to the database. Read more
Blockpit has developed a cross-platform monitoring solution that is intended for companies, institutions and crypto currency traders. Read more
ForTunes is a music data analytics company for a new generation of artists and their representatives. Read more
NumVerify offers a powerful and simple API for international and national phone number validation. Requests are made using a simple URL structure, and results are delivered in handy JSON format. Provide any phone number in any format, and our API will return an easy-to-integrate response containing validation results, the requested phone number in its national and international format, country, location, carrier and line type information. Validating phone numbers and obtaining this type of information at the time a new user signs up, developers and businesses are able to take informed steps towards the right means of communication with the particular customer, reduce undelivered messages and fight fraudulent and fake users at the same time. Read more
We develop innovative audio software and hardware: from plug-ins and live equipment to the unique 3D audio system IKO. Our user-centered technology is built for sound engineers, musicians, anyone who is involved in the process of generating or reproducing audio content. Read more
Timeular creates customizable physical devices that make time tracking effortless and fun. Read more
ARMACAD is a platform for students, scholars, scientists and parents to search and find scholarships, grants, fully funded conferences, summer schools, trainings, seminars and other study opportunities worldwide. Every day regular updates across hundreds of disciplines appear online. Read more
Seasonax, an analytics and charting app, allows financial professionals to identify and evaluate seasonal patterns for any asset-class. Read more
Instahelp is an online psychological counseling platform, delivering services to clients by experienced psychologists. Read more
byrd is in international e-commerce fulfillment network that gives online shops access to a scalable and powerful logistics solution. Read more
lingohub offers flexible solutions for the software development side as well as the translation side of the localization business, unified on one platform built for simplicity, scalability and adaptivity. The global market shows a clear demand for streamlining and reinvention of the localization process. lingohub delivers this innovation. Be Global, Go Local! Read more
DNA test for animals Your expert on genetics and breeding. Read more
Join eyeson room wherever you are – directly on your iPhone or iPad. Experience seamless video conferences and online presentation in the most flexible way. Use the full potential of communication and collaboration across distances and benefit from a scalable and future-proof solution. Read more
Wikitude’s all-in-one augmented reality SDK combines 3D tracking technology (SLAM-based),top-notch image recognition and tracking and geo-location AR for mobile, tablets and smart glasses. Extension for Unity, Cordova, Titanium and Xamarin available. Read more
ROI4CIO is a unique cooperation platform for IT-vendors, suppliers, distributors, resellers, users. ROI4CIO generates for IT-user a list of IT-solutions individually with the help of neuro-search, automatically calculates ROI and price and request proposal or consultation on IT-solution from suppliers. IT-suppliers expand their partner channel. Our Goal: to calculate the benefits of IT-products before an implementation and to show a feedback on the results of an implementation. There are key features offered by ROI4CIO: FOR IT BUYERS: Find the right IT solution based on individual business objectives and problems Compare IT-products by qualitative and quantitative characteristics Estimate a cost of IT products and solutions Calculate ROI, NPV, IRR, PP Request for proposal on IT solutions FOR IT VENDORS\SUPPLIERS: Create a ROI-calculator Automate the calculation of specifications Get leads and find customers Expand your partner channel Read more
Musictraveler is a marketplace that promotes the creation, appreciation, and interest in music by reducing barriers and facilitating new interactions. Read more
FINDOLOGIC is the search solution for your online store! Let your customers quickly find what they are looking for on all devices! Because customers only buy what they can find. Read more enables small companies to verify their international business partners. Our product suite includes official company register extracts, credit reports, annual accounts and other documents filed with governments. We help SMBs reduce fraud and collection costs by verifying the identity and financial solidity of trading partners. kompany is the most innovative and comprehensive provider of business back- ground information to small and medium businesses (SMB) in the European Union.  Read more
MyExpatTaxes solves the complexities of expatriate tax returns enabling expats to file for their home country (USA) and local country! Read more
Cashpresso is an online platform that allows user to pay anywhere and anytime in flexible, monthly instalments. Read more
Logoshuffle is a powerful automated logo builder which allows anyone to generate infinite logo designs customized to your preferred brand. Read more
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